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OTA with a locked prompt for Picard

Feeling like your life isn't falling apart anymore is great for one's well-being, Luke is finding. He has more energy and drive to do things he enjoys, and he's more curious about the things and people around him. The nightmares are still there, and the tiny shadow of fear hiding in the back of his mind that makes him jump at small things, but they're gradually fading.

He's found that most of all, having Cash back has helped more than anything, as well as being near his family.

Meditation helps too and Luke knows it's the Jedi way of doing things, but he generally hates sitting still for too long. He only allows so much sitting around in his daily routine before he needs to be out and about, doing something else.

The Enterprise is chock full of interesting things to do and explore, and while Luke is fascinated enough by the ship itself, he's decided that he wants to explore one feature in particular: the holodecks.

He's used them before on multiple occasions, but now he wants to try his hand at designing his own program. Just a simple one to start. The holodeck's database already has a space flight program. All he has to do is attempt to model a T-65 X-wing starfighter from memory. While he knows X-wings well, remembering every single detail will definitely be a challenge. If he only gets it mostly-right he'll be satisfied for the time being. Unless he can get a reference somewhere, it'll have to be a work in progress.

The door to the holodeck he's working on is wide open, and inside can be seen a simple hangar bay. Docked in the hangar is a long-nosed starfighter on its landing struts, double wings locked together and long, angular cockpit hatch open.

While it definitely resembles an X-wing, to anyone who's familiar with the ship, it's not quite right. Luke knows that, of course, and he can be found wandering in circles around the ship, giving a continuous stream of instructions to the computer.

"... bigger... bigger... uh, too big. Go back. Okay, stop! Right there. Perfect. And uh... this edge right here should be more angled. Just a little. Maybe by five degrees. Uhhh... try ten degrees."

closed to Captain Picard;
While he's been told about the captain on multiple occasions and heard his voice over the comm system once or twice, Luke's never actually met or even seen the man, only his picture in the computer's crew database. It's a very large ship and it's easy to miss a single person.

Part of him is a little excited and anxious for this meeting, but another part is dreading what he has to tell the captain. The things he's heard make him assume that Picard is an intelligent, compassionate, and logical man, but a matter of such importance is still nerve-wracking to discuss.

He's already been through the chain of command, having been introduced to Lieutenant Worf, the chief of security who agreed that a meeting with the captain himself was the best course of action. Luke at least feels that he was right to bring this to such high authority.

Getting walked through the bridge was an adventure by itself, even if it only lasted a few seconds. Luke tried to crane his neck and walk a little slower to see as much as he could see, but he felt a bit pressured to keep up the pace by his escort. Lieutenant Worf seems like the impatient sort.

It's three minutes before the appointed time he was given to arrive at the captain's ready room, but Luke is jittery and he decides that being early is better than being late. He stands at the door for several long moments before finally pressing the chime.
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(snagging the OTA!)

That was when a bright red ponytail could be spotted, Ed had taken a wrong turn and gone into a different holodeck than the one she had been using to recreate the Bebop (and her world in general). She did not spot the ship right away but her travels had made her a bit of a spaceship junkie,"Maybe adjust the wing by about 15 degrees? Ed's no expert but she's seen her share of ships from just being in the cargo hold." came the just as cheery voice.
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"Well Ed has learned something new!" Ed was grinning to show Luke no harm was meant or done. "And sorry, old habit that won't die it seems." able to joke about her slipping into the 3rd person. "So your ship is reminding me a lot of a friend's ship, substance over style. And know the feeling, been trying to recreate my world for weeks now and its hard enough. Name's Ed by the way, owner of the red scooter in the hold." tossing in that fact in case the stranger knew her bike.
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"Just a few small portions." Ed confessed. "One of the colonies that was a regular stop on my travels and the ship I spent a good bit of time onboard." thinking of the Bebop. "But have to admit it was tempting to even consider, trying to recreate the Earth I knew."
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"How so?" Ed asked. But a smile escaped the hacker at the idea of a ship named Metal or a baby named Flesh,"Granted I left as a teen and things were totally different since everything fell apart after the Gate accident." she offered.
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Deanna had actually only been passing by and been surprised by the door open, with the obvious ship of some kind sitting in front of a man who was having the computer design it up. It'd been the kind of thing a lot of people seemed to be doing later. Certain ones, but then Deanna had watched waves come and go with these guests, and as long as no one was hurting anyone, she was all for them figuring out how to meet their own needs with the Enterprise as their disposal.

