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2016-Mar-19, Saturday 06:38 pm
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Of all the fool damn things he’s done over the years, Jack is pretty sure that diving into icy cold water is way, way up on the list. McKay needs him to drain the jumper bay and apparently the only way to do that is to dive down there, look around for some switch, and flip it. McKay seems to think it’s pretty obvious but apparently Jack’s having an obtuse day - none of these controls seem obvious in any sense of the word.

The cold seeps in almost down to his bones and his lungs are burning from lack of air. He can hold his breath for a decent amount of time but he’s got no idea which of these switches he’s supposed to be pushing or pulling. Nothing to do but go back up and bark at McKay until he can give him a better description of what is and isn’t obvious on Atlantis. Damn Ancients. Why couldn’t it have been one of those ATA activated things where he could just think “open” from up on the ground, dry, and skirt around this whole mess?

When he breaks the surface again, Woolsey is there looking all expectant-like and Jack wishes like hell he had something to tell him. Thing is, he doesn’t and Woolsey isn’t the one he needs to talk to anyway.

“Did you do it?” Jack shakes his head and holds out his palm. “Radio.” Woolsey hands it over with a minimum of fuss but he’s still hovering and Jack knows that he’ll have to feed him something just to keep him from panicking and revealing their position. First things first, he’s got to talk to McKay.

“McKay. You and I have very different definitions of the word obvious.” McKay squawks a little, out of his element, and Jack interrupts him. “There are dozens of controls down there and I wouldn’t even know how to describe.” Still, he and McKay come to some kind of consensus that the emergency switch should be toward the middle of the console and extremely prominent. Jack hopes, for everyone’s sake, that he’s right.

He’s not really fond of going back in the water but a little cold water’s hardly the worst thing he’s faced in twenty plus years of a decorated military career. If Sheppard and his team can pull off this rescue, it will have been more than worth it for Jack to get hypothermia and frostbite. More than worth it. He takes in a deep breath and goes back under, swimming to the center of the room and pushing at a likely switch.

It seems to be draining the room, so Jack releases it, only to see the water rush back in. Great. One more trip topside to inform McKay that he’s a complete idiot and he’s back in the water again, hopefully for the last time. He pushes at the switch and ignores the burn in his lungs, ignores the way his vision goes black around the edges. When everything starts feeling fuzzy and he feels light-headed, he keeps holding on, knowing that everyone’s fate pretty much depends on Sheppard and the rest of them getting into Atlantis to take it back from these damn replicators.

He focuses on that, the rescue, and it feels like time slows down and he’s suspended for a little while. The big difference is that he feels like he’s sprawled out on a flat surface and while he’s wet and cold, it doesn’t feel like he’s underwater anymore. He gasps in a deep breath, chokes on it, and spends the next few seconds coughing and sputtering and wondering where in the galaxy he’s wound up. Replicators. Of course. Like as not, he’s in a room somewhere with some alien’s hand in his head and none of this is even real. When he hears footsteps, he decides to go on the offensive.

“Look. You’re not getting anything from me. Hell, I don’t even know anything. You captured the wrong guy if you wanna know how to get from Pegasus to Milky Way because I don’t even know how the damn gate works, much less that bridge Carter and McKay dreamed up. Completely out of luck.”

There. That should satisfy them, right?

[[Jack is sprawled out in a hallway after having been winked aboard by Q. He is also soaking wet :)]]
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Ten Forward

The lights in the lounge just flickered pretty spectacularly and went out for several long seconds. The silhouette of Pete stays very still, until a strange blue glow lights his face. It's his cell phone. "Uh. Ground Control to Major Tom? I have lost visual on my coco puffs. I repeat, coco puffs are AWOL."

He scoots his chair out and starts feeling his way around the room, trying to help. This ends the way you'd probably expect: with a loud crash and a Pete-shaped lump on the floor. "I'm okay!"


Once the power is back on he hurries into the first available turbolift to make sure everyone he knows is okay and accounted for. He'll start at Myka's room and work his way from there. Uh, except common sense probably should have told Pete that if there were power issues he probably should have taken the stairs.

