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Planet fall!

Kevin had heard the call to go out for volunteers to go down to the planet and start working on helping them reap a crop that will actually let them survive.

Kevin misses gardening. He misses it so much that he'd jumped at the chance to come down here and put his back to work, helping out the planet.

He sticks his hoe into the ground and leans on it. Instead of worrying about it, he removes the clunky metal bracelet and slips off his two shirts, tying them around his waist. The bracelet goes back on and he feels it take over his powers.

With the bracelet, his powers completely don't work, instead of being hard to work. He doesn't care how clunky it is, it works and that's all that matters. He doesn't have to worry about accidentally hurting someone with it on. That's good.

He bends his back and settles back to work. He cannot believe how much he's missed this. He doesn't remove his gloves, protecting his hands from blisters, but it's nice to still be able to work.

Sweat slicks his back, and he keeps working along the row he'd been assigned to. This is actually fun for him. He starts humming "Sweet Home Alabama" to himself.

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