Her voice in politely curious from the door, "What kind of craft is it?"
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Deanna considered it, through the wave of emotions that came off of him. It was a rather stunning design, wasn't it? Nothing like the shuttlecrafts, or even like the smaller shift made for skirmishes and fights among Star Fleet or the other races. It was entirely alien, in a way that wasn't usual, but had become the norm for The Enterprise. Different worlds and universes. This was another of the ways it all could have gone.

"It's quite beautiful." It was, truly, in its own way, and through his feelings for it, it shone
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Have another pilot!!!!

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Jackal paused just outside the doorway, her attention caught more than anything by the door being left open. That was something she hadn't seen often. What kept her attention was the goings-on inside. She stepped inside, giving both the model and Luke a long, appraising look, arms crossed, but said nothing--at least, not until he seemed to have come to a pause in his work.

"...another pilot, or just an enthusiast?"
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Yeah, he's not the first engine-loving farmboy she's met, here, so he slots pretty quickly into the right category. At least, right in terms of social type. She smirks drily at his enthusiasm, taking it pretty well in stride.

"Major Egret, MSFSOD, commanding the 59th Special Warfare Squadron, back home. Callsign's 'Jackal.'"

She pauses just a tick, nodding toward him indicatively.

"Honorably discharged veteran, then?"
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She's slightly taken aback at that answer.

"...a general."

Jackal goes quiet for a moment as she turns another of those appraising, penetrating looks on him, bright blue eyes piercing. Force Sensitive that he is, he can perhaps tell there's no anger in that look (although there's maybe some surprise and a bit of piqued pride), although it could certainly seem that way at a glance.

"Desperate times?"

...she pauses just a tick, raising a hand slightly.

" offense intended, but whether you rose through the ranks that fast, or you were commissioned directly to flag rank, either way it suggests some extreme circumstances. My old man went from AWOL Lieutenant to Marshal practically overnight for his service in our War of Liberation, but even that was only because we needed to build our armed forces up from scratch."

...she wasn't about to call him a Washington figure, but there were good odds the name wouldn't be that familiar anyway.
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Jackal nods, not at all surprised as his explanation fits fairly neatly into what she'd guessed was going on.

"I understand. Wartime tends to see fast promotions, especially on the front lines. Even more so when you make a name for yourself, and a struggle for independence usually ends up with a lot more high-rank positions than experienced officers."

She pauses a moment.

"...must be a hell of a pilot to be given command of a squadron in your first battle."

Either that, or they were just that short on experienced pilots, but no need to bring that up again.
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Ezri poked her head into the holodeck and walked inside. "I'm not familiar with that kind of ship. I hope I'm not intruding." Ezri made a motion toward the open doors and did her best not to babble.

"You're one of the Enterprise's guests too right?" Ezri was in uniform, and whil she was definitely wearing a Starfleet uniform, it wasn't at all like the ones they currently wore on the ship. She was wearing a blue turtleneck, along with a black jumpsuit with grey shoulders, and oddly shaped spots that went down to from her temples disappeared beneath the clothing.

If Luke felt anything from Ezri, she probably felt out of balance. Like her center of gravity was in the wrong place., and she was fighting herself.
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While Cash has had Luke's beloved ship described to him, he never thought he'd get to see it. That's the delight of the Enterprise, though -- specifically this part of it. He has vague thoughts, on occasion, to try tackling home. His home, rather than the Earth this place is programmed with. Not that he and Luke hadn't had fun on Coney Island of the other Earth, but he's been getting some pangs of homesickness here and there. New York, London, Boston... or Abingdon, which would probably require less mental elbow grease to put together.

That's for the future, however. The present is reserved for strolling into the hangar bay, having a small look around, and then approaching the man hard at work at fixing the details on his X-Wing. Cash's hands are in his pockets, his gait casual and relaxed.

"How's your progress?"
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As always, it's good to see Luke so happy. And without the aid of that weird pollen, too. Cash smiles slightly and walks over to them -- Luke, and the fighter -- and can't help a small chortle as he's steered yet closer. It's an interesting shape, to be sure. Offhand, he can't think of any airship fighters that use the same design. Or even a similar design.