"Zoinks!" he shouts, gripping the back wall of the lift as it grinds to a stop. Right, so this whole starship Enterprise thing is uh-mazing so far -- he's already made mortal enemies with a Klingon and asked Captain Picard if he could rub his head for luck, so that's pretty much his bucket list taken care of. But is he really trapped in a turbolift on the Enterprise? Is this for real happening? "Ruh-roh."

Don't mind the guy in the corner who is not panicking, because he's too busy giggling with glee. The narration promises he isn't dangerous.
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[[ooc: Plot locked to River Song ([personal profile] professorsong) who is stuck in the turbolift with Fujin. Later, they will be rescued by Chris ([personal profile] student_lighter)]]

Read more... )
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(Plotlocked to Kevin Ford, CW for torture while Luna was held in Malfoy Manor)

Luna had been quite happily working on a sketch when the lights started to flicker. At first she made nothing of it, being happily reminded for a moment of Hogwarts and the constant use of candles in the house common rooms. But as she worked the lights kept flicking, leading her to whisper a single word when a hand on her wand.


With that single word the tip of Luna's wand lit up, enough to keep her calm for the moment.

But the next round of flicking lights only sent the witch back to memories she was sure were behind her.

Malfoy Manor.

So cue massive meltdown as she kept one hand on her wand in case of approaching Death Eaters. But she would lower the wand (and her guard) if the person approaching was a friend.
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(Plotlocked to DJ and CW for in canon violence (Gotham))

Kristen also had noticed the flicking lights during her walk to the lounge and figured it was a simple fluke. "Reminds me of a power surge at home." she mused. But she knew it was not that simple since there was no sign of anyone peeking in to let her know what was going on. "Its going to be ok." she reminded herself,"You're going to Ten Forward for a cup of tea with DJ, he wanted to know how I did in Starship Tech and I promised another tale of Gotham." she reminded herself as she walked, her kitten heels making a graceful click as she went into the lounge and got a pot of tea while waiting for her friend to arrive.

But her eyes spoke another story, Kristen was on the verge of a pretty massive flashback of the night GCPD was shot to bits.

The flicking lights were not helping things...
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(Plotlocked to Matt Murdock with a cameo being made by Mister Spots the dog (with permission of Henry Mills's player))

For Thea Queen her days had started to regain a sense of routine. From classes by day to time with Oliver and Felicity to napping (mostly to make up for the sleep she's lost) to playing with and tending to the Arrow kittens. But if she was being honest it was after classes she looked forward to because she and Matt would spend time together. After everything that had happened when she was hit by super senses it was like their bond had only gotten stronger, so cue the afternoons spent with cups of tea and just talking (with plenty of snuggles mixed in depending on who was having the worse day).

So today Thea was outside Matt and Henry's quarters as she made the call to let him know she was outside,"Did anyone call for a double Canadian Bacon pizza with a side of wings?" along with knowing he could pick up on her cherry blossom perfume. But in the haze of her mood she did not notice the lights flicker in the hallway outside...
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[ooc: due to a family emergency with Emma Swan's player, this plot has been extended to March 15th & 16th in real time so that those getting involved with the turbolift malfunctions and power outages have plenty of time to post their own logs for the event. The date all of this happens IC remains March 15th, and as always backdating is love. Thanks everyone! If you need more info the plot announcement is right over here!]

There have been unusual readings from the bridge. Small irregularities in the ship's operations, nothing terribly out of the ordinary — and certainly nothing quite so alarming as Q has brought to the ship ever since he has made his stay permanent — but enough to warrant inspection. Mr. La Forge has been running diagnostics all morning, and a dedicated team of engineers has likewise been looking into the fluctuations.

The Captain is on his way to personally receive an update on their progress, leaving the bridge in Commander Riker's very capable hands. He could just as easily be apprised of the situation over the comms, but occasionally he appreciates seeing things for himself.

(And perhaps, too, he gets bored with the command chair every so often.)

Entering a turbolift from Deck 10, he puts in the command to be taken to Main Engineering on Deck 34. There are others in the lift with him — the woman he has come to know as Ms. Swan is treated to a polite smile and nod. Her pregnancy is well along now, and he opens his mouth to make some grasped-for inquiry into the health of the child she is carrying when the turbolift stutters. He barely has time to hold out a bracing hand to ensure she doesn't fall before the lights flicker and the whole cabin grinds to a rocky stop.

