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[open] Minoru just made contact with his father.

He'd gone to the holodeck to train, setting the location on random rotation to up the difficulty. What he wasn't expecting was for one of those locations to look just like the master bedroom of the Hokage's residence, the home he'd grown up in. And sitting up in bed was none other than his father.

Minoru stopped his kick, mid-attack, barely tumbling out of the way of the bed. He leapt back to his feet even faster.

"Papa?!" He exclaimed. "What? How?!"

"Dimensional traveling was always your mother's area of expertise. Not mine." Itachi Uchiha smiled softly. "Perhaps this is something you did."

At the mention of his mother, his heart ached. Over four years had passed since his death, and still, he grieved that loss. It had been about a year or so since he last visited Konohagakure, and in that time, his father was starting to look a little more like his mother, and not just because they were different versions of the same person from alternate realities.

"Are you feeling all right?" Minoru asked.

"I've been tired lately." Itachi replied with a gentle sigh. "A bit of trouble with my heart. But Sasuke is looking after it."

Minoru nodded. His father was born with a heart condition. Managing it came with a natural progression of ebbs and flows. It was what led to his retirement a couple of years ago, when Isamu took over as the village leader. Since then, it seemed, Itachi had aged considerably.

"Uncle Sasuke always has."

"He's doing fine, by the way. Still chasing after Dr. Haruno, to no avail. Your Aunt Sasuke came to visit as well, so your cousins could watch Isamu host his first Chuunin exams. The ANBU were actually on high alert, just in case you decided to make one of your famous entrances."

"I thought Konoha wasn't up on the rotation for two more years." He scratched his head. "Otherwise I would have come back!"

"Amegakure is in the midst of a violent shift in government. Nothing Isamu hasn't been able to negotiate around. And nothing that has stretched beyond its borders."

That was the real reason for the high alert. Minoru couldn't help but cock a smile at his father's reminder of the good old days.

"I'm on a giant city flying in space." He replied, something his father didn't even have the technology to comprehend. "Investigating natural energy, new species of snakes, actually learning to conserve my powers for once."

At that, Itachi raised an eyebrow. He could tell just by looking at his son that he was still a giant ball of chakra.

"My seal doesn't absorb natural energy in space. Probably because there isn't any. But we stop on different planets from time to time, and I can catch up."

Itachi's jaw dropped. It was a testament to his other son's genius that the abrupt changes in natural energy and environment hadn't petrified Minoru. Or worse.

"Knowing you, you've probably gotten into all kinds of messes I don't want to know about."

Minoru scratched his head. He didn't even have to answer.

"I finally managed to make it back to the World Between Worlds. For the first time since..." His voice fell. For the first time since his mother's death.

"Did you see your mother?"

"No..." He shook his head. "I know he must be there, but it's like looking into a giant sky and trying to find one star. I'm studying everything I can here, trying to make good on my promise, but..."

"Come now, where's the confident warrior who challenged me for that necklace when he was just four years old. Or the little nighttime trickster who snuck past every single guard patrol when he was eight. You want it bad enough, right? You'll make it happen." Itachi laughed lightly. "You'll find us both there one day, and we'll all be together again."

Minoru couldn't help but grin at the mention of some of his childhood escapades. Or his father's calm words and dignified wisdom. There was a reason his reign as Hokage had been long and prosperous. It was the same reason that he was such a great father.

"But next time, I get to bear the children, all right?" He teased. "It's only fair."

"Wait, really?"

"Maybe just one at a time... You two were such a handful."

The timer rang, and Minoru's randomized setting changed on cue, taking his home and his father with it.

That... That was enough working out for today, Minoru decided. He suddenly had quite a bit to think about, especially a certain promise he's now made to both of his parents.

[feel free to find him after the fact!]

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