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A door still open - OTA - Father's day - backdated to start of event

She had slept in late, then had been heading out to start her patrol. She had no idea yet that anything was amiss aboard, and even had she, she'd not have expected a call. She hardly remembered Tara - her mother, not the Avatar - and had no recollection whatsoever of her father. So she was taken by surprise, as she was leaving, when a familiar voice roared "NEYA! I KNOW YOU Can hear me."

Kaylin stumbled. Other than in her dreams - and admittedly a few nightmares - she had not heard that voice in what felt like years and was only months. The small translucent cat like thing dropped from her shoulders to curl on the floor as she bolted for her mirror. The mirror from home, that had been destroyed before she had ever arrived, but was somehow here and whole. It was glowing, like she had a message, but when she touched it, no face materialized, and even if his eyes were red, they would have been welcomed.

She heard Leontine swearing, or a Leontine swearing - both were accurate - still, and realized the sound was coming from the desk, not the mirror. She sat down, shoving clothing off of it. And there was a cleat thing that was acting as a mirror. No wonder the mirror that came with the room was inactive, they all had desk mirrors.

The familiar was curled in the doorway, keeping it stuck in the open position, but Kaylin hardly noticed. She was too busy regretting being willing to see red in Leontine eyes. She tipped her chin up reflexively.

"Private," he snarled. "Where the ****s are you?"

"Not in the West March," she said, which was technically true.

His snarl told her he was not in a mood to find it at all humorous. But at least his fur, which had been on end, was starting to settle. "Private, may I remind you there is a rank lower than Private?" he snarled.

She knew there was, to Leontines. Corpse.

(OOC: Feel free to come in and interrupt at this point to thread with Kaylin and Marcus. If no one does, I will either write up the end for myself, or handwave it.)
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Raiden had heard about the Enterprise being diverted to give assistance to another planet. While it sounded like the situation was rather dire, he was already planning to go down and do what he could to help. Being a Thunder god meant that relieving rain was definitely within his skill set, but he also was looking forward to escaping the confines of the ship again. There was little doubt Fujin would be going planet-side as well and so he decided to find Kaylin to coordinate with her.

He's surprised to see her door open, noticing the small dragon-like familiar in the doorway. He can hear snarling from within and can't help the moment of concern he has when he leans into her doorway.

"Kaylin? Is everything all right?" He calls to the room, not yet stepping over the familiar but certainly leaning right over it. He looks about, just in case there's trouble in her space.
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Raiden, while wishing to comply, can't help but be curious yet concerned. Private? She had mentioned being in the military. Had she somehow made contact with her home? Raiden doesn't move from his spot, rather, stepping over the familiar mindfully before settling against the wall next to the door (and in conveniently an open spot on the floor). He really should respect her privacy more, but seeing her bare her throat like that is a little concerning.

He hangs back, blue eyes glowing as he crosses his arms and looks to her screen as he stands there, a silent sentry.
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Well, this was all very enlightening, and not entirely in an amusing way. Someone had made an attempt on her life? Raiden's expression grows concerned at these revelations, and is now remaining due much to his curiosity. This Marcus she was talking to, however, seemed to care for her well-being and Raiden's expression is nowhere aimed at him or Kaylin.

He makes a note to ask another time what exactly would risk eating her in her realm, but preferably for a different conversation. Her mention of an arcane bomb though gains a flicker of Raiden's gaze in her direction, one of honest concern. She was at least mindful of the safety of others, that much was clear. She had never given him reason to think otherwise of her, either.

He does not yet interject, however, simply observing the conversation until he sees some need to insert his presence more obviously than simply standing in the background.
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More information, some questions answered, others creating new ones. Kaylin was trying to return home as well, and yet neither could she return. There was as much disappointment as there was relief in Raiden's posture to see yet another as stuck as he. But then Kaylin does something he hardly expects.

If Raiden's heart could stop, it would as he sees a spirit of water summoned. Being a god of Thunder himself, he's quite close to the Elder goddess of water in his own realm, and the when they had been alive also the Earthrealm god of water, but this is neither of them. This is another spirit of the element from a completely different realm and his eyes go wide, jaw slightly slack as the young girl appears. He blinks out of his brief stupor when she winks at him, and he resumes his stoic expression, giving her a deeply respectful bow of his head, brim of his hat obscuring his eyes for a moment before he straightens with a pleased flickering of lightning in his eyes. Otherwise, he does not interrupt Kaylin's efforts.
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Raiden watches Water, eyes transfixed as she and Kaylin speak to each other. He's not even watching the screen with Marcus anymore, and has no idea when the video actually stops. Even when Water leaves and Kaylin speaks to the blank screen there is a glossy stare from Raiden to the spot where Water had stood. Perhaps it was his brother's influence to make him so susceptible to the surprise appearance of Water, or maybe he is feeling the lack of connection to others between planets. In the very least he understands her comments about the sterility of the ship.

"Suijin." He whispers the name, his voice low enough it's almost a hushed sound before he blinks, Kaylin's curses finally drawing him out of his somewhat shocked state. The light in his eyes focuses from it's thousand-yard, diffuse glow as he looks back to her. No, this form of Water was not Suijin's lost immortal soul, but it felt strangely warming to sense one of the elements Earthrealm had lost so long ago. His posture straightens, hands falling to his side as he offers her an apologetic bow of his head, lowering his eyes briefly.

"I did not mean to interrupt. I have learned we will be visiting another realm shortly, and I wished to invite you to join me when we are allowed to disembark. Fujin will likely be in attendance, and we would be honored to host your Water spirit, if you wish to help us in our task."
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"But they are Water." He ignores the cursing, the anger with the creature as she dug around for something. He glances to her arms, noticing now that her bracer was not on. He stays exactly where he is, straightening his posture while he watches.
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"Then you should bring her with us to the planet. Fujin and I will be creating a rainstorm to help with the drought." He watches her hit the screen, wincing briefly at the abuse of the technology, but not exactly surprised.
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"You summon them?" Raiden has been called on many occasion, but he doesn't always answer if it's not a situation he needs to appear.
The idea of being summoned, however, is strange. To think of a natural element at the call of a mortal. To have the element's energies tapped made sense, but to be controlled or commanded?

"I know you mentioned a garden, but are they not free to see to the realm's upkeep?" He's not intentionally ignoring her question....not entirely, anyway.
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"Fire does have a way of acting like it is in charge." Raiden offers a small hum of amusement as he recalls memories of the Fire god from his realm.

"The offer still stands. We have not had the presence of a water elemental in some time, and would be glad for both of you to join us."
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"Thank you. I will contact you again when we are preparing to leave for the planet. I look forward to it, and I am sure Fujin will, as well."
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Raiden turns to leave, but then stops short of the door just before it would open and turns to look back at Kaylin when he has a thought.

"We will be flying once we are planet-side, if that helps."
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"Yes." He ignored the trilling, keeping his gaze on Kaylin. "We will need to locate a sufficient source of water for the storm. The easiest way to do so is by air. We would welcome another set of eyes."
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"I will let you know when we will be assembling once we near the planet." With that, and a nod, he finally departs for the door.