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Getting a workout

Marion had trouble sleeping the night before. She was not letting that happen again so she had changed into loose fitting workout clothing that would be comfortable enough to move around in and sought out the gym after her evening meal.

This is where she can be found. She is running through drills she has been taught. Things that will help her push her strength levels when it is usually pretty hard to find something that can make a werewolf pause. She is at this for quite some time before she moves onto fighting forms.

It keeps her distracted and busy. Marion won't admit it but she needs both given how caged in she feels right now. Marion needs something to keep her busy outside of her writing or she might get herself into serious trouble sooner or later. It's a good thing that the gym will at least allow her to try to physically tire herself out.

She has no idea what will happen if this doesn't work.
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It's nighttime, when he should be winding down for the day, or at least as close to nighttime as it ever really gets on a starship, but Dylan is feeling restless. He still has too much on his mind. Just reading history and studying the Federation isn't nearly enough to leave Dylan feeling like he's doing anything, let alone enough, to support his mission while he's here, and that rankles. He has no time or patience for idleness when so much is at stake.

He has little choice in the matter, though, so he's on his way to the gym, in his track pants and the undershirt from his uniform, with the thought of perhaps shooting some more hoops on the not-quite-basketball court he and Peter had played on.

When he gets to the gym, though, he can hear the sounds of someone else already there, already working out. Not that he minds sharing, but he's curious, wondering who else is around.

When he sees who it is running through some fighting moves, he's not entirely surprised and, once again, he waits for a few moments before approaching her.

He doesn't want to break her concentration.
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He's unsurprised that she's here, and that she's practicing fighting moves. He'd got the impression last time they'd met over her training that she's the sort to push herself to improve, and she needs these sorts of skills back in her world. Just like Dylan does. Last time they'd met like this, he'd stepped smoothly in to offer her a sparring partner.

Though he'd been planning to play ball, if she wants him to, he can do the same tonight; he's best with a force lance in his hand, but he's entirely capable as an unarmed fighter as well.

Or he can just go on his way, but it's just polite to say hi, since they've gotten to know each other a little over the past few weeks.

"Hi. I wasn't expecting anyone else to be here this late."

At least this time neither of them looks like a bad caricature of themselves.
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He'd gotten that impression from her in their previous conversations, so he nods.

"Yeah. I know what you mean."

He can usually sleep all right on the Andromeda, if for no other reason than that he's busy enough that he doesn't have the luxury of not sleeping when he can. He's tired enough by the time he's done for the day that, mostly, sleep is fairly easy coming. Mostly. There are nights when there's nothing he can do, and there are many more of them since he came here.

Here, with less to do and his head too full of thoughts he's always tried to avoid -- memories, guilt, regret, a dead man's voice and a dead man's face and the weight of a fallen civilization -- sleeping is much harder.

He gives her a small smile in return for hers.

"I have to admit," he says, taking a couple of steps to one side to lean his arm against the wall, "I was relieved when everything went back to normal."
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"So do you sleep in the day then? Or just not much?"

He can't help but be curious about her. Dylan's a people person -- and he's had to be even more of one since he started his mission to restore the Commonwealth -- and who could be interested in people and not want to know more about Marion? She's taken on a big responsibility in her world, not because she was trained for it or ready for it, but because she was one of the few who could.

That's familiar enough to Dylan for him to appreciate it, even if the circumstances of her becoming a werewolf are very different from him losing the Commonwealth.

He doesn't want to disturb her while she's training, but he does wonder how good she is at unarmed combat after their sparring match, so he lingers, hesitating for a moment before he speaks again.

"You want me to go?"
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Dylan, in contrast, has to make sure he not only gets everything done that he can reasonably do with a crew of six, he also needs to get enough sleep that his decision-making isn't hampered by fatigue. At least, when he's on his ship, he does.

Here, it matters little, which is probably a good thing, because here, he hasn't been sleeping well. It's less easy than it was to tell himself it's the surroundings doing that.

She turns, and her faint smile is echoed on his lips.


He hadn't expected to be as pleased as he is at her answer. He enjoys her company, and if he'd hit on a good thing by accident meeting Peter when he first came here to shoot hoops, he's going to say the same now at having run into Marion again.

"So you want me to stay?" he asks, raising his eyebrows.
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"So you're volunteering," he says, lifting his chin in a tiny gesture of challenge.

He tries to keep the big, pleased smile from his face at her teasing, and it works. Mostly. There's a hint of amusement twitching around the corners of his mouth as he pushes up off the wall to come over to her.

He can't help it. Her teasing's fun and she's easy to tease back, reminding him again, for a moment, of Molly.

"I'm pretty well trained in hand-to-hand combat. Think you're up for it?"

He's teasing her, of course. He respects her fighting skills, and what she does with them.
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His eyes are sparkling just as much as hers are, creasing just a little in the lines left by age and laughter at their corners. His smile just won't be suppressed, and it's not as sly as he'd meant it to be, either.

