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mending bridges ↺ backdated to the 23rd ↺ closed & ota

Curveballs — of the metaphorical sort — have long been a part of Cash's life. During his work for the OSS, it was parts of his plans that hadn't gone accordingly. He'd learned to roll with the punches and to adapt those plans, one of the greatest lessons in his life. In the War, the curveballs had been different altogether: they were sights you couldn't unsee, sounds that never left you after you heard them, sights you had to work past. The same had been true for the town Cash had ended up in, the town in another universe, in varying forms of unpleasantness.

But this particular 'morning', when Cash wakes up, he receives a different kind of curveball altogether. After showering and eating, he sits down to give Squirrel a good backrub and then stiffens when he hears a familiar voice.

"And here I pegged you more as a dog man."

Blinking hard, Cash looks up to see August Gillingwater staring at him from the comm screen.

→ closed to Luke

The family resemblance is visible, though Cash's father is more heavyset and stocky in build. But their faces — that's the key. They have the same blue eyes, the same dark brown hair, the same cheekbones. August has a neat beard, threaded with grey hairs. He's wearing the same beat-up shirt, dark blue faded to middle blue, that Cash remembers him always wearing around the house. His suits are for Sundays only.

"," Cash manages, shocked.

"That's me." August frowns. "You called me, didn't you?"

"Er... yeah, sure." Just go with it, he thinks, getting up to sit closer to the screen. Squirrel's attention will have to wait. When's the last time he'd even seen his father? He can't remember. Some call during the War, probably... perhaps two years ago. "How've you been?"

August — in the same gruff voice he remembers, lower than Cash's — talks more about the family than himself, as per usual. How his brothers and sisters are doing. How Cash's mother is making too much food, as per usual. How Abingdon is faring. How tedious he finds the latest electronic devices. Cash sits, entranced, until his father mentions one of his brothers getting married.

"Jackson? He must have found a saint. ...Oh, uh... dad, I have someone I'd like you to meet," he says slowly. He feels a bundle of nerves settle in his stomach, though nowhere close to how many he'd be feeling if this were in person.

August looks surprised. Like Cash, he jokes about it. "I've already met the cat, son."

"Squirrel doesn't count." Cash looks around, toward the bedroom, trying to figure out if Luke is still hanging around their quarters. "Luke?"

Though his relationship with his father has been on the mend for a few years, Cash doesn't know how to process suddenly getting to speak with him. Things seem fine back home. It should be a relief, but there's a little tug of feeling in Cash's stomach — discomfort, that he isn't around. It's not his fault and it hasn't been for a while, but he supposes a part of him is still finding it hard to settle on the Enterprise.

Instead, he settles for getting some off-ship time. Cash grew up on a large portion of land, where his father had grown corn and wheat. He'd helped with the crops every step of the way until things at home had gotten bad enough for him to run away, as a teenager. He can't claim to know about every plant, certainly, but he knows the basics. And working with dirt is a familiar, calming task. So he puts his skills to as much use as he can.

When the natives aren't looking, Cash also puts being a divinity to use. He has only raw healing energy, which works more effectively on humans, but it tends to have a positive effect on plants with prolonged exposure. He keeps his output slow and faint, focusing on the plants which aren't doing so well, and gently rubs his thumb against the leaves. Perhaps some of the plants will turn back toward health.

He's smiling as he works, keeping his feelings under wraps. Anyone who works near him gets a friendly nod at the very least. He doesn't bother to hide his magic from fellow inhabitants of the ship; he's sure they've seen stranger things, for the most part.

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