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One thread for multiple things, Mostly OTA

OTA - Father's day storm

Ailyshia's temper was bitingly cold. She had never used a holodeck before, had no clue what one was, but she had been passing one when she heard a familiar voice, one that chilled her to the bone. She stopped, and for once ignored the instincts that told her to just keep walking. She went to the sound of that voice and the man she saw.... he should be dead. Not Demon Dead, just dead. Whatever happened to everyone who bore the taint, he should have gone with them. 

She hadn't seen him since she had left home. And now she was faced with him, well away from home. The air around her froze. Theiorn stepped between her and the man, but it little mattered. His whole attention was on her, and she saw nothing but him. 

"Well," he said simply. "You've grown up."

The strength of Theiorn's shields were all that kept the room from exploding. As it is, he fell back against them, way from her. He tried to push to his feet, but maintaining his shields against her frozen rage was all he could manage. "SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO TURN THIS THING OFF!" he roared into the corridors, having a sense that whatever brought whoever this was, wasn't magic. 

Ailyshia was snarling, trying to blast her way through the shield that was keeping her from blasting her father to a very fine ash.

OTA - On the Planet

Ailyshia had been in a foul mood ever since she saw her father, and was not allowed to kill him. She was just barely able to tolerate any males at all because she was finally convinced that he had, more or less, been like a tangled web. Not actually there. Just a cruel trick preying on her mind. But after that, she needed time on the planet with the plants.

She would be avoiding any unknown males there, and her work area is shielded around her, so anyone who tries to approach will not be able to touch her. Her gold eyes are filled with angry tears and furry as she works with a single minded determination. 

Locked to Raiden (and Minoru if he wants, since that wasn't plotted, but would work!) and backdated to when the planet trip was announced.

The Queen was resting, excited about the upcoming trip, but he knew she was trying to convince herself not to offer aid. Which would destroy her emotionally, since this - even more than ruling the people - was what a Queen was born to do. But spending a week in the sun again so soon might well finish the kill. so after shielding their quarters, he went searching for one of the few males here he could trust. Raiden.  If he saw him or Minoru, he would stop them.

"Prince. May I speak with you a moment?"

(OOC, feel free to post for multiple prompts, just in separate replies. TY!!!!!) 

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