Throughout the ship, both simultaneously and with some delay, other turbolifts suffer the same malfunction.
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The holodeck is growing on Noriko. It really is, even if there are a few uncomfortable reminders of home every time she uses it: but the ability to fool all the senses short of self-awareness into thinking she's outside, in the sun, getting muddy and tired in Earth-gravity and -atmosphere is pretty worth that. It's also exactly what she's doing right now.

One of the holodecks has her name on the Occupancy sign, with 'Obstacle Race' as the closest thing she could find to a universally understandable version of 'Spartan Challenge': she's going on about a dozen obstacles and while she hasn't filled the course in with officials or other people to motivate her, she's doing just fine. The ropes are the hardest for her, because she can't ever figure out how to balance herself for a Tyrolean Traverse without falling off and into the water before she's rung the target bell. There are other things, though: a wall jump, atlas stone laying innocently on the ground, and barbed wire strung low to the grass between stakes.

Anyone up for a race?


After all this, if you're more the 'sit back and drink' sort, or you think being non-muddy and sweaty is a necessity for conversation, she'll be in the lounge laying on one of the windowsills by the front-facing windows, looking out on the stars.

She has a bowl of chocolate-filled koala cookies (or the closest thing to it) resting on her belly and green tea in a bottle to drink. Do interrupt.
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It probably came as no surprise that Kylo Ren's two weeks in the brig didn't end after just two weeks. According to security, he was still a serious danger to the Enterprise. Recent interactions proved he could be just as dangerous to himself.

You have a chance to start fresh. That Jedi (a younger Luke Skywalker, unbeknownst to Kylo) said to him. The words haunted him as much as the lack of the force and the lack of the Supreme Leader's constant instruction. It's your choice. This is your chance. Don't waste it.

Kylo was never very good with choices, was he. Or chances.

Option A: Locked up

Even with a counselor's regular visits, on some days he was paranoid, on others timidly withdrawn. Angry outbursts were still par for the course. It was impressive that the cell was still structurally intact. It was equally impressive that Kylo was still mostly intact. Burned and bandaged bare feet and hands, along with a few worn shoulders were proof that he kept lashing out against that force field.

It wasn't as frequent, though. So maybe he was starting to understand... a little... Or maybe he was just starting to crack. Are you there to help him through it or make things that much more difficult?

Option B: Re-conditioning

Many people still believed they had a dangerous psychopath in that cell, but there were some that were starting to think that keeping Kylo Ren locked up was doing just as much harm as it was good. He only knew what he knew - decades of mental manipulation by a dark side master, brutally trained to harness anger and pain as fuel. Was it possible that Kylo honestly didn't know how to react in a normal situation? If so, then he needed to be taught. But who would teach him?

The rules of these experimental encounters were simple. With both parties' permission, Kylo would be released into someone else's custody for a short period of time. He is to remain cuffed at all times when out of the brig. Security will monitor each excursion closely. Violent behavior will have consequences, and he would quickly find himself back in the brig. Good behavior will be rewarded with further privileges.
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Emotions have a way of hitting you strangely - or at least they did for Magneto. Almost all of those he'd forged close relationships with had gone, leaving him with not even a literal handful. Still, that didn't mean he gave up on those gone - sometimes people popped back, even if they didn't remember being here.

He had been lingering at what had been Julian Bashir's office. He missed his friend. And now he was just wandering, not really hoping but looking around, to see if any he'd lost had returned. And leaving him in position of not knowing if he was mourning them or not - it wasn't as if they had died, but if they didn't come back, they were certainly forever parted.

Trying To Be Normal (OTA)

2016-Mar-09, Wednesday 07:11 pm
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As fast as she had been slammed Thea had lost the super senses just as quickly.

But in a way she needed that period of living a nightmare to understand just how hard it was to be Matt and she understood that now (thankfully there had been some good to come out of her week of misery like her growing bond with Matt along with an unreal kiss, she was simply staying hopeful when it came to the romantic side of things). But now came the hard part: recovery after almost a week plus in hiding so she was taking baby steps back into life. That and having slept on and off (nightmares and other ongoing problems not withstanding) for the last couple of days in an attempt at getting some balance back. The battle with food and sleep however was still an ongoing one.

