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If this is your first trip to Sickbay, you may be surprised to see that it's a fairly ordinary-looking hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly — even the more unusual aliens.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go. Lollipops are optional.

"All right, step on in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be afraid. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is, as always, OTA and open until the next one goes up for latecomers! For new characters: tagging isn't mandatory but IC going to sickbay is. If you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. There will be a post up in the OOC comm shortly with more details about Sickbay and which doctors are on deck this month, if you have any questions.]

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Closed to the 10th Doctor )

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[open - hallways]
Well. Donna has seen some strange things, but suddenly finding herself about a space ship... Is actually one of those strange things. Maybe it is a good thing that she has, otherwise it likely would have been much like the first time, which included a lot of noise (on her part), indignation, and some very strongly worded sentences.

As it is though, she's lost, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't too surprising. A left instead of a right, not paying as much attention as she should have, and now she's in some bloody hallway without a clue. A computer is what she needs. Or she thinks. Maybe? Of course a proper spaceship had to be all proper and she gives a loud huff, arms crossing under her chest. "Can't the bloody ship just beam me up!"

Which is not at all how it works.

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