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ALL THE FATHER FIGURES! - OTA after he leaves his room

So Q was back here to mess up the place. Apparently, people were randomly talking to their fathers or father figures. Olan'atar thought he could get out of it, as he didn't really think of anyone as a father, but when he came in his room after escorting Kylo to yet another counseling session, someone called. He didn't expect it at all, since he wasn't from this time and didn't know anyone here very much. Also, almost nobody he knew was born yet. Still, he answered.

It was Ratrak, the Vulcan who raised him. There could be only one explanation: it was a trick of Q's.

"Greetings. We were looking for you," Ratrak said. "It appears our search is fruitful."

"I seem to have been displaced in time by a being named Q and am currently on the Enterprise-D, in the 2360s." Olan'atar was happy to talk to someone he knew. However, he didn't display any emotions: it was pointless when talking to a Vulcan.

"It would be logical that I not give you any information about what is going on now, then. We are awaiting your return on the <i>Kampala</i>."


"I apologize for not staying longer, but someone wants to talk to you. I must leave now. Live long, and prosper." Ratrak did the Vulcan salute.

"Peace and long life." Olan'atar responded in kind.

The channel changed, and now a Jem'Hadar appeared. It was Torak'agan. How could that be? He had died, not so long ago. Olan'atar realized how much he still missed him.

Q was definitely behind this.


"Second Olan'atar, it appears your stay in Starfleet has softened you." His tone sounded somewhat amused. Teasing. Olan'atar smiled despite himself. "I hope you're not getting behind on your training," Torak'agan added, more serious. "It would be a shame if your skills went to waste. After all, I'm not here anymore to help you hone them."

"No, they won't. In fact, I was going to go."

"Good. In fact, I have something to tell you." His tone went serious. "Second, I promote you to First. You have shown the qualities the Founders need in one. It's a shame our Vorta isn't here to validate this promotion, but a Founder" his voice was reverent "had the generosity to come and do so. Remember: victory is life."

<i>A Founder?</i> Olan'atar didn't respond to Torak'agan, surprised as he was.

As if to answer Olan'atar's question, the Founder spoke. "Yes. I see you're doing well." It wasn't just any Founder. It was <i>Odo</i>. <i>His</i> Founder. The one who made him.


"Heh. You can call me Odo. So, you're now promoted to First. It was Torak'agan's last wish, as it would seem. It's only appropriate. So, what are you doing on this new ship?"

Olan'atar could barely dare to speak. "I'm a Security officer." It wasn't official yet, but Security was happy with his performance and wanted him in.

Odo seemed happy with it. Olan'atar made a good choice.

"Well it seems I have to go. Q must be closing the channel," Odo said. "Good bye."

"Good bye." The channel closed.

This trick of Q's was quite a bit to handle. He talked to all the men who took care of him at one point, as it looked like happened to quite a few people on the ship, and, as he'd heard happen to these people, it was really much to handle.

He would need more fighting time than usual. <i>Much</i> more. He grabbed his kar'takin and left his room towards the holodeck.

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