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If Han Solo thought the trip to the holodeck would be uneventful, Q clearly had other plans. The cantina was filled with all the usual distractions - alcohol, women, gambling, an alien band playing dreadful lounge music... and one strange little boy that was, without a doubt, following him around.

"Dad! Dad, wait!"

He was a lanky thing, probably around age six or seven, with an unruly mop of dark hair and a nose that was too big for his face. He had Leia's determination and her pouty lips. He had someone else's quick fuse.

"Dad, I'm lost!" He cried again, tears brimming around his eyes. "I'm really really lost and I don't know what to do!"

Unbeknownst to Han, this illusion was about to turn his entire world around.
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It's been days of this. People, supposedly, talking to the male half of their genetic donors, and then all the word getting around. For some reason these people won't shut up about it. First, it was ignorable. Then, it was annoying. The third time Aeryn had to explain Peacekeepers did not have parents it was becoming something she was tired with being patient with.

But it's the middle of the night and John, for reasons Aeryn doesn't want to consider or concede to, is there with her now. At the doors to the holodeck. While she frowns and at it and rolls her eyes. "It won't matter. Really. I don't see why this is such a big deal to you."

[ locked to john & aeryn & talyn & one more ]
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The greatest man I never knew, lived just down the hall
And everyday we said hello, but never touched at all
He was in his paper, I was in my room

How was I to know he thought I hung the moon

Part, The First

The day had been long, but neither extremely good or bad, hard or easy. A day, like any other day, slotted away. Her files checked and double checked, both her own and those of her whole counseling team. Her log for the day made and saved. She hadn't yet found her sleep clothes, but she'd sat down, brush in hand, as she turned the comm on and told the computer to call Beverly.

A conversation with Beverly before bed, one that didn't have to be work or checking in, and could be all at once for both of them, too, and whatever else it needed or wanted to be would be nice. A perfect foot note to end it all, and send her to sleep.

Deanna yawned, and started brushing the bottom of her curls, as the comm connected, and a voice said, "There's my Durango."

[ locked to Deanna & Ian Troi ]

Part, The Middle

After the call ended, Deanna sat for there staring at the off screen. First, convincing herself any of it had been real, and then, after that, after trying to stack it up next to everything else bizarre, but still real, that had happened since Q commandeered The Enterprise, tried to commit everything to memory, like it was sand slipping through her fingers already.

His voice. His smile. The way he moved.

She didn't know how long she sat there, or how many times she reached up to wipe a tear from her cheek, or when exactly she'd finally pushed up and left her quarters. Needing to talk to Beverly. Or Will. Whichever she happened to get to first. Someone else. Someone other than her own head.

[ ** Open to All As She Walks ]

Part, The Last

Deanna stopped at Beverly's door, still dazed, still in her work clothes. Her fingers pressed the chime, and she said, as though hearing her voice from so far away, "It's Deanna."

[ locked to BFF Beverly ]
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Father's day stuff under here )

He's pensive when he leaves the holodeck, and a little worn out (though that could be because there are two two-week-old babies back in the quarters he shares with Emma). He's got more he wants to think about, and it doesn't matter to him where it happens. He goes back to the room to check on Emma, and while he's there he decides to let her get some rest. He bundles the babies into their carriers, straps them on, and sets out for the public parts of the ship.

He finds himself standing by a window, staring out at the darkness beyond. The babies are dozing in their carriers, nestled against him. “Do you see all of those stars out there? Of course you don't, you're asleep. You'll see what I mean one day. One day you'll know learn how to navigate using the stars. There's so much to show you. Like the rest of the ship. It's your home. Would you like a tour?”

It's not like they're going to tell him no.
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More Father's Day Fallout )

Afterwards Ed had left the holodeck to lend a hand on greenhouse lighting planetside and making supply runs via her scooter. She needed to simply breath and fast, electronic work was the perfect cure since wires and gadgets made sense when not much else did (along with making supply runs). So feel free to poke the tech, ask for a tool, make her eat or simply check on her.
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Katniss hasn't been here very long but she's been here long enough to know the places to go to get something to eat, to distract herself and, most importantly, the places to avoid. She has learned that the Holodeck has a lot of really nice simulations loaded into it, places she can hunt, and she's been spending a lot of time there when she just needs to get away from the constant crush of people on board.