Luke's comments make him chortle some more.

"I don't like the way it's looking at me," he jokes, smirking slightly. "But I think I can overlook that and learn to share you."
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Cash had been given a few rudimentary looks at how to fly an airship, but he'd never had to put them into practice. That had only been for emergencies, anyway; airships were, generally, too complicated to fly without training. Mostly the training had been for emergency landings when the pilot had been disabled. But even when injured, Wolf had always been able to land the airships.

He's about to say something neutral on the subject -- well, maybe, he does have plenty of extra time now -- when that grin takes over Luke's face.

Glancing toward the X-Wing again, Cash frowns just slightly as he takes in the cockpit. Perhaps it's just because he's so tall, but... "Getting lucky? In there? Must have been a tight squeeze with a lot of creativity involved. Even a closet seems bigger'n that. Hope none of 'em didn't turn the ship on by accident."
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Sliding an arm around Luke's back, Cash smiles, amused, as his boyfriend presses into him. He knew Luke had more of a thing for ships than most people, but this particular thing goes beyond that. He doesn't even have to file it away for a future time -- presumably, the holodeck can be a private space. Just until they explore what's getting Luke so excited, of course.

"I'm guessing you'd like that a lot?" he murmurs, still smiling as he nuzzles Luke's cheek and jaw, his thumb rubbing circles against Luke's shoulder. "The computer'd be more than willing to oblige, I'm sure. You got it this far."

While he can't say it would do anything for him, whether they got it roomier or not, Cash is always game to explore what might get someone else excited. And he always likes being with Luke. In more ways than one.
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While Cash does love the holodeck, quite a bit, it does unnervingly remind him of the strangeness of finding yourself suddenly elsewhere. Much like arriving here, on the Enterprise, or... where they had both been before. Which Cash is determined not to remember, in this happy and mischevious moment.

Instead, he lowers his head to kiss Luke between those big blue eyes of his.

"Sure, I'd like a tour," he chuckles softly, nuzzling their noses together. It doesn't even matter if it's loaded with innuendo or not, for him. The X-Wing is important to Luke, and Cash would like to see as much of it as he can.

But he'd especially like to take the option that's getting Luke visibly all riled up.

"Especially if there's an accomodating computer involved."
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Getting distracted before they're even in the X-Wing is a distinct possibility, at least with Cash, and so he grins as Luke pulls away and uses his pants to bring him along. This is certainly a new experience. Sure, he's been intimate with others in airships before (and is a member of the Mile High Club), but this is different. He's grinning away broadly as Luke makes his changes to the cockpit itself.

"Well thank y'kindly," he drawls, with all of the Southern twang he can muster, before climbing the ladder after him. Perhaps the cockpit's more simple in design than a standard air fighter he's used to, but there are enough similarities that it helps Cash ground himself in the situation.

He settles himself in the seat, then holds out an arm for Luke to use as an additional balance to get into his lap. But also because he's keen for closeness, again. Even less than a minute is too long, when Luke has that crafty look to his bright blue eyes.

"Looks like we've got plenty of room now."
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There's one downside to having a snappy dresser for a boyfriend: it's not easy to disrobe him. Cash usually wears at least two layers. Today he has both a vest and a buttoned shirt, but he puts his own fingers to work to get them off, too. And then he can assist Luke with his own shirt.

"I always want you," Cash answers softly, the corner of his lips turned slightly upward as he leans forward to rid his arms of his shirt's sleeves. And at the same time, he captures Luke's lips in a fiery kiss, his fingers sliding under the hem of his shirt.

The vibration of the engines is nice. No doubt about it. Clearly it does more to Luke, who certainly seems to have a thing where his ship is concerned, but, judging by the way it goes straight to Cash's groin, he doesn't feel the need to complain.

Once Luke's shirt is out of the picture, his hands go straight to Luke's rump -- curling around him and pulling their groins together roughly. He groans at the friction and the sensations it causes, before sliding his hands to the front to assist Luke with his zipper.
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There's a delicious, hazy fog where most of Cash's mind was a few minutes ago. His back arches just slightly as Luke runs his hands down his chest, and his continue to move along a steady path --

And then Luke speaks, and Cash has to make an effort to discern what he's saying. He makes an indistinct noise in the back of his throat and opens eyes that have, slowly, gone mostly-closed. It's a questioning noise, and maybe one of mild disappointment. His hands are feeling awfully itchy in regards to the rest of Luke's clothing.

