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mending bridges ↺ backdated to the 23rd ↺ closed & ota

Curveballs — of the metaphorical sort — have long been a part of Cash's life. During his work for the OSS, it was parts of his plans that hadn't gone accordingly. He'd learned to roll with the punches and to adapt those plans, one of the greatest lessons in his life. In the War, the curveballs had been different altogether: they were sights you couldn't unsee, sounds that never left you after you heard them, sights you had to work past. The same had been true for the town Cash had ended up in, the town in another universe, in varying forms of unpleasantness.

But this particular 'morning', when Cash wakes up, he receives a different kind of curveball altogether. After showering and eating, he sits down to give Squirrel a good backrub and then stiffens when he hears a familiar voice.

"And here I pegged you more as a dog man."

Blinking hard, Cash looks up to see August Gillingwater staring at him from the comm screen.

→ closed to Luke

The family resemblance is visible, though Cash's father is more heavyset and stocky in build. But their faces — that's the key. They have the same blue eyes, the same dark brown hair, the same cheekbones. August has a neat beard, threaded with grey hairs. He's wearing the same beat-up shirt, dark blue faded to middle blue, that Cash remembers him always wearing around the house. His suits are for Sundays only.

"," Cash manages, shocked.

"That's me." August frowns. "You called me, didn't you?"

"Er... yeah, sure." Just go with it, he thinks, getting up to sit closer to the screen. Squirrel's attention will have to wait. When's the last time he'd even seen his father? He can't remember. Some call during the War, probably... perhaps two years ago. "How've you been?"

August — in the same gruff voice he remembers, lower than Cash's — talks more about the family than himself, as per usual. How his brothers and sisters are doing. How Cash's mother is making too much food, as per usual. How Abingdon is faring. How tedious he finds the latest electronic devices. Cash sits, entranced, until his father mentions one of his brothers getting married.

"Jackson? He must have found a saint. ...Oh, uh... dad, I have someone I'd like you to meet," he says slowly. He feels a bundle of nerves settle in his stomach, though nowhere close to how many he'd be feeling if this were in person.

August looks surprised. Like Cash, he jokes about it. "I've already met the cat, son."

"Squirrel doesn't count." Cash looks around, toward the bedroom, trying to figure out if Luke is still hanging around their quarters. "Luke?"

Though his relationship with his father has been on the mend for a few years, Cash doesn't know how to process suddenly getting to speak with him. Things seem fine back home. It should be a relief, but there's a little tug of feeling in Cash's stomach — discomfort, that he isn't around. It's not his fault and it hasn't been for a while, but he supposes a part of him is still finding it hard to settle on the Enterprise.

Instead, he settles for getting some off-ship time. Cash grew up on a large portion of land, where his father had grown corn and wheat. He'd helped with the crops every step of the way until things at home had gotten bad enough for him to run away, as a teenager. He can't claim to know about every plant, certainly, but he knows the basics. And working with dirt is a familiar, calming task. So he puts his skills to as much use as he can.

When the natives aren't looking, Cash also puts being a divinity to use. He has only raw healing energy, which works more effectively on humans, but it tends to have a positive effect on plants with prolonged exposure. He keeps his output slow and faint, focusing on the plants which aren't doing so well, and gently rubs his thumb against the leaves. Perhaps some of the plants will turn back toward health.

He's smiling as he works, keeping his feelings under wraps. Anyone who works near him gets a friendly nod at the very least. He doesn't bother to hide his magic from fellow inhabitants of the ship; he's sure they've seen stranger things, for the most part.
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That was when a very cheerful young woman on a motor scooter arrived with several more boxes of supplies. Ed was not a planter or even having a green thumb but her electronics skills came in handy for greenhouse lighting and she also offered her bike to make supply runs. "Fresh supply of saplings and seeds!" she called with a cheery smile. "Also brought down more water." pointing to the pallet of bottles perched atop her scooter.
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As Ed unloaded the pallet of water and the seeds/saplings from the back of her scooter she had to smile. "Thanks! Had her for ages and she's taken her share of damage from pillar crashes to potholes. Figured since I can't plant or research I'll make supply runs since I do have wheels."
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Being an early riser, Luke has already been up for a while, though he spent most of the morning in the gym getting a good workout. Now that he feels that his life isn't completely falling apart anymore, he actually has the energy and drive to do so. He got back a little while ago and he's been in the shower, but is only just now stepping out after drying his hair.

It sounded like Cash said something. Luke's clothes are in the bedroom but he decides to peek into the living room first. "Did you say some-- OH!"

Luke's eyes go wide when he realizes what, or who, Cash had been talking to. The comm screen is on and Luke realizes that he's just inside the camera's field of view. Spinning rather comically on his heels, he quickly reverses gears and sprints back into the bedroom.

He doesn't emerge until several moments later after he's had a chance to pull on a shirt and some pants, but pauses as he peeks out from the short hallway. At the moment he still has no idea who Cash has on the comm system. There's only a small handful of people on the ship who Luke wouldn't be mortified to see on that screen. That doesn't narrow down the possibility of humiliation by a whole lot.
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Well that's probably one of the last people in the universe Luke expected to be on that comm screen. His brows furrow and he stands and stares in confusion for a moment before slowly emerging from the hallway to get a better look.

