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first entrance.

It's difficult, painful work getting his shirt over his head without wincing from the bruises that blossom impressive shades of purple and red across his back and his chest. It hurts too much to remove his Spidey suit anyway, so he keeps it on, aware of the burns and tears that will have to be mended later.

Peter Parker had cut it very close in his fight against The Lizard, but he'd done it. The antidote to the Lizard's serum had been administered to the greater area of Manhattan without a second to spare, and Connors as well as half of the NYPD sent out to stop him had soon been shed of scales, tail, teeth and all. But if it weren't for Captain Stacy -

He swallows, squeezing his eyes shut - focus, Parker. You didn't do it. You weren't responsible for what happened to him ...

(And yet, wasn't he?)
- for the briefest of moments, before he focuses on the task at hand: getting home. Aunt May will worry if he's even another minute late.

"Eggs," he says suddenly to himself, the very thought of something so mundane nearly making him laugh aloud, delirious. Aunt May had asked for eggs. Organic ones, for tomorrow's breakfast.

It's late and the sirens are louder than ever, ringing in his ears to the beat of his pounding heart; the police will be here if they haven't arrived already. They'll wonder about Captain Stacy, they'll find his body, they'll (undoubtedly) blame him, and why shouldn't wouldn't they? Spider-Man should have been able to take on the Lizard alone. But he couldn't do it. He wasn't strong enough on his own, and he didn't want to kill Doc Connors, no matter what transpired. There was still a man somewhere underneath all of that reptile. But because of Peter, because it was his formula that did it, another man is dead. A good man, and the only one besides his daughter to know his secret.

So, with a fair amount of reluctance, he pulls his mask back on and leaves Gwen's dad on the top of Oscorp Tower.

He doesn't know how he gets down to street level again, his web cartridges empty, but he does. The mask over his face suddenly feels hot, like he might suffocate if he wears it any longer, so Peter - now dressed like a civilian, save for the mask - pulls it off and stuffs it into his backpack with his empty wristlets and gloves. He finds eggs at the nearest convenience store, hops on the last train home, and keeps to himself. No one so much as blinks an eye at him, even with the cuts on his face and the bruises on his knuckles.

It could be any ordinary night, even if it's really anything but.

And just as he's hobbling up his side-street, watchful for the familiar lights and the shadowy movement of his Aunt behind the curtain in the living room, he feels the subtlest of shifts in the air around him -

- and blinks at the dramatic change in his environment.

His Spidey-sense is tingling like mad, an irritable sensation in the back of his mind that makes him twitch once, twice against his will.

He narrows his eyes and licks his lips. They're cracked and they're bleeding and they hurt, but that's kind of the last of his concerns.
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Simon doesn't, in general, have any particular affinity for life aboard a spaceship beyond the freedom he and River got from being on Serenity. It wasn't the lifestyle that drew him there, wasn't any particular desire to travel, explore, see the stars, any of those things he knows draw people from their homes and into the stars.

So there's no sentimentality for him in sitting by the window, looking at the stars.

None except the thought of what had driven him to space in the first place, of all that happened before he came here.

Of that last frantic space journey.

A journey it's too easy to remember, too hard to forget. For both of them. Him and Kaylee.

So he looks away, turning his face from the stars, in time to see a young man, around River's age, stagger into the bar.

"Are you all right?" he asks, jerking suddenly from his seat.

The boy's hurt, and Simon's instincts take over, half his mind assessing the dramatic cuts across the young face, even as he takes a step closer.
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This is not something he'd prepared for.

He barely knows many of the details himself, largely what he's picked up from Kaylee and from confused conversations in the sickbay when he'd awoken after the surgery that had removed the bullet he'd been shot with when he first arrived here.

At least this young man is not as badly injured as he was.

"You're on a ship," he says. "You're safe."

He gets the feeling that is an important thing to add, because the young man looks like he's been in a fight. He's seen the same look before, the distant, dazed eyes, the twitchiness when addressed. He's seen it before in the ER on Osiris.

