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Kuvira ([personal profile] filia_terrae) wrote in [community profile] ten_fwd2016-03-24 03:55 pm
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Planetside - OTA

In the old days, soil used to be tilled by hand. The process was exacting - acres could take hours, and labor was expensive and time-consuming. As society marched inexorably into the future, the work fell to machines, and while the colonists of Ajilon Prime almost certainly have machines to till the soil with, those machines require operators and time, both precious luxuries where they stand.

With Kuvira around, that is not so much a problem anymore.

It'll be hard to miss her, working the earth as she is - dozens of acres are tilled within seconds of each other as she bends the earth to her will. The colonists look on, jaws slack in awe.

She doesn't mind. It's nice, having an audience.

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