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Feeling like your life isn't falling apart anymore is great for one's well-being, Luke is finding. He has more energy and drive to do things he enjoys, and he's more curious about the things and people around him. The nightmares are still there, and the tiny shadow of fear hiding in the back of his mind that makes him jump at small things, but they're gradually fading.

He's found that most of all, having Cash back has helped more than anything, as well as being near his family.

Meditation helps too and Luke knows it's the Jedi way of doing things, but he generally hates sitting still for too long. He only allows so much sitting around in his daily routine before he needs to be out and about, doing something else.

The Enterprise is chock full of interesting things to do and explore, and while Luke is fascinated enough by the ship itself, he's decided that he wants to explore one feature in particular: the holodecks.

He's used them before on multiple occasions, but now he wants to try his hand at designing his own program. Just a simple one to start. The holodeck's database already has a space flight program. All he has to do is attempt to model a T-65 X-wing starfighter from memory. While he knows X-wings well, remembering every single detail will definitely be a challenge. If he only gets it mostly-right he'll be satisfied for the time being. Unless he can get a reference somewhere, it'll have to be a work in progress.

The door to the holodeck he's working on is wide open, and inside can be seen a simple hangar bay. Docked in the hangar is a long-nosed starfighter on its landing struts, double wings locked together and long, angular cockpit hatch open.

While it definitely resembles an X-wing, to anyone who's familiar with the ship, it's not quite right. Luke knows that, of course, and he can be found wandering in circles around the ship, giving a continuous stream of instructions to the computer.

"... bigger... bigger... uh, too big. Go back. Okay, stop! Right there. Perfect. And uh... this edge right here should be more angled. Just a little. Maybe by five degrees. Uhhh... try ten degrees."

Closed to Captain Picard; )
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Cridhe has given Beverly a lot to think about lately. They hadn't touched the topic of Trill, exactly, but they had discussed Time Lords. The concepts were too similar for Beverly to let go of, too close for her comfort. A part of her wants to lock it all away and stop thinking about it, but another part of her desperately wants to know more. Maybe if she gets more perspectives, she might finally be able to put it all behind her and move on.

It's only taken almost a decade.

Most of her time that isn't spent in sickbay lately is spent in Ten Forward, where she more or less camps out at a table with tea and a bowl of fruit. She has a couple of names to look for and is hopeful that the Doctor she met might turn up here sometime. She'd also like to talk with the one who took over sickbay not long ago for several reasons.

Either way, here she is and despite the thoughts on her mind, she's doing much better than she has been lately. She attributes that to a lot of factors, not the least of which was her daring midnight outing with Deanna on Pacifica. She has a feeling that will be making the rumor rounds and she is all right with that. Due to her better frame of mind, she is much more open to random conversation and might even offer a pleasant greeting to anyone passing by.
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For all the people he encountered - the Jedi woman he killed, the others he tried to kill, the assassin droid that tried to kill him and the pair that finally got the better of him in that medbay - all he had now were three bland walls and an electrified barrier. The force was no clearer to him than it had been when he first found himself aboard the ship. Even his lightsaber was gone.

He tested every square inch of that room until his fists were bloody and his boots had split. He must have shocked himself a hundred times. But eventually, every tantrum must subside. And Kylo Ren did calm down.

Two weeks, someone in a yellow shirt said, followed by counseling sessions and close surveillance. Two long weeks.

Will anyone pay him a visit?

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2015-Dec-27, Sunday 08:58 pm
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Ezri sipped a mug of hot chocolate, spiced enough to satisfy Jadzia and Curzon without completely killing her own taste buds. Balance. She was working on it--and considering she had stopped counseling until she felt she was more in balance, that was probably a good thing. How could she help people when she couldn't help herself? She was more screwed up than most of them. Those weren't exactly wonderful qualifications in a counselor.

In order to figure out who she was, Ezri needed to re-evaulate her life, and make sure the choices she had made are still choices she would make now, as Ezri Dax. Easier said than done.

"What am I doing? Talking to myself obviously, great sign of sanity."
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Classes for adults and children are now being held every day on Deck 14. The weekly schedule for October's syllabus is posted below. [Classes are OTA unless otherwise specified.]