She's headed there today, in fact. She knows the weapons aren't real and she can never take them out but it makes her feel like she's home for a little while and eases the ache in her chest. Today, she tries to pull up her usual hunting scenario in 12's woods and gets something else. It's someone she hasn't seen in ages, someone long dead.

"Dad?" she croaks out, scared to move in case it isn't real. He's sitting at the edge of the woods in 12, still wearing his dusty clothes from the mine, and he's whistling softly beneath his breath. He's got coal permanently settled in the creases of his skin and it makes his eyes seem that much brighter, his teeth that much whiter. He laughs and motions her close and Katniss feels like her feet are wooden and she can't find the strength to move.

"Katniss, come on. You're growing like a weed," he says, warm and soft, and Katniss feels tears pricking at her eyes. He doesn't know. He thinks she's still eleven and too young to put her name in the Reaping, too young to know that sometimes men go to the mine and they never come back.

"Come sing with me, Katniss." She finds her strength and moves close, singing a haunting descant to his low melody and twining the notes in together like so many vines. All the mockingjays in the woods pick up the song and start singing it, echoing refrains from one end of 12 to the other.

She stays with him for as long as she can and when the simulation shuts down, Katniss sinks down and hugs her knees to her chest. She stays that way for a while before going back outside the room, looking back wistfully.

"It's not real," she says, angry with herself for getting wrapped up into it. It's no different than the Capitol, than the illusions in the Arena. It's just there to hurt her.

Father's Day [ota]

2016-Mar-26, Saturday 08:33 pm
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He might be settled in here, but he's not any happier about being away from home. So when he gets the opportunity to talk to his father, he naturally takes it. He settles in his room (the part of it where he can be alone and not bothered by his roommate, thank you very much) to take the time to chat with his father. He'd been so busy with the Resistance that they hadn't had much time to talk. This is the perfect time to catch his father up on what's been happening with him, and to find out how things are going on the ranch.

The partially-completed droid he's been building is left out in the shared portion of the room, surrounded by the parts he has managed to procure so far. They're only taking up part of the space in the room, leaving some free space for Kylo Ren to use as he likes. Poe's not a terrible person, after all.

After the conversation ends, he decides that he wouldn't mind a little company, so he packs up the parts into a bag and heads for Ten Forward, followed by the framework of the droid. He heads to the bar first, for a drink, then finds himself a table, onto which he proceeds to spread the metal bits and wires he's using to build his droid, and starts to sort them out.
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When Kristen heard about the whole idea of Father's Day she made a painful but needed decision, she was finally going to say a proper goodbye to her father (who along with her mother had died in a freak car wreck her junior year of college). So as she stood outside the holodeck she chose her usual GCPD HQ program, her thinking was something normal would make this a little less painful.

Boy was she wrong.

Her father showed up in the screen of a records annex computer and over the next two hours a mountain of unshed tears were falling and things held back for years finally came into the light. She still had no real much less new insights into the crash that had been the cause of their deaths but compared to a few months ago it made a little more sense. But after sharing news from Gotham Kristen was finally able to say a proper goodbye to her parents. After her father faded from the computer screen she locked the annex door and gave into her emotions, crying for what felt like hours but was maybe 20 minutes.

Afterwards she dried her eyes, slammed 3 cups of tea and was back in to botany labs making lists, getting files in proper order and being the normal helpful crisis archivist. But the red rimmed eyes could make anyone not in the know wonder what had happened to the younger woman.

In the meantime Kristen was lost in work, the only thing that was making sense to calm a newly aching and mending anew heart. But she did promise herself a good long cry the second she was alone.

*At least some secrets are still secrets* knowing there was things she could still not talk about much less face like her ex.
(Headcanon alert: thanks to Gotham's lack of any real info I have it that Kristen lost her parents during college.)

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