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A True Goodbye (Father's Day) OTA for post holodeck portion

When Kristen heard about the whole idea of Father's Day she made a painful but needed decision, she was finally going to say a proper goodbye to her father (who along with her mother had died in a freak car wreck her junior year of college). So as she stood outside the holodeck she chose her usual GCPD HQ program, her thinking was something normal would make this a little less painful.

Boy was she wrong.

Her father showed up in the screen of a records annex computer and over the next two hours a mountain of unshed tears were falling and things held back for years finally came into the light. She still had no real much less new insights into the crash that had been the cause of their deaths but compared to a few months ago it made a little more sense. But after sharing news from Gotham Kristen was finally able to say a proper goodbye to her parents. After her father faded from the computer screen she locked the annex door and gave into her emotions, crying for what felt like hours but was maybe 20 minutes.

Afterwards she dried her eyes, slammed 3 cups of tea and was back in to botany labs making lists, getting files in proper order and being the normal helpful crisis archivist. But the red rimmed eyes could make anyone not in the know wonder what had happened to the younger woman.

In the meantime Kristen was lost in work, the only thing that was making sense to calm a newly aching and mending anew heart. But she did promise herself a good long cry the second she was alone.

*At least some secrets are still secrets* knowing there was things she could still not talk about much less face like her ex.
(Headcanon alert: thanks to Gotham's lack of any real info I have it that Kristen lost her parents during college.)