[example of a youth class]

Archery, Deck 11, Holodeck #3
Ballet, Room #0916 *
Castithian Language, Classroom #6
Catching up to the 24th Century, Classroom #1
Creative Writing, Classroom #3
Earth History and Archaeology, Classroom #4
Earth Languages, Room #0914 *
English & Poetry (Youth), Classroom #3
English & Poetry (Adult), Classroom #3
Federation Primer, Classroom #1
First Aid (Advanced), Classroom #5
First Aid (Basic), Classroom #5
Geology, Classroom #5
Kenpo, Room #0918
Krav Maga, Room #0918 *
Melee Combat Basics, Room #0918
Mixed Martial Arts, Room #0918
Multiverse Primer, Classroom #1
Physical Education (Youth), Room #0918
Physical Education (Adult), Room #0918
Ranged Combat Basics, Room #0918
Sailing (Beginners), Deck 11, Holodeck #3
Self Defence, Room #0918
Spoken Languages (Klingon & Vulcan), Classroom #6
Sword Fighting 101, Deck 11, Holodeck #3
Surviving the Wilderness, Classroom #7
Warp Theory & Starship Tech, Classroom #10
Working with Chakra, Classroom #7
Xenoanthropology, Classroom #8
Advanced Xenolinguistics, Classroom #6

* [ One-on-one tutoring is available by request in ballet, krav maga, cooking, and a range of Earth languages. For a complete listing, see the OOC Post. You can request tutoring by replying to the comment offering the relevant subject in that post. ]

Class Schedule

Behind the cut! )

Bob Fraser (Surviving the Wilderness)
Emma Frost (Physical Education (Youth), Physical Education (Adult), Self-Defence)
Emma Swan (Sword Fighting 101)
Fatima Merali (Multiverse Primer)
Finnick Odair (Sailing (Beginners))
Geordi La Forge, Lt. Cmdr. (Warp Theory & Starship Tech)
H.G. Wells (Creative Writing, Earth Languages (French), Kenpo)
Hugh Cambridge, Lt. (Catching up to the 24th Century, Spoken Languages (Klingon & Vulcan), Xenoanthropology)
Jackal Egret (Melee Combat Basics (Substitute), Ranged Combat Basics (Substitute))
Jonas Quinn (Earth History & Archaeology)
Kale McCallum (Ranged Combat Basics)
Kate Barlow (English & Poetry (Youth), English & Poetry (Adult))
Killian Jones (Sword Fighting 101)
Lorna Dane (Geology)
Mack Gerhardt (Mixed Martial Arts)
Minoru (Working With Chakra)
Oliver Queen (Multi-subject (Substitute))
Sam Bowe (Melee Combat Basics (Substitute), Mixed Martial Arts, Surviving the Wilderness (Substitute))
Terzen T'Karr, Lt. Cmdr. (Federation Primer, Warp Theory & Starship Tech (Substitute), Advanced Xenolinguistics)
Thea Queen (Archery)
Trever McCallum (Melee Combat Basics)
Ziva David (Ballet, Earth Languages (Italian), Krav Maga)

[ooc: Please note, the School is currently a once-a-month post; all times listed are for IC purposes. Teachers will post in with a comment for their class, and students can then tag in to thread at any stage for classes held at any point in the month. Posting in is not compulsory; you are welcome to handwave attendance.

To sign up to teach, or to add your character as a regular student of a class, see the OOC post here. The next School post will be on November 23rd.]
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The last thing Jadzia expected after her wedding was to get whisked off somewhere. Well, no, she expected the Chief and Julian to play their part and "attack" the happy couple, but she definitely didn't expect to open her eyes after the first volley to find herself somewhere else entirely. She blinks warily. Usually, when this happens nothing good comes of it. Or, well, okay getting tossed back to the Kirk's timeline had been fun, even if they were trying to save him from a tribble-bomb. She could have done without getting stuck in 2024 though.

So here she is, walking the hallways cautiously. She's already asked the computer to tell her what ship this is and the answer was most definitely not comforting. Eventually, she ends up in Ten Forward, where she knows she'll find someone happy to give her answers. At least she'll be gathering attention very quickly with what she's wearing.

Little does she know her Klingon wedding dress might garner even more attention than she expects.
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You'll find the Counseling Offices, and it's Counseling Staff run by Counselor Troi, located on Deck 8. A message which has been passed along to the new arrivals and those who've been here for longer several times. From their first appointments in sickbay after arrival up to the newest happenstances since then, which continue to lead to a greater need.