But trying something. That could be fun.

"What'd y' have in..."

As Luke moves, the rest of that inquiry is answered. Or, rather, it simply becomes irrelevent. Cash makes another quiet noise, this time a groan of pleasure, as Luke kisses him. He shifts his hands to Luke's back and to his hair, sliding his long fingers slowly down both.

"The floor's yours," he adds, with the ghost of a chuckle deep in his chest.
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While Cash certainly makes plenty of good, low noises as Luke works, the noisiest by far is the groan he releases as Luke sucks a red mark on his skin. Most of him wants to grab Luke by the arms and pull him back up, but he forces his hands to slide over him instead and let him do whatever it is that he's planning.

Which is becoming readily apparent, the further down he goes.

A rough shudder travels up his spine as Luke starts to stroke him through his pants. He closes his eyes just as they roll into the back of his head. He was already firm before, but a few more strokes are definitely going to make his pants uncomfortable. Cash can't find the words to complain; he just wants Luke to keep going.

But he's not so far gone that he's beyond joking around.

"Usually, people leave hickeys in other places," he chuckles.
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"Wouldn't be objectin'."

Cash grins down at Luke as he presses his tongue to the skin at his waist. It looks like he's getting into the whole thing, so far. Right down to the amount of teasing that Cash usually gives Luke. Maybe this is partial payback.

But he objects to exactly no part of it, especially the moans he can both feel and hear against him. He strokes his fingers through Luke's hair, admiring it, trying to keep his mind off of how hard he now is from just a bit of teasing.

What can he say? His gorgeous boyfriend just does things to him. He wouldn't even have to try.

Though Cash is already thinking about how satisfying it will feel to be 'free', given his state, he instead focuses on the path of Luke's tongue and the movement of his muscles under his skin.
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Something else starts to float to the forefront of Cash's mind, but the minute Luke's mouth presses against him -- through the fabric of his underwear, even -- the words are shoved almost violently out of his head. A daze settles in their place -- a mental fog -- instead, and, as his mouth moves, a shiver runs down Cash's spine.

He could probably come up with something else smart-assed to say. He could fight through the fog and get those words back. But he just doesn't want to.

Instead, he watches Luke explore him, both his hands and his mouth. He slides his fingers further into his hair and strokes the pads of his fingers along Luke's scalp, before his fingers glide into that fluffy hair of his and give it the slightest of pulls backward. Cash's hands are anxious to touch him, but there isn't much he can touch, just yet. So he holds himself at bay, stroking his fingers along to the back of Luke's neck before they're put in reverse to do the whole thing again.

They're both going to be disheveled as hell when they leave the holodeck, and he knows it. Might as well have as much fun with it as possible.
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Electricity arches up his spine as Luke's mouth finally comes into contact with his cock, and a soft groan escapes from Cash. His head lolls back, eyes shut, as he strokes his fingers through Luke's hair in appreciation of what he's doing.

Even if he's teasing him with that hand of his -- but it doesn't matter. It feels good. And this is the first time Luke's done this with him, so he's keen for his boyfriend to be as comfortable and exploratory as possible.

"Nn, I don't -- think I could have been in there a minute longer," he chuckles. His voice is deep, throaty, distracted; speaking is almost impossible. Almost. But the relief that he feels to be free from the confines of his pants lets him think clearly for a moment.

That won't last much longer.
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Though Cash does enjoy being naked, he imagines that being out all the time would lead to far too many distractions. In many different ways. But the thought makes him huff out a small, mostly-coherent laugh. It's his final coherent sound before Luke leans in and takes him into his mouth.

Feeling the other man's wet mouth around him draws out a loud, deep groan. His head settles back even as he continues to stroke Luke's hair, eyes sliding shut in clear bliss. Even if Luke had only managed to get a little bit of him, it would have been completely and utterly fine by Cash. Hell, even feeling just his boyfriend's tongue is pleasurable enough and would leave him contented.

But this? This is something else entirely.

He makes a shorter, moaning noise that might be Luke's name. It's hard to tell. He's gone bye bye for the immediate future.