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Fallout Fallout Here Here! (OTA after Father's Day portion but can be commented upon))

(OOC: There's not enough actual info on Ed's dad outside of a mention in one session of Bebop proper so most of this is headcanon along with her seeing Spike and Jet as dads in a really Ed way.)

Ed had been hearing (and seeing) the fallout from people facing their father's and she had been ducking it for as long as she could. But she had reasons: basically being left behind could make anyone angry at their father's and if she was being honest she considered Spike Spiegel and Jet Black more fathers in spirit than her own ever was. But that morning when she went into the holodeck to keep working on the Bebop was when it finally happened.

"You should have stayed where you were Françoise." and Ed shuddered, she had given up that name when she embraced her new beginning as Edward. She hissed at the voice,"I am not her anymore, she left when you left me behind! I am Edward now and will never be Françoise Appledelhi again."

Over the next 2 and a half hours rage flew between father and the daughter he basically left behind. Edward had embraced her new lift via leaving Earth and starting anew along with finding her family aboard the Bebop. He could not accept who she had become or the good she had done as a cowboy from avenging Spike's death to bringing down a mad bomber (or even that she excisted as least as far as Ed could tell). "Ed is not going to be the meek little robot you wanted. She is her own person now." she finally hissed before turning her back on her so called father. That was when her emotional fathers in Spike and Jet showed up, not staying as long but they reminded Ed of how she had changed from the gangly teen they knew to a mature and capable young woman. Spike even reminded her of the difference she had caused while helping to bring down the Red Dragons.

There was also another problem: Ed had a habit of leaving the door of the holodeck open in case of anyone peeking in so anyone could have seen or heard the entire round of either exchange.

"I am Edward Tivrusky aka Radical Edward." embracing her life in the now and putting Françoise Appledelhi in the rearview mirror. But the bloodshot red eyes were a clue as to just how bad things had actually gotten during the heated exchange.

Afterwards Ed had left the holodeck to lend a hand on greenhouse lighting planetside and making supply runs via her scooter. She needed to simply breath and fast, electronic work was the perfect cure since wires and gadgets made sense when not much else did (along with making supply runs). So feel free to poke the tech, ask for a tool, make her eat or simply check on her.