Today however Thea was huddled in a back Ten Forward booth since she knew if another dozing off happened (and it was going to knowing her luck) then being hidden would at least let her catch a nap with a little privacy. But in reality she was just sitting there, staring at the now dreaded protein shake and trying to will herself to just chug it.

Please come get her mind off just how bad the shakes really taste?
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The Doctor has a terrible secret that he has tried to keep somewhat hidden since his return.

He is older. Four point five billion years older. He might have mentioned it to a few people, but he hasn't properly explained to anyone how that all happened. "Stuck in a place" was probably as specific as he got. But the terrible truth was about to be revealed to everyone in the worst way he could imagine.

River might realise what's going on, at least in theory. But it had been very early days on Darillium when he had been forced to tell her. Even in his time now, that seems like ages ago. And for her... well... it had been substantially longer.

No one knows they're not dreaming. Not ever. )

[ooc: The Doctor will be wandering all over the ship, thinking he is in his Confession Dial. Anyone who happens upon the Doctor will be infused into his nightmare. Some might take on the image of the Veil and others might become 'haunts' from other parts of the Doctor's life. Depending on how the Doctor incorporates your character into the dream will dictate his reaction to them. The goal, should your character choose to accept it, is to wake the Doctor. But, be aware, he believes his life is under threat from the Veil, so he is likely to do a lot of things to try to get somewhere safe. This includes but is not limited to hurting others.]

(no subject)

2016-Mar-07, Monday 06:15 pm
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It had been fun.

Not as wide spread as Alec hoped it would be but he wasn't as into this reality as he was in others. The deeper he was in, the easier it was to control and make things happen.

Still, it had been fun and it was time to put things back where they came from.

Standing by the windows in Ten Forward he cracked out his fingers and then gave them a shake. Reaching out into the other space where he could see the strings he yanked on a few like a harpist, plucking their instrument letting them vibrate and sliver back into their original places.

"And we're back," Alec said cheerfully to no one in particular.

((Power switch plot is done! Everyone is back to normal. For a given value of normal.))
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[Padmé and Q]
Although there is no true need for it, a routine has been established on the mornings. She isn't certain if a new roommate will eventually come along, but for now she does have the whole of the living quarters to herself. It does feel empty, but she spends little time there anyway.

Having risen and dressed, she moves to exit her sleeping quarters and enter in to the shared space. A cup of coffee is how she usually starts the day. Certain familiar acts are kept, finding a comfort in them. Slowly, day by day, she is becoming use to the notion of her life as it is, and she has found that there are certain aspects she is quite enjoying.

The routine has been going on for some time now, which is why it takes her a moment after she walked in to the shared area to register another being. Surprise, of course, is there, and having never met him before, Padmé does offer a smile, even if that quizzical expression remains. "Hello. Can I help you- or are you my new roommate?"

[Padme and open; Ten Forward]
What has been planned for the day seems to have been cut abruptly off. Somehow she has managed to find herself in Ten Forward, and has taken a seat at one of the empty tables. While her body might be here, her mind is miles away.

So much... How could she have forgotten? Yet the memories are there now, as clear as any from her own world. They had said that when one returned, they would be gone. And they had been. Until now.

Face and places and events... Just when she thought this place couldn't surprise her anymore, it has. She's finding herself confronted with them all, her mind turning over them, as she stares off in to nothingness with a pensive expression touching her face, brow furrowed and lips slightly pursed.
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Part of being young and non human in a place like this meant that there weren't a lot of people immedietly apparent that he could get along with. So he usually sticks to himself, and given his sleep schedule he's not up for very long on a daily basis. There are times though when his self isolation gets too much and he decides he needs to socialize.

Today has been turning out to be a terrible day for that, as today? He can sense the emotions of others. Picking up on every little bit off emotional tidbit off of people like an emotional radar, getting any good sleep has become impossible.