For those entering for the first time, you find these offices are of subdued, calming green walls with equally unobtrusive light purple furniture, and gentle ambient light. Each of the rooms has an assortment of chairs, tables, and even a snaking reclining couch, which may be used for sitting or laying down on as you feel called.

Nothing to worry about and no pressure from the moment you walk in.

They're here to help as best they can.

[ooc: Counseling Sessions are, as will be always, OTA and open for backtagging! Like the Sickbay posts, you can expect one of these every month, so no stressing if you can't make one, we'll be back next month.

For new characters/players: tagging and counseling is NOT mandatory. Deanna Troi is acting as head of the Counseling Staff, but all staff are available to you. If you have prearranged to be meeting with a specific counselor, tag in specifying which counselor are requesting in the subject line, otherwise one will leap at you as they are available. All your information and questions about the Counseling Staff can be found here.
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You'll find the Counseling Offices, with their newly added Counseling Staff, located on Deck 8. A message which has been passed along to the new arrivals several times. From their first appointments in sickbay after arrival up to the newest happenstances since then, which continue to lead to a greater need.

For those entering for the first time, you find these offices are of subdued, calming green walls with equally unobtrusive light purple furniture, and gentle ambient light. Each of the rooms has an assortment of chairs, tables, and even a snaking reclining couch, which may be used for sitting or laying down on as you feel called.

Nothing to worry about and no pressure from the moment you walk in.

They're here to help as best they can.

[ooc: Counseling Sessions are, as will be always, OTA and open for backtagging! Like the Sickbay posts, you can expect one of these every month, so no stressing if you can't make one, we'll be back next month.

For new characters/players: tagging and counseling is NOT mandatory. Deanna Troi is acting as head of the Counseling Staff, but all staff are available to you. If you have prearranged to be meeting with a specific counselor, tag in specifying which counselor are requesting in the subject line, otherwise one will leap at you as they are available. All your information and questions about the Counseling Staff can be found here in their recent OOC post.
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Kaylin's permission post/trigger warning

Kaylin was... less than pleased at being small again.

Okay, so she only lost two inches of height, max. She was never exactly tall. She would have settled for average. But all the bulk and muscle she had earned over the last 8 years had just,... vanished. And she was *****ed

So, after tucking into a rather sizable meal - you could still count her rubs, even with her shirt on - she started looking around for someone who was in charge and wasn't a kid. There had only been one activity that she had enjoyed as a kid - that she let herself think about, anyway - and there was something she needed in order to do it.

And while it might have only been a few inches, she was now Juuuuuuust too small to easily use the replicator in her room. She also wanted to know if the replicator could even MAKE this... So... she's looking for someone in the Starfleet uniform.
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Sitting in Ten Forward, with a mug of Andorian Cream Tea in front of him is one certain Vorta. He has a PADD in his hand, indulging himself in some classic Cardassian literature from the ship's computer, occasionally pausing to take a sip from the mug. He looks calm, collected and, well, relaxed. A stark contrast, likely, to how most of the ship's compliment are feeling.

He's noticed an increase in smaller beings running around, Children, he assumes, noticing some similarities between them and some of the crew and displaced persons. He's considered the fact that Q had something to do with this, and discarded the idea from his head. It isn't affecting him, and even if people are being turned to children, it still may not affect him.

So, he's going to sit here, engrossed in his book, occasionally looking up to see who may be entering the lounge... He wasn't above imposing himself on others, after all. Who knows what he might learn through idle conversation.
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The last week was very literal hell for everyone in Zelien. Between the Eldritch horror, the rain of COMPASS monsters, and the cultists, survival was difficult for seven days. Well, survival in Zelien was always difficult, but it seemed much more so now. The days passed by so quickly and yet so slowly, to the point where each hour bled into the next, each day bled forward and Beverly fully lost all track of time. Nothing was safe and after living even a short time like that, even the most stalwart of people couldn't take it forever. So when the frantic man with white hair came through the mess advertising a serum that would take them through to COMPASS' realm where they could, theoretically, defeat the organization and get everyone to safety, if not home... to say she had jumped at the chance would be an understatement. At least, after she had ascertained that the serum wouldn't do any damage to anyone. While she couldn't be absolutely certain, she was sure enough and it would be better than their current options. With the serum in her system, she had followed the frantic man.

