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Round 6 // Raindance - Locked+OTA

Locked to Kaylin and Fujin
With the work for the day completed, it was time to relieve the parched ground and refill the water basins at the colony. Thankfully, the Enterprise had a pair of rain gods to help fill the need and Raiden was rather willing on this occasion to oblige the local request for rain. That, and he was looking forward to another opportunity to spend some time with Fujin.

Incidentally, Kaylin had also come to his attention as a potentially helpful component of the storm, but he also saw it as an opportunity to indulge her apparent love of flight. Hopefully she wouldn't mind the soaking that would come along with the later half of this jaunt.

All the components were assembled, all that was needed now was to find their water source. Raiden gathered Kaylin and Fujin and, turning to his brother, he nodded.

"What direction will the winds best carry the storm today?" They might as well work with the natural direction of the planet's winds. It might go a little further to helping reboot the rain cycle locally.

The rain had rolled in rather quickly, with lightning flashing throughout the thunderhead, but somehow never daring to strike the ground. With the risk of fire too great after such a long dry spell, the electricity was kept within the clouds even as Raiden stayed out in the storm.

The dark clouds were bringing dusk faster, but he didn't mind as he looked up at the sky, an unmasked expression of pleasure upon his face. He didn't quite stand in the water, instead, his toes hovering a few inches above the muddy ground below him, rain running off his impeccably white sandals.

The last betrayal of the thunder god's hand in the storm is the electricity that traces between the slats of his hat with as much frequency as the storm. In fact, it might be strangely synced with the flashes of light within the storm itself.

Anyone who approaches him won't have to worry about being shocked or struck by lightning. He's just reveling in his element, but not at risk to those around him. Feel free to interrupt his moment, he's in quite a good mood right now. Storms do that.

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