The worst part? None of his powers worked, so he was feeling agitated and week, as well as trapped in his feral form, unable to morph back into his more flexible human/cat form. So there he was, an emotional sponge, and letting all of those emotions from others influence his own.
He sits on one of the many couches in the lounge area of Ten Forward, glancing around at those who might come by, hoping they're not half as moody as he is.
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Forty-eight hours passed since he suddenly changed form. First, he was freaked out by how his goatee suddenly grabbed the PADD he'd been browsing. And if that wasn't bad enough, when he went to a mirror to check what the hell was going on with his facial hair, his entire body turned into water. Derek remained in his room the entire time in an effort to understand what was happening.

Showing up on the Enterprise seemed like a dream at first. It wasn't something agreed to the way Eudio was, and there was no immediate danger. The dream had now turned into a nightmare. Nothing Derek researched gave him any answers. He didn't reach out to his roommate but headed straight to the sick bay in hope of a remedy in addition to an explanation.

He came through the automatic doors with urgency. Derek Morgan didn't easily scare or worry but neither had he suddenly lost control the way this had come upon him. There were few things that he reacted poorly to almost instantly and that was not having control. "What the hell his happening to me?!" her blurted out upon entering the room.

locked to Booker

2016-Mar-05, Saturday 08:38 pm
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After a vivid dream Lorna woke up and almost immediately started to cry. It was easier to make her cry these days. She wanted to blame it on the baby, and maybe that was part of it, but the real truth was that she was just finally letting herself feel her emotions.

What made it more awkward was that Booker had slept over the previous night and she was curled up against him while she cried about the guy she'd rather be in bed with.
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Things were going well for Grainne. As well as they could, anyway. Until one morning where everything just felt off. It felt, in fact, like she was swimming up a river, with her senses dulled from cold water and struggling against the current. It was a very odd sensation since she wasn't doing any of those things at all, but she quickly put it together.

She couldn't summon her Noble Phantasm. She couldn't run at an accelerated speed. In a panic in her room, she tried all of her various abilities. Nothing was working.

The last time this had happened, it had been in that place shortly after she asked for the "special collar fluid."

Near tears, she tried to calm herself down and left, headed toward sickbay. It could be Q's interference, but it could also be some unknown factor that had affected her a long time ago. Her anxiety rose, having her picking at her own nails and nibbling her bottom lip. If anything, the crew might be able to figure out what happened.

Grainne sighed and waited for a turbolift, leaning against the wall. And then fell through said wall, right where there had been a shadow.

She came out in the middle of Ten Forward, falling on the floor underneath a table.

"W-... what?" She sat up and looked around, utter astonishment on her face.
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Cridhe has given Beverly a lot to think about lately. They hadn't touched the topic of Trill, exactly, but they had discussed Time Lords. The concepts were too similar for Beverly to let go of, too close for her comfort. A part of her wants to lock it all away and stop thinking about it, but another part of her desperately wants to know more. Maybe if she gets more perspectives, she might finally be able to put it all behind her and move on.

It's only taken almost a decade.

Most of her time that isn't spent in sickbay lately is spent in Ten Forward, where she more or less camps out at a table with tea and a bowl of fruit. She has a couple of names to look for and is hopeful that the Doctor she met might turn up here sometime. She'd also like to talk with the one who took over sickbay not long ago for several reasons.

Either way, here she is and despite the thoughts on her mind, she's doing much better than she has been lately. She attributes that to a lot of factors, not the least of which was her daring midnight outing with Deanna on Pacifica. She has a feeling that will be making the rumor rounds and she is all right with that. Due to her better frame of mind, she is much more open to random conversation and might even offer a pleasant greeting to anyone passing by.
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If Sinthia has been quiet, unobtrusive more than her usual for the last few days, there's an easy explanation: Q. She hadn't asked to go back, not in so many words, but nonetheless there's where she'd been sent. Fortunately--for a great many people who didn't know it yet--she was back, but back and changed in a very obvious way. Several very obvious ways.

The first was easy: she was adult now, far more so than even the precociousness she'd showed before; she stood after the flash of light had passed, stunned, body language tense. Her clothes are as usual, unrelieved black, though for more of a reason than it simply suits her. Black hides bloodstains well, and she's fairly covered in them at the moment.