One side of the portal was Zelien. On the other, she found herself being tossed a good few feet and then dropped, landing on her back with a whoosh of air. With the breath knocked out of her, she takes a few seconds to recover and in that time, security is called to Ten Forward. Her phaser rifle sure does stand out. The altercation when she tries to stand is short, her surprise and a touch of fear being the largest reasons she resists so hard at first. Eventually, she relinquishes the weapon, snapping, "Okay, okay! Take it!" They like that better, leaving her to get reacquainted with the middle of Ten Forward and the stares of whoever happened to witness the scene.

Once she's gotten the idea of what's going on, has dealt with something else, and has managed to accept the idea that this might not be a hallucination from the serum or COMPASS using one of her most important memories against her, she heads for the replicator and a cup of Earl Grey tea. She hasn't honestly had anything that wasn't canned pears, coffee, or creamed corn in so long. This might be overdoing it, but at this point, she's given up caring. After a moment's thought, she replicates a croissant to go with it. Both she'll take up to a table in the corner where she can, hopefully, sit in peace and get her head on straight. Looks like she can finally have a cup of coffee and a croissant tomorrow. For the first time in weeks.

For anyone who might want to approach, she doesn't look entirely unapproachable. She is tense, though, extremely so and she's noticeably facing towards the room at large with her back to the wall, watching people with the gaze of someone who has learned not to let her guard down too much. It'll pass and in time she'll be back to herself. Right now, she's just on the edge of a breakdown. Good thing she has that medical training to separate her emotions from a situation, right?

After getting more food and drink in her than she usually gets in a day in Zelien, she finally takes a deep breath and decides to go ahead with something that needs doing. This... will be difficult, but she needs to do it. For both of their sakes.

"Crusher to Picard." Pause. "Do you have a minute, Jean-Luc?"

She uses his first name in her request to show that she's coming to him not as his Chief Medical Officer, but as his friend, as a friend who needs him. Because she does. If there's anything in this universe that she needs right now, it's as many friendly faces and people as she can gather, people she can be sure of. That and she does have a lot to tell him.

Ten Forward: OTA

2015-Apr-18, Saturday 09:02 pm
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The Nietzscheans are gone, all of them. No Tyr, no Telemachus, no Gaheris.

Dylan's not sure what to think of that, and he hasn't been since it happened. It's complicated, in the way so many things are complicated. Now there's only Trance and Harper left. Trance and Harper out of what had once been almost his whole crew.

Some days, he misses them more than others. But he misses that world, the world Tyr and Telemachus were from, right alongside the world Gaheris had destroyed.

Because Gaheris is on his mind, Dylan's left his quarters and spent some time with one of the replicators, going through its commands until he managed to make it produce a Go board and pieces. He's set the board up on one of the tables in Ten Forward, near the windows, with the stones in a container set to one side.

He's created the board, but he's not actually playing yet. He has one of the black stones held between his fingers, and he's turning it over and over. It's a way he has of helping him think.

Soon enough, he'll set it on the board. Perhaps.
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Cut for Adult sexual and emotional type happenings. )

(ooc: So, this is a continuation of a blind date thread. It will contain NC-17 content of the adult sexual kind, so don't look at it if you're at work, or if such things offend thee.)

Seeking Balance

2015-Feb-22, Sunday 07:23 pm
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Ezri sat down in her empty room, the door open and sat poised in front of a newly replicated keyboard. It was harder to ignore Joran now that she had gone through with the Rite of Emergence. He wasn't buried, and she had trouble suppressing him as deeply as Jadzia had. But maybe suppressing him wasn't completely necessary. Joran was a part of Dax whether she approved of his actions or not, and at least her training as a counselor told her that suppressing part of yourself wasn't healthy.

It was one thing embrace his actions, but there was nothing wrong with his skills as a musician--even if that talent most likely came from the same pool that made him an excellent killer. Exacting precision, patience and probably a bit of arrogance. The part of her that used to be Joran was almost sad that for so long he had been ignored. Dax hadn't been whole. Even now, as Ezri fought him.

So, Ezri released her grip, and let her fingers glide and press over the keys. It had been so long since Dax had played.
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In some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey universe where it is a perfect Saturday night and certainly not a Sunday afternoon, one can walk into a lounge out in the heart of space and see it made over with candles and linen tablecloths and red rose centerpieces. It's not anything quite as grand as what Q could do. Amy is using the romance of the room: windows looking out across the stars, soft lighting; she even has a trio in one corner playing flute, cello, and violin.

