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2017-Jul-16, Sunday 11:54 am
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It wasn't Kaylee. Not really. It was a show. A little piece of her had been lost that day and
weren't gonna be coming back. No matter how much everyone expected to. It was as she'd said herself. Somethings get broke and you can't fix 'em.

Trouble was there was only so long as well before parts of it all had to be faced.

"Our lil' Kaylee's jus' fine." The Cap'n turned to her and she gave him her best smile back. "See."

"Don't need to go fussin' over me." Which was true. Kaylee didn't want fuss. Didn't want anyone
to start worrying about her. They had enough as it was. Inara hadn't seemed so convinced. But
she moved on. Simon was easy enough distracted. A mention of River and Kaylee was
forgotten. Made her more than a little sad when she dwelled upon it but it was useful. River was best avoided for the time. When she had little excuse not to, she just kept herself focused on little things that needed immediate attention. Give River no reason to go pry. Wash and Zoë were reassured mostly by Wash providing distraction to Zoë. Quickly Kaylee made her excuses to retreat away from the table to sit on the walkway above the cargo bay. Thankful it wasn't her turn to do dishes or tidy after their meal.

She sat with her legs dangling over the edge for a little while until the creeping voice in the back of her head told her that was a stupid way to sit. If he came behind her she wouldn't be able to run. He'd just drag her backwards because she wouldn't be able to drop over the edge in time… If she did that, what would happen? Sprained ankle? Broken leg? Worse...

Quickly she moved back and tucked her legs under her. That didn't last long either. More thoughts started creeping in. All just as dark. Not like the sunshine they expected.

Kaylee pulled herself to her feet, not paying full attention to where she was walking so when she saw the hatch to the engine room she stopped dead. She couldn't hear anyone else but still all she could bring herself to do is peer around the door anxiously. It looked exactly as she'd left it when Inara had been there with her. The hammock inviting. The room warm and familiar little noises of Serenity’s heart settling down for the night cylcle.

She wanted to take the step inside but it was like she was being held back. Maybe she should just go back to her own bunk but something was stopping her from doing that too.

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