"Your dad?"

Sure enough, the man on the screen certainly does look like someone who could be Cash's dad. The family resemblance is easy to see. Luke's somewhat forgotten the embarrassment from a moment ago in favor of doing some more confused staring. How? Why? What? seem to be the first questions that cross his mind but something about Cash's expression is telling him that even he doesn't know how this happened.

So now Luke is faced with the realization that he is officially meeting one of his boyfriend's parents. This is normally an occasion that one would want to make an impeccable first impression for.

... Which is a hope that can be safely tossed out the window. Perhaps a good second impression can make this salvageable.

"Hello, sir," he says in a remarkably even tone for how nervous he actually feels. Dads like it when you call them 'sir'. "Bar floozies, huh?" he utters to Cash with a dry smirk. He only caught bits and pieces of the conversation from the bedroom but that one carried.
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"It's uh..." he glances to Cash again, the surprise and confusion still hinted on his face, "... really great to meet you, too."

Questioning how this conversation is possible at all should probably wait until later, Luke figures. Cash's dad doesn't seem all that surprised or confused, other than at meeting Cash's boyfriend, apparently. Luke raises his eyebrows slightly. He knew Cash hadn't had much in the way of relationships, but he's wondering why his parents would be so surprised to see him with anyone ever.

Is there something Luke doesn't know? Probably something else to save until later too.

He certainly doesn't miss Cash's slightly pink-ish face and he can't help but grin. Seeing Cash in a somewhat vulnerable state is one of his favorite things, mostly because Cash usually fights it so hard.

"He's been wonderful," Luke says with the utmost confidence. "And my standards are pretty high." Something's telling him that that might catch August off-guard. He doesn't seem to have much belief in his son's ability to hold onto anybody. While Luke doesn't exactly know what's going on, he's somewhat set on proving that notion wrong.

Then, some little spark of thought enters his head, as if it were an idea that had floated to him from elsewhere. He grins in the most shit-eating way that Luke ever does. "You should get out the baby pictures. That'd be fun, don't you think?"

His fingers squeeze Cash's hand gently, in a sort of teasing-affectionate way.
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Certainly, Luke could have anticipated a slightly less than enthusiastic reaction out of Cash. However, the audible groan coupled with the verbal protests gets Luke eyeing him with his eyebrows slightly raised. He's always known that Cash tends to react defensively when put into a vulnerable position, but for baby pictures?

He leans over and mutters so that only Cash can hear, "Are you that afraid of me seeing you in a diaper?" Then with a soft, encouraging smile he presses affectionately against Cash's side and says a bit louder, "Relax. I'll bet you were a cute baby."

Luke's willing to wait as long as it takes for those photos, and it might be one of the few times Cash ever gets to see him wait this patiently. Of course, he's also trying to make a good impression.

August probably wouldn't be as impressed with a younger Luke who used to blow up in irritation at people who didn't move fast enough for his liking. As it is, though, he's still waiting for an opportunity to mention that he's a retired general and has been awarded nearly every high honor there is in the New Republic.

While he isn't too confident with his looks or dateability, Luke will talk someone's ear off about his accomplishments, especially when he's looking to impress.

"I wish I had some of my own pictures with me to share," he comments with a little smirk.
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Cash mutters to him, and the first photo nearly makes Luke snort. All that lace...

Though as he watches the photos on the screen, his smile slowly fades. He's beginning to realize why Cash didn't want this and, while he feels a bit badly, he's still glad he knows. He'd gotten a hint of Cash's past earlier, but of course Cash was hesitant to delve into too many details. Luke's known many, many people with pasts they weren't that proud of. The Alliance was chock full of ex-Imperials looking to right their wrongs. He's one of the last people likely to judge someone for it.

So long as they've lived and learned, he figures. Luke's other hand comes up to hug on Cash's arm affectionately.

Though it appears that August is less than eager to forget things like that. Perhaps it's a bit harder when the person is your son, but Luke still doesn't like it. Suddenly, he feels that twinge of determination that he gets when he decides to take matters onto himself.

It's time to prove a little point.

He interjects with a confident and amused tone. "If I didn't know any better I'd say it sounded like you were talking about me when I was a kid. It's hard to remember a time when I wasn't grounded. Anything my uncle didn't want me to do... I usually did it. And I do seem to remember running off a few times."

Of course, without a way to get off-planet there really wasn't anywhere to go. But he sure tried. Although he's trying to prove a point, every word of what he says is true. Not even a single exaggeration. And he hopes Cash is listening, too.

Finally August asks the question Luke had hoped he would ask. And he already has his speech prepared.

"I'm a retired army general and commander of an elite starfighter squadron, a war veteran. Full honors. They begged me to stay but I had more important things to do. I was promised funding to open up an academy for people who have powers like mine. I want to teach them how to use them. And occasionally I do favors for the government when they need the help."