As you walk into Ten Forward, you'll see a sign which says ♥    BLIND DATING TONIGHT, 7PM    ♥ and a redhead standing by with those name tags you stick on your shirt that say HELLO MY NAME IS ______ and a clipboard of seat assignments. Not all the tables are taken; even if Amy's first go at this had been that big of a success, the woman in charge, Guinan, insisted the room stay open for other patrons. She's taken mostly the tables around the outside of the room, where there is the best view of space and a little privacy, and each of those tables has a number on it.

If your name is on her list, you'll get a name tag and a little card with your table number on it. "Here you go. The bar's open while you wait, I bribed Guinan t' have out the real stuff, so you can tell her I sent you. No gettin' carried away, though. And no funny business, you treat your date with respect or I'll have you by the ear before night's out. I'll be round if you need anything."

Once everyone's been checked off her list, she's going to settle at the bar and have a drink. Match-making's hard business, but she truly thinks she outdid herself this time.

[ooc: So for everyone who's been on a blind date before, you know the drill. You and your partner will get a card with your table number, introductions can happen there and where it goes after that is up to you! The Date Gone Wrong scenarios are here if you need a refresher. You can mingle with other participants at the bar; after all, this is all about meeting new people! Threadhop, tag around, tag someone you might not otherwise meet, have fun with it. Again, you don't have to use this post, you can make your own locked posts for your dates, but this should give you a good idea of the setting you have to work with. Amy will be close by if anyone needs her, and I will be available all night if anyone needs me! HAVE FUN. :D]
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It's not very often a passenger is taken to Deck 33, and for good reason. Deck 33 is where the brig is located.

Should a passenger make an inquiry to one of the computer terminals, or access the directory on their PADDs, the locations of three passengers will be noted as 'BRIGGED' in bold font, with the following statements:

MACK GERHARDT has been taken into custody for breaking quarantine, entering a restricted area, and engaging in disorderly conduct. He will be brigged for three days assuming he cooperates with the officers in charge.

KHAN NOONIEN SINGH has been taken into custody for disorderly conduct and the assault of another passenger, following an enforced stay in Sickbay. He will be brigged for two days assuming he cooperates with the officers in charge.

DYLAN HUNT has been taken into custody for disorderly conduct and the assault of another passenger, following an enforced stay in Sickbay. He will be brigged for two days assuming he cooperates with the officers in charge.

There are officers standing guard outside the brig, as well as one stationed inside. The men are celled separately by forcefield to prevent further incident, and while it looks and sounds like there is no barrier between their cells and the room at large, there is no crossing-over until the forcefields are lowered. Visitors are allowed entrance after they check in with the guards on duty, and no one is allowed to be alone with the prisoners.

[ooc: Open visiting log for the brig. All security personnel are NPCs and should be treated as there in the background unless they're called on to answer questions or engage with other characters.]

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2014-Dec-18, Thursday 08:44 pm
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[Closed to Captain Picard]

Julian could feel a headache coming on, the tightness in his shoulders and pressure behind his eyes not helping in the least. Apparently he'd forgotten everything he once knew about laying low, not attracting attention--not too much, anyway, he'd always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic and it was generally harmless. And reporting to the Captain the identity of one of their newest passengers wasn't going to help.

He could, easily, reveal Julian's nature--or his un-nature, if you will. The doctor didn't exactly trust Khan not to. The only way to truly prevent his secret coming out at an inopportune time would be to divulge it himself...but he couldn't do that. Captain Picard had no reason to fight for him as Captain Sisko did.

But Julian had a reason to protect the safety of this crew as well, and leaving Khan free, when he was so full of rage and ready to attack anyone who approached him, wouldn't be doing that.

Julian had excused himself after treating Khan's injuries and trying to reassure him that the sky indeed wasn't falling, that he wasn't going to be shuttled off somewhere and left in a dark hole. He hoped that he wasn't wrong. He lets his back thump against the wall outside Sickbay, and taps his commbadge.

"Doctor Bashir to the bridge--I need to speak to Captain Picard, as soon as possible."

Though he is going to make time to go to his quarters and change out of his bloodied tunic first.