"Are you sure you're all right? I'm a doctor, I can help."
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"A couple of scratches that aren't going to heal if they don't get looked at."

Simon may have been raised to be polite, but that doesn't stop him being firm. Particularly when someone's health is at stake. He can't force anyone to accept his help, of course, but he can and will tell them when they need it and aren't accepting it.

He's found himself developing rather a lot of experience with that on Serenity.

It's not just the cuts, either; the young man's unfocused, distant, in a way that speaks more about what happened before he arrived here than the injuries do.

Before he can say anything further, though, some sort of realization seems to strike his companion, but the question he's asked is one that means nothing to Simon.

"Uh. Oscorp? I'm not part of anything." Except the crew of Serenity, but here, that means nothing to anyone but Kaylee.
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"No. Not that kind of ship."

It's been a very long time, in Simon's world, since that was the primary thought someone had when they heard the word 'ship'. It's been hundreds of years since humanity left Earth-that-Was, and in that time, a ship has become something that travels between planets, not between landmasses.

"It's a spaceship. The USS Enterprise."

Simon crosses his arms, frowning.

He hasn't failed to notice that the young man has changed the subject, but he's also eying the cuts, which look less bad than on his first impression.

"Are you sure you don't want me to look at those?"
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Simon is used to reluctant patients. After all, one of the members of the crew of his ship once tried to sell Simon and River to the Alliance, and the captain is rather prone to believing that things do not require medical assistance when in the doctor's opinion, they certainly do.

Then, of course, there's the complication of tying to tend to River when she's in one of her all-too-frequent moods in which she distrusts all medical treatment, including that given to her by her brother, the one person she trusts above anyone.

This young man has no reason to trust Simon beyond his word that he's a doctor, when he's the first face he's seen after he's been taken from his own time and place.

"Just let me look at them. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a doctor," he repeats.

He does, however, feel that this could be a discussion he's going to lose.
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Simon can insist. He can make his opinions very definitely heard. But if his putative patient refuses offered medical assistance, Simon can't do anything about it. Of course, later, every new arrival, including this one, will be forced to attend Sickbay before they are removed from the quarantine designed to keep the ship safe from any pathogens brought from their own times and realities.

Simon might have to accept the young man's wishes, but he doesn't have to be pleased about it, and the fact that he isn't is plain in his narrowed eyes and folded arms.

"You should at least rest," he says, because there's nothing to stop him freely offering advice. "There are guest quarters available."

It may, perhaps, not be a reassuring consideration, but even if Simon's medical attention isn't wanted, it's his duty to look out for his new acquaintance's well-being.

"We are," he confirms, stepping aside, a little away from the view of the windows. "You can see for yourself."

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The look Simon gives him is steady, but with the slightest hint of wry amusement in it. The boy may not want to take his treatment, but at least the advice hasn't been entirely ignored. He even manages to sound a little grateful, which is more than Simon's been able to expect from most of his patients lately. That's Serenity for you.

Perhaps, more importantly, that's Jayne for you.

"I can show you the way, if you'd like. You'll be in quarantine for a few days before basic medical checks can be completed, but the guest quarters are comfortable enough."

More spacious than the crew quarters on Serenity, at least.

The reaction that the stars get is telling. Simon has always been the slightest bit uneasy with the concept of just how close the destroying nothingness of space seems sometimes, though he feels secure enough in the ship. His new acquaintance, however, is staring, and something suddenly becomes obvious to Simon.

He raises one hand to rub at his ear.

"Uh. This is your first time in space, isn't it?"
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"I, uh, haven't found that one yet." It's just a flash of dry humor, usually reserved for people who know him better, but ... well. This is a situation far beyond Simon's usual experience in helping to reassure people, and it's never been something he's particularly good at to begin with. He's just trying to do his best; he's met plenty of people on the Outer Rim who haven't been into space, but people suddenly appearing on a ship when they weren't expecting to is ... almost new to him.

When River woke unexpectedly on Serenity, being in space was her last concern.

"Is it not yet ... common? In your time?"

It's only after he says it that Simon remembers he hasn't mentioned the thing about people here being from different times.