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Shipside and Planetside for Father's Day - OTA

Father's Day aboard ship:
Jackal had not had a good morning. Apparently, it was Father's Day, here--and apparently, this Q being of theirs had decided to be "helpful" by providing Jackal with two-way communications with her father. Unfortunately, they were like oil and water, so Q's "help" was pretty much exactly as helpful as those who knew him might expect; particularly since she wasn't allowed to just hang up.

The rest of the day, as a result, is spent in a decidedly foul mood--which, contrary to what some might believe, is not actually her usual state of being. Serious, demanding, and unrelenting, perhaps; but some people might get to see how she is on a bad day, trying to blow off steam, whether pushing herself in the gym, taking out aggression in a holodeck program, or being irascible and solitary in Ten Forward.

After Father's Day on the planet:
Following the Father's Day debacle of being forced to actually talk to her father for over an hour, Jackal had decided the best solution was to go find something useful to do, as a means of taking her mind off it. The colony they'd arrived at was short-staffed, and while she had rather a black thumb, herself, she was a capable mechanic. So for the rest of the stay, she can be found at the colony, red camouflage-print fatigues replaced with similar fatigues in a medium gray, working on farming machinery. In the shop is where she's most likely to be found, or in a corner of whatever serves as a mess--in other words, generally avoiding people until she's less likely to bite someone's head off.

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