She took a deep and faintly startled breath when the belated realization hit her that this place was utterly unrecognizable to her, eyes closed and reaching out mentally like a whisper through unprotected minds, an unspoken question rippling with who-what-where-when is this-am I?, all the questions blending into one confused feeling.
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(Yeah, was supposed to post this ages ago, and didn't. Doing a lot of catch up now.)

Raiden had helped Ailyshia get Theiorn onto the shuttle. They got back to the Enterprise, but he was not in good shape. That he could stand at all was a testimony to the strength of Raiden's blood and his own stubbornness.

Any who may be used to Ailyshia and her seeming hatred of males - Theiorn in particular - and of being touched might be surprised to see him leaning on her, her taking most of his weight as she dragged his sorry *** to sickbay. Her arm was around his waist, holding on to a loop of his pants, his arm around her shoulder, and a bit of Craft for good measure, keeping his feet just a half inch off the ground.

She rushed him into Sickbay and looked up. "We need a Healer who can handle the dead!"
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[Private Log: Upon discovering his daughter gone, but his granddaughter still around, Booker DeWitt finds time to visit a friend, and talk to her about it.]
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(Partially Plotlocked to Peggy Carter, Marion Scotts, Magento, Matt Murdock and Shadow. CW for in canon violence (Gotham) and mental health issues, also includes possible spoilers for late season 1/very early season 2 of Gotham)

Kristen Kringle had a secret. )
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Mortal memory was fallible. Kaylin knew this well, and often had to remind the immortals in her life of this. "Pretend I'm mortal, with the usual fallible human memory." was not an uncommon phrase in her life, especially when dealing with Dragons. Barrani tended not to expect anyone to do what they could, their arrogance wouldn't allow it. Dragons had their own arrogance but it was a different flavor.

But this meant that Kaylin's mind hadn't ticked over when she met Fujin the first time. Something had poked at her vaguely hearing Raiden describe him... but...

Mortal dreams were odd and rarely pleasant. But this one pulled on memory that she might have been eaten for forgetting. Had it been Fujin she saw then? In the dream it was, save one detail. The eyes. But eyes could change.

She was again on that tall ladder with the platform, leaning out over the rather large alter that happened to also be a mirror. Of sorts. The Arkon was beside her, but in the dream she could almost forget his presence. That was far harder in reality.

Looking down, she saw a man, though he wasn't human she couldn't at the time put her finger on what he was. At a glance he might almost be Barrani, but the bones were too heavy, but he was too slender to be a dragon. His hair was white, and she had only ever seen The Consort have hair other than black among the Barrani, but he was almost too perfect to be anything else. Her mind whirred between Barrani and dragon, and in the dream it resolved into Fujin.

He spoke. Twice, his voice sounded, nearly lost to the roaring behind it. He turned back, seeming to be looking directly at her.

"I will not make it," he said in a voice that rasped, possibly from screaming, it was deep. In her dream, it was Fujin's voice as it might be roughened. "Enkerrikas has gone ahead, leading what remains of our number. I am here, and I will face the Devourer. I will be lost in the void." His eyes flashed like new copper catching sunlight. "But I will hold him as I can," he said, clearly scared. "Send word. Our enemy is not dead, as we hoped, and the ways are now in peril."

He lifted both of his hands, palm up. It was clearly a gesture of some sort. There had been more but she woke then, the familiar knocking things down. She startled awake. She sat up, the dream spinning in her head. She swore darkly and pushed to her feet. She had to find Fujin. If this was the future, she needed to warn him. Then get her **** head examined. If this was his past, she wanted to know how the ****s he survived.

She pulled on her boots on, staked her hair and rushed out of the room. The familiar curled on her shoulders, going with her.
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Oliver missed being able to train. His mind was stagnating without something to keep it busy. Still rules were rules and Oliver was currently choking down yet another one of his daily protein shakes. He sighed as he sipped it. Then something changed and he wasn't in Ten Forward anymore. Technicolor images raced thought his head, smells and sounds scream at him. He wants to help, but when he reaches out his hands they pass right through the people and the places he's experiencing.  

It feels like the vision or whatever this was went on for ever and ever, but it was actually only a few moments and Oliver found himself on the floor of the lounge PADD held tightly in one hand. "What the hell was that," he whispered horsely.

