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OTA with a locked prompt for Picard

Feeling like your life isn't falling apart anymore is great for one's well-being, Luke is finding. He has more energy and drive to do things he enjoys, and he's more curious about the things and people around him. The nightmares are still there, and the tiny shadow of fear hiding in the back of his mind that makes him jump at small things, but they're gradually fading.

He's found that most of all, having Cash back has helped more than anything, as well as being near his family.

Meditation helps too and Luke knows it's the Jedi way of doing things, but he generally hates sitting still for too long. He only allows so much sitting around in his daily routine before he needs to be out and about, doing something else.

The Enterprise is chock full of interesting things to do and explore, and while Luke is fascinated enough by the ship itself, he's decided that he wants to explore one feature in particular: the holodecks.

He's used them before on multiple occasions, but now he wants to try his hand at designing his own program. Just a simple one to start. The holodeck's database already has a space flight program. All he has to do is attempt to model a T-65 X-wing starfighter from memory. While he knows X-wings well, remembering every single detail will definitely be a challenge. If he only gets it mostly-right he'll be satisfied for the time being. Unless he can get a reference somewhere, it'll have to be a work in progress.

The door to the holodeck he's working on is wide open, and inside can be seen a simple hangar bay. Docked in the hangar is a long-nosed starfighter on its landing struts, double wings locked together and long, angular cockpit hatch open.

While it definitely resembles an X-wing, to anyone who's familiar with the ship, it's not quite right. Luke knows that, of course, and he can be found wandering in circles around the ship, giving a continuous stream of instructions to the computer.

"... bigger... bigger... uh, too big. Go back. Okay, stop! Right there. Perfect. And uh... this edge right here should be more angled. Just a little. Maybe by five degrees. Uhhh... try ten degrees."

closed to Captain Picard;
While he's been told about the captain on multiple occasions and heard his voice over the comm system once or twice, Luke's never actually met or even seen the man, only his picture in the computer's crew database. It's a very large ship and it's easy to miss a single person.

Part of him is a little excited and anxious for this meeting, but another part is dreading what he has to tell the captain. The things he's heard make him assume that Picard is an intelligent, compassionate, and logical man, but a matter of such importance is still nerve-wracking to discuss.

He's already been through the chain of command, having been introduced to Lieutenant Worf, the chief of security who agreed that a meeting with the captain himself was the best course of action. Luke at least feels that he was right to bring this to such high authority.

Getting walked through the bridge was an adventure by itself, even if it only lasted a few seconds. Luke tried to crane his neck and walk a little slower to see as much as he could see, but he felt a bit pressured to keep up the pace by his escort. Lieutenant Worf seems like the impatient sort.

It's three minutes before the appointed time he was given to arrive at the captain's ready room, but Luke is jittery and he decides that being early is better than being late. He stands at the door for several long moments before finally pressing the chime.

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