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Shipside and Planetside for Father's Day - OTA

Father's Day aboard ship:
Jackal had not had a good morning. Apparently, it was Father's Day, here--and apparently, this Q being of theirs had decided to be "helpful" by providing Jackal with two-way communications with her father. Unfortunately, they were like oil and water, so Q's "help" was pretty much exactly as helpful as those who knew him might expect; particularly since she wasn't allowed to just hang up.

The rest of the day, as a result, is spent in a decidedly foul mood--which, contrary to what some might believe, is not actually her usual state of being. Serious, demanding, and unrelenting, perhaps; but some people might get to see how she is on a bad day, trying to blow off steam, whether pushing herself in the gym, taking out aggression in a holodeck program, or being irascible and solitary in Ten Forward.

After Father's Day on the planet:
Following the Father's Day debacle of being forced to actually talk to her father for over an hour, Jackal had decided the best solution was to go find something useful to do, as a means of taking her mind off it. The colony they'd arrived at was short-staffed, and while she had rather a black thumb, herself, she was a capable mechanic. So for the rest of the stay, she can be found at the colony, red camouflage-print fatigues replaced with similar fatigues in a medium gray, working on farming machinery. In the shop is where she's most likely to be found, or in a corner of whatever serves as a mess--in other words, generally avoiding people until she's less likely to bite someone's head off.
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Once Trip got his hands on the engines, he hadn't popped his head up long enough to see what was going on. They might not be starship engines, but he was enjoying the opportunity to get his hands dirty. Literally.

With the last engine of his batch up and running, he was wiping his hands on a rag when he spotted Jackal. She stood out more than he did in his civvies.

He wasn't one for avoiding people who didn't want company, so he came round to see her, smiling. "Guess you're not a keen gardener."
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He shrugged. "Bit of both. I've never had a garden and won't say no to getting my hands on an engine."

He was happy to take a break, though, and he put his dirty rag on a nearby engine, then leaned against it. "I didn't know gardening needed nurturing. I thought it was just digging."
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He smiled and ducked his head, getting her point. "So no one's going to employ me as their gardener any time soon," he concluded. "What else did you learn in school besides gardening?"
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He shook his head, but smiled. "I'm just a good old-fashioned engineer." And one who wasn't very good at standing around watching someone work, so he picked up a wrench and came around to help her.

He raised his eyebrows at her doing repair work at eleven. At that age he'd still been in the mainly taking things apart stage.

"There are a whole lot of civilians on the Enterprise." They were pretty hard to miss. "How do you get on with them?"
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Trip was used to working with other people, so he would carry on unless she complained. He was more focused on getting the job done than on who did it.

"That's the trouble with being away from home," he said, as he tightened a bolt himself. "I don't blame them for not trusting us. We'd have been the same if people had started turning up on Enterprise." Although with a lot less space to put them, they'd have had bigger problems than the trustworthiness of the visitors.
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"Yeah." He frowned, but paused to finish the bolt he was working on. "I guess Q didn't want to create too much disruption. Or everyone's too distracted by all the technology in the 24th century." He grinned.
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He raised his eyebrows at that tone and paused in his work to look over at her. Something had obviously happened, although he wasn't sure what.

"What has he done now?" His tone was a mixture of worry and weariness over Q's antics.
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Trip was thinking Q had done something to affect a lot of people, that somehow he'd missed, so he was relieved he hadn't. Although not relieved that he'd upset Jackal.

Since Trip got along well with his father, he considered Q's Father's Day to be a good thing. He'd been glad of the chance to speak to his father. But he understood not everyone did. He hadn't been Malcolm's friend all these years for nothing.

"Sorry to hear that." He could put two and two together and guess that Q had forced them to talk when she didn't want to. "Not even when you're a whole universe apart?" he smiled a little, trying to lighten her mood.
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He knew the type, and nodded in understanding. "I guess that was more fun when you were a kid." He remembered his own father being fun when Trip was young. At least when he wasn't in trouble, which was often.

"But he must be serious when it's important otherwise he wouldn't be in the Space Force." He couldn't imagine anyone who acted like that all the time getting far in Starfleet.
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He chuckled at her description of herself as a weird kid. "All the best people were weird as kids."

He'd never met any famous war heroes, but he'd read plenty about some. As much as he admired them he wasn't sure he'd like one to be his old man. "Your conversation didn't go well, huh?"
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Trip liked getting a rise out of people as well, but only those who could take it. And dish it back out again. Which, he suspected, wasn't quite the same.

He shook his head. "It's sad. He's your dad, he should be looking out for you, not annoying you so much you don't want to talk to him." He couldn't imagine acting like that to his daughter, should he have another one in the future.
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He chuckled. "I probably would." Mind you, Trip liked most people, so that wasn't saying much.

This machine was finished, and he patted it as he stood back up.

"You can get promoted so much you don't do anything any more, except sit in interminable meetings. And chew your subordinates out." Trip did some of that now anyway, not that he really enjoyed it. "I'd hate to be a Starfleet Admiral."
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"I guess him being a hero meant they couldn't not promote him." Trip's hands were black beyond what the rag could do for them, but he wiped the worst off it anyway.

"There aren't may openings for starship captains in Starfleet in my time, so it'll be a long time before I have to worry about becoming an Admiral."
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"I can understand that." He nodded himself. "Want to take a break?" He gestured towards the door where outside, people were serving drinks to the volunteers from the Enterprise. He wasn't sure exactly what the drinks were, but something refreshing sounded good about now.