Dylan shakes out his arms, pressing one over the other in a simple stretch as he walks across the room towards her.

There's definitely more than a little challenge in the way she responds, and that's pleasing to him. She's nothing if not game, even though he'd beaten her fairly readily last time they'd sparred and, as she said, he's got the advantage of reach over her, not to mention height and weight.

The smile fades when he gets there, his expression becoming more focused.

"Bring it."
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He knows better than to underestimate her. He hasn't seen her style in unarmed combat, but her swordsmanship had been solid, even if it lacked some of the refinement and elegance his own technique has because of his High Guard training. Hers is, though, less rusty than his.

It had been enough, though, to show him that she probably has some skill without a blade as well.

Dylan's gaze follows her as she circles to one side, then the other, eying him. He knows the look of assessment as she studies him. It's the look of a predator before it attacks, or a fighter judging the weaknesses in an opponent.

There's a similar intent focus on his face as he watches her. He can feel the thrill of expectation, the way his breath, his heartrate, change in the leadup to a fight, even a sparring match.

He takes a couple of slow steps to one side, a mirror of Marion's stalking movement.

He's going to wait for her to make the first move.
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He knows she's quick, and he knows she's strong, stronger, perhaps, than she's yet let him see (not that she's the only one of them about whom that could be said), so he's attentive, watching for her move, and when she makes it, he moves automatically in response. She comes at him with a punch, and he ducks down and to one side, his tall, sturdy body moving with an easy grace born of years of familiarity with these movements.

When he straightens, Marion's coming at him again, one blow, another, that he blocks with quick movements of his arms. He alternates, pushing aside one strike, then another, with his forearms, keeping her hits from landing on him.

He's not fooled into thinking he's going to get the better of her so simply, though; the last time they'd sparred they'd spent some time testing each other's abilities and defences before the fight started in earnest.

This is another round of that.

Marion moves, as light on her feet without the sword as she was with it, circling again. He turns with her; he's not as fast, but doesn't have as far to move, because she's going around him and he just has to turn.

When he makes his first offensive move, it's a punch of his own, coming from beneath because she's so much shorter than him. He's ready with a second, then a higher blow if those are blocked.
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Damn, she's fast. He's used to fighting Nietzscheans, with their enhanced strength and senses, or humans, but Marion is the remarkable combination of being both light and strong, which makes her nimbler than his usual opponents. By the time his blows have gotten to where she was, Marion's ducked out of the way, her quick feet carrying her out of the spots he'd been aiming for.

Dylan, though, has fought a lot of game, scrappy fighters, and he's ready for the punches when they come, deflecting one and dodging out of the way of another, then catching her arm in his hand to try to push it away.

He's about to move for another strike, to shift his weight to one side to turn around her, when she strikes, fast and hard, really hard, at his legs, and before he has a chance to react, he's flat on his back on the mats, his legs aching where she kicked them.

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"Takes more than that," he tells her, though it's not entirely true. His legs are still smarting.

She really, really is stronger than she should be for her weight. Dylan, on the other hand, is much heavier than he should be if he were just a human, so he waves off her offered hand. Strong as she is, his artificially enhanced skeleto-muscular would probably be a challenge even for Marion to pull up off the floor.

"That," he tells her as he starts to get up, "was a good move. You really are strong."

She's also gone a little pink, which she really shouldn't have after just a few moments of sparring. Of course, he doesn't know how long she's been at this before he arrived, but she didn't look flushed before.
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"Just don't actually try to kill me and you're doing better than most people I fight."

Okay, she's left him smarting, but he's had plenty of worse hits in sparring matches, let alone actual fights. Hell, he's has worse in basketball games, and that's meant to be a non-contact sport.

"Since they're nasty as hell when they hit."

He knows elbow strikes well; they were a large part of the close combat repertoire of many High Guard officers, including Dylan himself. Not that he'd use one in a sparring match in the same way he would in an actual fight, because it could leave his opponent on the floor if it landed right.

"I'd prefer no elbows to the head, but we're good otherwise."

That doesn't mean he's not going to have to get her back for that one somehow.
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"Good. Dying would be bad."

Of course, if she actually wants to throw him around instead of just knocking him off his feet, it's going to be harder for her than she knows.

"So I'll try not to elbow you in the gut, either," he says, a small concession to her out of courtesy. He prefers to go for elbow strikes when he's aiming to inflict real damage, not for fun.

He nods in agreement. He's not much of one for fighting for sport; he gets enough of it in general not to need much more than a little training, but he's had his share of blows in sparring and fighting leave him sore as well as his opponent, so he knows exactly what she means.

Dylan, of course, has also been pulling his blows when they land, not that any of them have in this match, but he'd landed some when they sparred before, and he'd been careful to try not to hurt her, either.

Marion still has no idea just how strong he is.

Idle as his words may sound, as he takes his feet again, he's watching her, closely, and as soon as he has his balance back, he makes a quick lunge forward to punch at her again, but this time, he's also ready with a quick low kick if she tries dancing around him again.

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