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Father's Day [ota]

He might be settled in here, but he's not any happier about being away from home. So when he gets the opportunity to talk to his father, he naturally takes it. He settles in his room (the part of it where he can be alone and not bothered by his roommate, thank you very much) to take the time to chat with his father. He'd been so busy with the Resistance that they hadn't had much time to talk. This is the perfect time to catch his father up on what's been happening with him, and to find out how things are going on the ranch.

The partially-completed droid he's been building is left out in the shared portion of the room, surrounded by the parts he has managed to procure so far. They're only taking up part of the space in the room, leaving some free space for Kylo Ren to use as he likes. Poe's not a terrible person, after all.

After the conversation ends, he decides that he wouldn't mind a little company, so he packs up the parts into a bag and heads for Ten Forward, followed by the framework of the droid. He heads to the bar first, for a drink, then finds himself a table, onto which he proceeds to spread the metal bits and wires he's using to build his droid, and starts to sort them out.
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Erik has been wandering in and out of Ten Forward as he gets hungry. He's not sure what to do with himself here; he's not settled in. He feels the metal parts all over a nearby table before he looks over to see them. He steps towards the table, holding up a hand to catch one of the parts as it flies off the table towards him. He turns it over to examine it a moment, then looks at the man sitting at the table.

"...You're building a robot?" Given what Wanda told him about the world she left, he's not sure how comfortable she'd be with that knowledge.
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Erik lets the part sail back to Poe, straight into his hand.

"What's the difference?"
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"I still don't see how that makes them different than robots," Erik notes.
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Erik snorts. "Okay." So it's a vocabulary difference and he's dealing with someone who's not intelligent enough to parse it. Fair enough. "So you're building a droid in the bar."
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"Your room mate is more of a handful than... everyone else?" he asks dubiously.
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Erik smirked a bit. "At least you got some peace and quiet, then."
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"Fair enough." He glanced around. The guy had a decent collection of parts. "How long have you been here?"
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"What's the point of being here if they don't want us for anything," Erik asked.
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Speaking of said Roommate...

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Kylo Ren's arrival had been a violent mess of terror that ended in sedation and a long stint in the brig. He was initially given two weeks, solely because the person he killed came back to life. It was a simple sentence with no lasting consequences. However, he'd managed to prove himself too dangerous in that time to simply release, so they decided to try and rehabilitate the unstable commander instead. Counseling sessions, visitations, supervised trips outside the brig (as long as he remained restrained.)

It had been more than a month since they'd both arrived on board the Enterprise, and Kylo had yet to actually see his own assigned quarters. But that was about to change.

Security trailed him as he walked beside Poe. His wrists hung in front of him, fitted in the standard issue cuffs. His ankles were bound as well, leaving just enough space for a small stride. He seemed calmer than before. It was a good start.
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Kylo feels the same way.

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Oh, there was definitely a part of Kylo that preferred his cell to the thought of sharing living quarters with a member of the Resistance. The galaxy needed to be rid of those traitors and the Jedi! But despite the orders he knew he had to abide by, he had finally admitted to himself that he didn't want to live as a prisoner forever.

Replicators in that lounge served real food, nothing like the nutrient bars he usually refused to eat. The holodecks could take him virtually anywhere. And the silence in his mind was far easier to tolerate when there were other voices.

"So we really do share quarters..." He spoke quietly, eyeing the space as they walked inside. He still found the concept disgusting, and not much better than the mechanical pieces strewn about. "I suppose I won't have to reach inside your head to find out where this droid is..."

It was an empty threat, and everyone knew it. The words were spiteful, but he didn't even bother to muster up an angry tone.