By the end, he's beaming quite proudly and looking August right in the eyes. He gently squeezes Cash's hand again.
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Cash's assurance to his father as to his happiness broadens Luke's smile and he even goes a bit pink as he leans into him, an arm sliding around his back. From what he's learned about the relationship between Cash and his father, it seems to him that this encounter went about as well as it could have.

Well, perhaps he could have avoided that embarrassing moment of exhibitionism towards the beginning. Aside from that.

Though as Luke realizes that the call is ending, and what that might mean for the future, his smile starts to fade. He can feel a hint of a similar emotion through the Force from Cash. There's no telling when they might get to speak with anyone from their home universes this way again, if ever.

"It was an honor to meet you, sir. I'll make sure Cash stays out of trouble." If August wants to take that literally, so be it. Maybe it'll make him feel better. Luke's hoping he at least acknowledges it as a promise to protect Cash.

His arm around Cash tightens and he rests his temple against his shoulder.
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A moment after the screen darkens, Luke opens his mouth to ask Cash how the heck that happened, but Cash just barely beats him to it. It sure doesn't clear much up, though. It just happened? That doesn't make any sense. But then, a lot of things around here don't make sense. Is this just part of the experience? Is Q up to things again?

Luke looks back to the blank screen again a bit sadly, contemplating the sudden thought that he and Cash could very well never see that man again. He also remembers that Cash had been ready to follow him to his home universe, possibly separated from his own home forever.

He was vaguely aware of Cash's rickety relationship with his family, particularly his father, but this conversation hadn't been too bad. August seemed far more agreeable than many other fathers Luke has known, not even including his own. Anakin Skywalker was in a category all his own...

Luke stays pressed into Cash's side, suddenly wanting to wrap his arms tightly around him and comfort him. He smiles softly at what Cash tells him.

"I'm glad. He seems like he's worth impressing." Which is a compliment to August. Luke knows that sometimes there are people you simply can't please no matter what you do. Cash's father doesn't seem like that sort at all. In fact, he reminded Luke quite a bit of Uncle Owen. Gruff sometimes, slow to show affection, but a good man and very caring deep down.

Finally Luke gives in to his desire and reaches up around Cash's shoulders to pull him into a tight, warm hug. "You okay?" he asks softly, nose tucked close to Cash's ear.
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There's something very sweet and very affectionate about the way Cash pulls Luke close, and he huffs a small, soft laugh as he's tugged into Cash's lap. His legs slide over a bit awkwardly as he tries to keep his balance, and then he melts into Cash as his arms tighten around him.

All he wants to do is stay like this, with Cash, for as long as possible. Just holding each other. Perhaps he's feeling more sentimental than usual, which is saying a lot, because of that conversation.

He sighs slowly against Cash's shoulder, feeling a tiny hint of turmoil from him. Luke knows what he's thinking and it hurts. Cash says he's okay but Luke can easily guess that's not the whole story. His fingers run up into Cash's hair and hold the back of his head, trying for some comfort.

The corners of his mouth quirk at the mention of baby pictures, but then the slight smile fades. There's a small twinge of guilt as Luke is brought back to the realization from before.

He lets out another slow breath. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was going to bring up things that--..."

Luke realizes he doesn't even know how to describe it. The Force is too foggy for him to have gotten a clear reading. All he could sense was negative feelings. He frowns softly. "I didn't like the way he talked about you. He didn't seem to have much faith in you."
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As Cash talks about the complications with his family, Luke's fingers stroke gently through his hair. It doesn't matter to him what Cash's past is like. All that matters is that he's made things right and that he finds peace in that. All Luke wants is to comfort him. And everything Cash is saying about his father sounds awfully familiar...

Luke snorts softly. "If I hadn't just met him I'd start to wonder if your dad and my uncle weren't the same person."

He's spoken about Uncle Owen a few times, told Cash that they never got along very well. Luke and Owen were just about polar opposites and they clashed constantly because of it. Owen was a bit of a homebody and believed in sticking to safe, tried and true methods, whereas Luke always likes to keep moving and trying new things. Owen stuck very close to the rules and Luke is always pushing the limits. Not because he wants to create trouble for anyone, but simply because he feels claustrophobic otherwise. There's always bigger and better things out there and Luke has to see what they are. It's just who he is.

And they were both incredibly stubborn, which just made the clashing that much worse. They had very different opinions and compromises very rarely happened. If it hadn't been for Aunt Beru's calm nature to mediate things, they would have driven each other crazy.

"He wanted me to stay at home and take over the moisture farm someday. Knowing me, you can probably imagine how much I would have enjoyed that." Luke scoffs softly and can't help rolling his eyes. Even though he was difficult to live with sometimes, Luke knows Owen was only trying to protect him. But he couldn't have honestly though that Luke would ever be content to live out his life on Tatooine. He knew Luke better than that. It must have eaten at him every day, knowing that he would likely fail to keep Luke around.

"But part of me thinks he'd be proud of me anyway, if he were still alive." At least, Luke hopes so. With Uncle Owen it was sometimes hard to tell. He cared deeply for Luke, but his actions were so often out of selfish, paranoid reasons.

Luke then lets out a quiet sigh through his nose and lifts his head to look at Cash. "And I still think you deserve so much better from your father. I hope I at least got him thinking."