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Research and Mountains of Boxes=A Happy Kristen Kringle (OTA)

(Plant plot! She's no green thumb but is good with research and keeping things tidy.)

Once it had been discovered by a science officer that Kristen was an experienced archivist and file clerk (abet in law enforcement) she was quickly drafted to help come up with a system to let the colony find whatever was needed to keep the gardens going and the greenhouse running smoothly. And to her surprise Kristen had thrown herself into the task with both feet, finding ways to put the new system into plain English as well as lending the science officers a hand with plant research in general.

But in all honestly this was the happiest she has been in weeks: not only was Kristen finally getting to feel useful but this was worthwhile work and not just sitting in classes all day. So at the moment she was quite happily ankle deep (to borrow the expression) in research as she worked on yet another set of notes for a different research team. She was also smiling since a couple of officers had given her encouragement to try for a civilian archivist position,"Even when there is not a crisis we can use the help, sure you may come from law enforcement but you learn fast." which was a boost to her low confidence.

For now as Kristen works on yet another set of notes for a team heading to the planet her skirt seemed to swish around her as her kitten heels clicked on the lab floor, a sign of actual happiness?

But for now please come poke the nerd and remind her to eat?
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Ginny looks up as she heard the heels as she closes her book and smiles.