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[During the battle. Trigger warning: violence, character death.]

It's hard to focus. He knows he has responsibilities, knows his friends are wounded, knows he has River to look after, but he's dying.

He knows it.

And there's nothing in his power to stop River running into danger for him, to stop her disappearing through blast doors that close between him and his sister. Nothing he can do but wait for the inevitable.

He tries. He tells the others how to treat Kaylee, he does his best to hold pressure on his wound as Inara sits, helpless, by his side, listening to the sounds of fighting outside.

But he doesn't wait with any hope. Because that's River out there, and eventually, the sounds of battle fall silent.

It's eerie, in the quiet after the noise has stopped, and the sound of the lift that brings Mal back is almost too loud. Simon hardly hears what anyone says, the adrenaline doing little to keep the world from fading around him into a murmur of distant sounds.

But he does see River, outlined in light, almost like a guardian angel, and he does hear the order to stand down, and he knows the battle is over.

He barely notices that when the Alliance troops call for medical assistance, instead of him going to an infirmary, the infirmary comes to him.

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Kaylee can't move properly. Everything is painful still, but she has to look over to keep an eye on Simon then. She can't have gone through all that and got so far to lose out then. Moving her arm hurts but she still does it. Reaching out to him with a smile that she still manages to make.

It takes her a moment to realise that the bright lights and noises have changed. "Simon, SIMON." She calls out to him first. "Help. Help him." If they can help him first, he's the one that needs it first. That's what she's thinking.
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At least Q had the sense to bring injured people straight into Sickbay, rather than letting them bleed on the floor of Ten Forward.

Not that it was ever particularly quiet in Sickbay on a ship the size of a Galaxy-class, but Julian hadn't exactly been expecting to get a triage situation almost literally dropped into his lap.

He's immediately up on his feet, as well as the nurses, who don't even need orders to burst into a flurry of activity, mostly centered around the woman. Scans are taken, blood is drawn, and Julian has nothing but complete confidence that they'll finish the treatment that was, apparently, already started.

There's two more that converge on Simon, as well as Julian. "Prep for surgery," he commands tersely, not that they need the direction. "Computer, sanitary field on biobed 2."
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Kaylee hasn't got the energy to try and get them out of the way so she can see what's being done with Simon. She's worried more about him than herself.

She's been shot before and it was not a good experience at all. The scar was the permanent reminder of it all. She'd known all the long he was going to save her when that happened. Now there was a powerlessness to return that. Kaylee couldn't do anything to help him.

"Look after him." She tells whoever happens to be closest.
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"We've got him, don't worry," one of the blue-uniformed nurses says gently to Kaylee, as she and another nurse lean down to haul her gently up to a biobed. She moves aside to let another nurse in with a hypospray of antitoxin, and continues to monitor her.

Julian and three others get their hands under Simon, lifting as one to transfer him from the cold floor to the biobed that already has a shimmering sanitary field around it.

"Ready two pints human artificial, we'll get the damage fixed before proceeding with transfusion." Julian takes a hypospray from a nurse filled with anetrizine, dials a dose of 20 ccs, and presses the device to Simon's neck, then he snaps a hand out to pick up gloves and a laser scalpel. There's no exit wound--scans indicated a metallic object in the wound, a chemically-propelled projectile, most likely.

Well, he certainly can't say he's ever had to remove a bullet before.

"Get the vascular regenerator ready, I want it on as soon as I pull this thing out." The nurse nods and grabs the device up from the tray of medical tools, turning it on and ready to move in as soon as Julian extracts the lump of lead.

Really, it's not the worst injury he's ever seen--he's spent too long treating wounds on battlefields for that--but it's certainly not good. The vascular regenerator should be enough to fix the deep tissue damage.
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Kaylee is going to do her best to stay conscious until the doctor has done working on Simon. She wants to keep asking questions and knowing what's going on. So she can tell Simon what they did for him. Let him know he got fixed up real good.

"Can you tell me when they're done?" She's just going to close her eyes a moment, sitting up isn't an option and she can't see anything.
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"We will, don't worry. Doctor Bashir will have him up in no time." Granted, they hadn't seen Julian at work before, not like this, but he's certainly proving himself up to the task.