[Ten Forward]

After reporting to the Captain--which went about as well as could possibly be expected, for having to inform the man that he had a 400 year old warlord on his ship--Julian had escaped back to Ten Forward, because god but did he need a drink.

He almost requests his customary cup of tea from the replicator before thinking twice and going to the bar, falling into a stool.

Saturnalia Suuuuuui!

2014-Dec-18, Thursday 04:35 pm
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There are pigs in the corridors. Large, squealing, hairless sows, squeaking piglets, even one moderately imposing boar is making Deck Ten his run... and somebody has to round them up. Never mind that there have been dangerous convicts and honourless villains appearing at random aboard the Enterprise with the rest of its harmless new 'guests', Worf has worked under the orders of Captain Picard for years. Even if he has only been reintegrated to his old role for a few days, he is one of the first to understand how important it will be to round these suids up.

That is why he can be found all across the Enterprise, along with his team of security officers, attempting to trick the crafty, pink-skinned beasts into dead ends and forcefield barriers. You might encounter the Klingon tracking his prey with a look of tight-jawed frustration on his own... or you might just be surprised to hear him bellowing as he gives chase to some potentially infuriating sow.

He has not yet discovered the true danger in all of this: mistletoe hanging from innocuous bulkhead beams has been causing crew and civilians alike to share kisses. If Worf does not deputize you in his attempt to capture the last of these tricksome beasts, you might just have the misfortune of being under the same sprig at the same time as him. He will apologize afterwards, but be warned: he bites.

((A catch-all event for Worf's pig and mistletoe shenanigans! Feel free to reply here if you'd like to get in on either!))

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2014-Dec-18, Thursday 02:57 am
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Dylan's been spending less time in the lounge lately, less time in the places where he's forced to be around others. He's been practicing in the gym, shooting hoops and trying not to remember doing just that with Gaheris on the Andromeda, finessing his combat technique in the martial arts training area, working himself to exhaustion more often than not.

He's been avoiding his crew, too.

Still, he has to eat, and he's not in the mood to talk to Lucie, so he's come to the lounge and taken a table that lets him stare at the stars as they pass, though he feels little of the wonder traveling faster than light without Slipstream first made him feel. He's toying with the remnants of a meal, though it's clear he hasn't eaten much.

Beka, if she were here, would call it brooding.

Gaheris Rhade is here.

His best friend. The man he'd trusted with everything he cared for: his ship, his crew, his life. His fiancée. His friendship. Gaheris had been the one man he'd trusted above anyone else, and Gaheris had betrayed that trust. Because of Gaheris, Dylan lost Sara, lost his crew, lost his home and the whole world he'd ever known, his friends, his family, everything but Andromeda, and it was only by a near-impossible chance of science that he had his ship and his life.

Gaheris had tried to kill him, and his sabotage had nearly fed Andromeda to the black hole. And Gaheris is here, acting like none of it ever happened.

Starfleet would tell him not to interfere with the timeline, not to let Gaheris know what had happened, that he knew the plans for betrayal and the destruction of everything Dylan believed in that his two-faced supposed friend had fostered for so long.

Dylan couldn't do it. He couldn't face the man who'd haunted his memories and his nightmares, his flashbacks and his fears, and pretend they were still the best of friends. So Dylan had pulled a weapon on his best friend and driven him away.

He wants to believe he doesn't regret it. He doesn't miss Gaheris. He doesn't long for any contact with the world he'd thought was gone forever.

It's not as easy to believe as it should be.

[ OTA but particularly to his crew and those with whom he has substantial CR ]
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Something strange is beginning to happen in Ten Forward. People are murmuring, and it isn't the steady hum of polite conversation or the sound of clinking glasses. It is the bemused, unhappy cacophony of passengers receiving the wrong orders, plates of meat suddenly replaced with plates of candy.

That isn't even the worst of it. Along with the replicators producing nothing but confections, people's attire is beginning to change. Officer and civilian alike are affected; one moment they are sitting in peace, and the next there is a small flash of light and they reappear in costumes, each more outrageous than the last. For some who are still eating, their physical appearance changes, they feel different, or they are suddenly struck with a strange dread and fear. The room is steadily growing to madness, and it is happening in every corner of the ship from bow to stern.

Suddenly, there is a particularly bright flash of light, and Captain Picard materializes in the middle of the room. Only — well, this is embarrassing.

