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The sins of the father [ota]

Father's Day has never been a thing that he celebrated, and not just because he never knew what it was before he ended up in a place that observed it. When given the chance to talk to his father, he accepts it, even if it has to be a conversation on the holodeck. It's more of a chance than he ever thought he'd get again.

It's not something that he wants anyone stumbling in on, or overhearing, so he makes sure the door is locked. This is a conversation best had in private, and now that he's a father himself (even if it's only been a couple of weeks) it's even more important to him that it happens.

It's a sedate conversation, now that he's aware that people can change. It lasts a couple of hours, and at the end of it, while he still doesn't understand his father's reasoning for abandoning his sons, he has at least managed to forgive him, and to be forgiven by him for what he did to his father in return.

He's pensive when he leaves the holodeck, and a little worn out (though that could be because there are two two-week-old babies back in the quarters he shares with Emma). He's got more he wants to think about, and it doesn't matter to him where it happens. He goes back to the room to check on Emma, and while he's there he decides to let her get some rest. He bundles the babies into their carriers, straps them on, and sets out for the public parts of the ship.

He finds himself standing by a window, staring out at the darkness beyond. The babies are dozing in their carriers, nestled against him. “Do you see all of those stars out there? Of course you don't, you're asleep. You'll see what I mean one day. One day you'll know learn how to navigate using the stars. There's so much to show you. Like the rest of the ship. It's your home. Would you like a tour?”

It's not like they're going to tell him no.
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After his conversation with Neal, Henry couldn't decide if he wanted to be alone or with people so he opted for Ten Forward. He could be both there. But he saw Hook and the babies by the window and headed over to them. Family was what he wanted most and while he still might not approve of Hook, he couldn't deny they weren't family.

"Hey. How's my little brother and sister doing?"
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Henry chuckled. "I think that's meant to happen." He glanced over to them, smiling. He'd never had siblings before. A baby uncle yes but not siblings. It worried him a little though. What would happen to them if Q decided to send their parents home?
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"I don't want to disturb them if they're sleeping. From what I remember of my uncle, it's rather important." He found it hard to call him Neal at the moment.
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"Sure. I don't mind helping." He continued to watch them rather than looking at Hook while talking. "I'm glad Mom's getting to actually be a mom this time."
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"I know. I don't blame her for giving me up. She gave me my best chance." And he wondered how the curse would have been broken if she had raised him.
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"Yeah. Dad is too." He looked over at his brother more than his sister for a moment then out into the stars. It had been so good to see Neal but it made the ache in his heart stronger for the moment.