Julian's long fingers aren't quite long enough, and going to dig around in gut wounds isn't the best idea anyway. He opens the entrance wound a little further using the laser scalpel, carefully widening it enough for a pair of long forceps, so he can go in and pull the bullet out.

Ghastly things, really. Captain Sisko had been lucky he'd just been grazed by one when they were back in the 20th century. He withdraws the forceps, with the bullet, and lets it clink to the tray. Then he's taking the vascular regenerator from the nurse who was holding it ready and situating it over the wound. "We'll need to keep an eye on that for the next ten minutes or so..." he says, mostly to himself. The nurses obviously know not to simply call it a job well done and walk away, but Julian's feeling rather confident. He sets the computer to send up an alarm if his patient's blood pressure fluctuates any further, then goes over to Kaylee.

"The two of you ran into a bit of trouble, I take it." He picks up a tricorder and opens it, running a scan to make sure that the antitoxin is working to clear her system out.
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Kaylee opens her eyes at the sound of the voice talking to her.

"We did. Whole mess of Reavers tried t'kill us." She watches him curiously. "He's gonna be okay ain't he?" Simon. She has to know about him. There's no alarms or nothing happening so it can't be all that bad. It could be but she's not going to dwell on that side. The loss was still pretty hard to begin to process.

Her heart hurt. Worse than the pain the poison caused her and the antitoxin going in to fight it's effects. She had time to think about what had happened then. What had gone on just moments before. What had been lost. Wash. Book. She worried for Zoe. Mal. Inara. Jayne. River. River was alone. If Simon was there with her what was River going to do. Kaylee hurt for each of them as well as her and Simon.

She wonders if with everything they'd lost to get the message out about the Alliance was going to be worth it. It had to be. The 'verse had to know what had been done to those folk on that planet. Then hidden. To be exposed by one of their other little secrets. How many more were they hiding.

Kaylee's trying her best not to cry. There are more important things. "Where are we?"
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"Yes. You're both going to be just fine--we just need to leave some time for the vascular regenerator to work." He smiles slightly, down at her.

Obviously there was something else going on, something that Julian couldn't even begin to address. He made a mental note to speak with Counselor Troi about them later. If only more ship's counselors had come with all the medics...

"You're on the Federation starship U.S.S. Enterprise."
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"Okay." That was good. Those were good words to hear. She let out a breath she didn't realize that she was holding onto.

"Federation?" The starship part that was the easiest thing to deal with because it was normal. But what had happened to the Alliance. "What happened to the Alliance?" She tries to sit up.
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"Careful," Julian says gently, reaching out to support her. "Computer, incline on bio-bed one, 40 degrees." The surface under Kaylee obligingly rises to meet her back so she can sit up a little.

"As far as I know, nothing. You've been brought to a different reality than your own, or at the very least a different timeline." Julian remembered that, in the mirror universe, the Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans called their group the Alliance, but he somehow didn't think she was referring to the same.
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"Xiexie." She says without thinking about if he's going to understand she's saying thank you. Though she hoped that it's implied as what else would she be saying then. Certainly nothing bad as he's just fixed her and Simon up.

Kaylee wasn't exactly prepared for that explanation. "Different reality huh. Ain't what I was expectin' ya t'say." She was slowly feeling better, at least from the poison.
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He understands it well enough, given the context, not that he speaks any sort of Chinese. "You're welcome."

He's still keeping half-an-eye on Simon, but seems largely unconcerned, just ready to go back over and take off the regenerator when it's done. He should be completely healed in a couple of days.

"Well, it wasn't exactly what any of us were expecting to happen. Captain Picard and his crew is doing their best to get all of us back where we belong, but we might just be here until the being that brought us all here decides he's well and bored. Could take a while."
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"An' askin' nice like doesn't help?" She didn't think it would do exactly or that someone hadn't already tried reasoning or asking already but it was said with a smile.
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"Not with him. He's...rather intractable." Julian hopes that he's not going to have Q pop up over his shoulder and do something awful to him for spreading that sort of assessment of his personality, but...well, it was true. If the shoe fit, so to speak.

"You're welcome to try, but I wouldn't go in with any sort of expectations. Q is omnipotent, and he likes to play tricks. Some more dangerous than others."