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A door still open - OTA - Father's day - backdated to start of event

She had slept in late, then had been heading out to start her patrol. She had no idea yet that anything was amiss aboard, and even had she, she'd not have expected a call. She hardly remembered Tara - her mother, not the Avatar - and had no recollection whatsoever of her father. So she was taken by surprise, as she was leaving, when a familiar voice roared "NEYA! I KNOW YOU Can hear me."

Kaylin stumbled. Other than in her dreams - and admittedly a few nightmares - she had not heard that voice in what felt like years and was only months. The small translucent cat like thing dropped from her shoulders to curl on the floor as she bolted for her mirror. The mirror from home, that had been destroyed before she had ever arrived, but was somehow here and whole. It was glowing, like she had a message, but when she touched it, no face materialized, and even if his eyes were red, they would have been welcomed.

She heard Leontine swearing, or a Leontine swearing - both were accurate - still, and realized the sound was coming from the desk, not the mirror. She sat down, shoving clothing off of it. And there was a cleat thing that was acting as a mirror. No wonder the mirror that came with the room was inactive, they all had desk mirrors.

The familiar was curled in the doorway, keeping it stuck in the open position, but Kaylin hardly noticed. She was too busy regretting being willing to see red in Leontine eyes. She tipped her chin up reflexively.

"Private," he snarled. "Where the ****s are you?"

"Not in the West March," she said, which was technically true.

His snarl told her he was not in a mood to find it at all humorous. But at least his fur, which had been on end, was starting to settle. "Private, may I remind you there is a rank lower than Private?" he snarled.

She knew there was, to Leontines. Corpse.

(OOC: Feel free to come in and interrupt at this point to thread with Kaylin and Marcus. If no one does, I will either write up the end for myself, or handwave it.)

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