[Partially plot locked to Felicity and Thea and open to everyone else]

Never Better

2016-Mar-01, Tuesday 08:28 pm
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[Locked to Leia and Luke.... Cash later]

Han stumbled out of sickbay, several hours after stumbling in. The good thing was now that he could see again. He met a guy who told him where he was, but who the hell did this Q think he was anyway? He was Han Solo.

Han Solo no one kidnapped him without his permission. That was his job thank you very much. He made it into Ten Forward at least that looked somewhat familiar. It reminded him of the Cantina on Tatooine. He was at the bar waiting for a drink.

[Open, after he finds Luke and Leia]

Han felt a little more relieved as he roamed around the ship. He, at least, knew people here, and he could relax knowing the Kid and Princess were safe. He is just roaming, so feel free to run into him anywhere. He is a decent mood for a smuggler who can't smuggle. He has seen some pretty strange stuff in his day but all of this is giving him pause.
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Classes for adults and children are now being held every day on Deck 14. The weekly schedule for March's syllabus is posted below. [Classes are OTA unless otherwise specified.]

[[Note: due to AC drops, some classes may no longer have a PC teacher. We have chosen to leave the ones with students still signed up on the post for now, so if any of the students in a class with "NPC" marked as the instructor wants to make the top-level entry for the class, feel free to do so.]]

[example of a youth class]

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[[ooc: Please note, the School is currently a once-a-month post; all times listed are for IC purposes. Teachers will post in with a comment for their class, and students can then tag in to thread at any stage for classes held at any point in the month. Posting in is not compulsory; you are welcome to handwave attendance.

To sign up to teach, or to add your character as a regular student of a class, there will be a new post coming soon, the link will be edited in here and announced on the ooc comm. The next School post will be on April 4th.]]
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Kristen at first made nothing of rattling off odd facts since it was something she had been known to do at home. But the sudden spurts of riddles was the biggest clue along with basically soaking up everything from facts to taking apart a broken comm badge and quickly putting it back together. "Ok, this is offically going into the land of freaky." but quickly quoting,"What's nowhere but everywhere expect where something is?" before muttering song lyrics under her breath. "Ok, this feels scary so find the one person who can help AKA Jonas." grabbing her PADD before going to locate the only person she could think of with something like this. But anyone could see Kristen was on the verge of a pretty massive freak out while muttering every make of bullet and gun found within the GCPD to stay calm.
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(Pre dated to later this week to allow for more time to play this out, partial plotlocks to Matt Murdock, Merlin, Paige Halliwell and Team Arrow, also possible CW for ongoing mental health issues with Thea)

It had been easy enough to laugh off skipping dinner the first time. The second time had been passed off as a badly timed snack. But in reality Thea knew something was wrong when she somehow picked up on 3 crying babies, 2 lovers spats (both minor), 2 couples making out (among other things) and everything smell wise from cat food to dirty diapers. What sealed it was knowing every item in the shake she had attempted to choke down (and knew just how awful they really tasted) along with hitting bulls eyes on every shot she took during a testing of her rig.

By mid week however Thea was dancing on the edge of losing it mentally. She had given up on clothes (beyond yoga pants, a tank and her motorcycle jacket) thanks to feeling like she would be skinned alive by fabrics. Sleep had also gone out the window along with eating anything beyond tea and water (since nothing in those could shock her screwed up senses anymore than they already were).

The super hearing was the worst part so far and she only wanted a chance to breath. So she dove into a turbolift (thankfully empty) and cracked like a pane of glass. "How does Matt handle all this 24/7?" she whimpered. But after 3 more crying babies, 2 more diapers and what she was sure was a blotched tuna salad she bursts into tears. But she did get out a tiny plea for help.
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 Agatha had been working off of a schematic, trying to build a machine that had been requested, trying to keep herself focused so as to not add a million upgrades to the design when suddenly she stared at the thing in her hands in confusion. 

She wasn't sure quite what she was doing. Oh, she knew what she had been trying to do, to build the....whatever it was.... but she couldn't focus, couldn't think. If not for the lack of a headache, she would have been sure that her locket had reverted to its original function. She felt...stupid. Her head was fuzzy, and she couldn't reach the part of her mind she accessed when she built. She swallowed hard, trying not to cry in frustration. 

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