It would appear that the overtures Q had made just moments earlier were in reference to this. The captain suddenly finds himself in medieval garb, and though he cannot see the crown atop his head he can feel it. Along with the facial hair. Dammit, Q.

He spares a moment to look at himself, and then sighs, resisting the urge to place his head in his hands. They are weighted with chain maille, at any rate.

He supposes there will be no escaping with his dignity intact.

[ooc: And with that, let the Hallowe'en changes commence! Picard will look like King Richard for the duration of the plot, much to his chagrin. This post is OTA, but unless we have plans in place I will apologize if the captain is a little clipped -- he is not happy. :x]
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Sickbay is fairly ordinary for a ship's hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly. As a matter of fact, all personnel look harmless. Well, perhaps excluding the sun avatar, but Trance Gemini is as skilled as the Starfleet officers.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go! Lollipops are optional.

"All right, come in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be shy. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is as always OTA! For new characters, tagging isn't mandatory but going to sickbay ICly is. So if you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. For those who are tagging, we have Trance Gemini, Beverly Crusher, and Rory Williams, with Julian Bashir by request only (and possible appearances by Simon Tam). If you have a preference, please specify in the subject line of your tag who you would like. If you would like more details about sickbay, here's the wiki page. If you haven't made your intro yet, you can assume the doctors will want to see your character shortly after they arrive, and backtagging is love!]

Home Sweet Home

2014-Oct-15, Wednesday 10:41 pm
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After three weeks of hiding in his room, and then bumping into a few interesting people in Ten Forward, Henry had decided to finally get started on his own program of Storybrooke in the holodeck. To save time, he used an already created program of the town and tailored it to suit what he remembered of the place.

Spending most of his time in the pink mansion he grew up in, he wanted to make it perfect, especially after seeing the wrong version only a few days previously. Adding his room the way he'd lived in it and the pictures on the walls to show he'd lived there. Those were very important to him. They showed how happy he'd been until knowledge of the curse reared it's ugly head.

He even created himself a holographic version of his father to make the house more like home. It wasn't perfect though. The holodeck couldn't recreate the spark in the man's eyes or the love Henry saw there for him. But it was enough to make him feel safe and possibly even a little happy.

He spent a lot of time in the house rather than in any other parts of the town, almost as if it didn't exist. He almost wished he could live here rather than out in the ship. It saddened him that the father he had in here was closer to the real thing than the one(s) out there.

((open to all, henry can be mostly found changing details in the house))

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2014-Oct-13, Monday 04:19 pm
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"Oh, shut up Joran."

Ezri mumbled to herself. He had never been this vocal before, well, before the Rite of Emergence. Which wasn't a mistake. He did help her catch the killer, not that Benjamin or the others would ever know. That would not be a fun conversation. 'Why no, Ben, I didn't use what I learned in Forensic Psychology, I just used Joran.' It would go so well. But now? Now she had to be vigilant. Ezri wouldn't be able to bury his personality as deeply as Curzon or Jadzia. And Ezri didn't have training in the first place. She didn't want to accidentally almost stab someone with a butter knife again. Talk about embarrassing. Benjamin hadn't been exactly understanding when that happened. Thank goodness Odo had come along, and taken the knife out of her hand before something really bad had happened.

Ezri had intended to take a walk along the Promenade, clear her head. That was until she wasn't in the Promenade anymore. She was in a bar. And it wasn't Quark's. It was....Ezri took a few steps toward a console. The U.S.S. Enterprise? Oh and they were at warp. The Trill put a hand on her stomach and another on her temple trying to fight back the wave of nausea and flashes of Torias' shuttle accident. Dying. Crashing. Oh no.

"Okay Ezri, you can figure this out. Just start by not barfing all over the security guard eating his lunch. He wouldn't appreciate that at all."

Ezri talked to herself.

"One. Wormhole aliens? Two. Spacial phenomenon? Three. I could just be going nuts. That's my clinical assessment of myself."

Ezri closed her eyes, trying to sort through eight other lifetimes of memories to remember if anyone served or visited the Enterprise D. That was....Curzon or Jadzia's time? Maybe she was just hallucinating memories. Did that happen? Maybe she should qualify that. Did that happen to her? It probably didn't happen to another other Joined Trill. That's Ezri, nothing easy for Ezri.

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