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backdated to Sunday

A father's day chat

There's a scream from Trever's room followed by a long series of cursing. Among other things including "Morrigan's fine feathered ass!" and "This is crow fucking unbelievable!"

Trever, looking like he'd seen a ghost, backed out of his room holding a long sword shaped like a feather. A raven's flight feather to be exact.

Then he ran down the corridors screaming for Kale.

So, there's a red haired man with a sword screaming for a cabbage.


After having found his missing cabbage, Trever and Kale are in ten-forward. The sword is laid out on a table and Kale is examining it with a scanner hitched up to a laptop. Their conversation seems to run around the following subject:

"It can't be it."

"It is it."

"But it can't be it! It was lost in Fairy!"

"Well, apparently no one told it that!" Kale snapped. "But it is!"

((Feel free to encounter Trever running or the twins in Ten Forward, either one or both.))
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"What in all the realms is that?" Well, more the fact that it was large and looked like a sword. It also looked like a giant raven's feather, and her curiosity got the better of her. "A fae-sword?" Grainne had a cup of hot chocolate in her hand.
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"Ahhh..." Grainne stood off to the side and gave the sword a look over. "One of the Lady's artifacts? It's quite different to Caladbolg, Fragarach, and Moraltach, isn't it?" She reached out to hover her hand over it. "May I?"
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She nodded, taking her hand back. "I understand. Father was very particular about who touched the artifacts at home. Is there anything I might help with though? You look rather perplexed."
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"Oh." Her eyebrows raised slightly. That... really would be a difficult to impossible thing to find again. "Maybe Q is responsible? He has been doing rather strange things this last week." She took a sip of chocolate. "Artifacts of power have a habit of finding their way into the places they belong, be it fate or its own will."
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"Conjunctions of wills across space and time, possibly? I am not as well versed in the metaphysical as I should be. Q is very much like one of the gods, isn't he though? I might have taken him for one if the crew had not said he wasn't." Finally taking a seat at the table next to them, she looked down into her drink for a moment, frowning, then glanced back up to the two. "Do you know how to see the energies surrounding us?"
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"That's a good point..." Q was one of the stranger factors here, but the more she got to know him, the more 'familiar' he seemed.

"Ah, sometimes you can see disturbances surrounding objects, so if you're worried it's a trick, you might look at it and see what it looks like. The energy can tell where it's been if the impression was strong."
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Grainne thought for a moment or two, then shrugged. She didn't have any useful suggestions either. What could one do with a magical sword on a star ship? "Being practical, there's little use for a sword here. I suppose you could always fight in Klingon tournaments." Mostly meant as a joke. "Relax, an answer will come to you, it belongs to you after all."

She grew a bit more sober then. "I was... I was meaning to ask the two of you a favor, perhaps it is a good time to do so."
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She was silent a moment while she took the proffered chair, uncertainty and worry simultaneously crossing her face.

Absently, she reached out to scratch Veena's ear. "How much do you know about... ah... have you ever attended a ceremony where..." A huff of air disturbed her bangs. "Where an apprentice formally took the mantle of Druid?"
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"Oh." Her courage deflated, though she gave them a sheepish smile. "I suppose you cannot help me, then. Forget I asked."