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It's hard for her to believe that Rory has been gone a whole year now. Her Raggedy Man has finally come, and she thought once that had happened Rory would be back, but no such luck yet. She's been keeping a close eye on her Doctor for fear he disappears on her, too.

On the contrary, more of him keep showing up.

Christmas set her in a mood. She wants to do something for the Doctors; a dinner party or fancy dress, maybe. He likes that. In all the time she's travelled in the TARDIS it's never felt lonely, but out here she misses her family and her husband, and the Doctor is all she really has. Even her daft flatmate has gone missing. Without her permission, to add insult.

So, it's distraction that puts her in Ten Forward tonight, for the most part. That and she's been down to the planet they're currently at, and seeing all the happy faces and peaceful couples set her in another mood. A mood to meddle. Annie's gone and gotten herself married, which means Amy is in the market for somebody new to give her the good gossip.

♥    Amy Pond's Blind Dating Service    ♥

She's got a sign on her table, and another two on the doors going in and out of the lounge with her table number written on it. Currently she's sitting with her legs crossed, doodling flowers and little tornadoes in the margins of her clipboard paper, waiting for her first unsuspecting victim client.

[OOC: ETA a top-level specifically for the IC sign-up sheet. If you want to establish IC your character signing up without threading with Amy you can post them in on this top-level, or leave it OTA so others can tag you with reactions, questions, comments, etc!]

Going for the burn

2016-Jan-11, Monday 12:31 am
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Being stuck on a strange ship, with a strange history, full of strange people was not the sort of thing Major Egret (aka Jackal) was going to consider "normal" any time soon, if ever. However, she could accept it as SOP until further notice. Just like any other situation in which she was out of contact with her chain of command, among civilians, in peacetime circumstances, her long-term priority (after reestablishing contact, anyway) was to keep up her training and physical conditioning, and be ready in case the situation should change.

Most of Jackal's actual military training took place on the holodeck, employing its flexibility to simulate aerospace combat scenarios, as well as counterterrorism operations such as hostage rescue, hostile pacification, and explosives disarmament. Most of the scenarios were set in urban settings, such as city streets, public spaces, or office buildings, although some were set in asteroid bases, on space ships, or amid dusty red canyons and mountains. Although she might not be thrilled about someone barging into those training scenarios (or loading her scenarios without her permission), it would give a pretty good look at the sort of work she does at home.

For physical conditioning, Jackal regularly visited the gym nearest her room for fairly intensive weight training. Although she was no Captain America, she was definitely strong enough for the job. She could just as well be found investing some time in boxing with a sandbag, as well, or jogging, her cardio workout proving no less intense.

And, when she wasn't training, she was likely as not either in her quarters, or in the arboretum, reading from a PADD. There was a lot to learn, after all, and Jackal found the experience of relative uselessness intensely irritating. Whatever she could teach herself about her environment and shipboard operations, she intended to learn.

[A glimpse at Jackal's training regimen, with a few options for people to butt in, intentionally or otherwise, and try to socialize with her. I'm open to other ideas, also, so don't be afraid to ask if you've got something in mind!]
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The Doctor and Cridhe had been getting to know each other. He had been teaching her how to use contractions. But more importantly, they had been learning just how Cridhe's abilities have been limited or not by the ring. Today, they're in the Enterprise Gardens.

"Very well, Doctor. But give me some direction. What would you like to see?"

The Doctor smiles fondly at her. "You know what I want to see."

She rolls her eyes, but there is a hint of mirth in her tone. "I'm not going to try to manifest all of the Gardens from the Box at once. Pick a place."

The Doctor clears his throat. "Even so, you know what I want to see."

Her face falls slightly. "I don't want to bring you pain."

He shakes his head, a small smile still toying at his lips. "Being where we are. I think it would be more comfort than anything. Just try."

Cridhe nods her ascent and moves over to one of the trees. She closes her eyes and touches it. The green leaves transformed into silver. Then she touches the ground near the roots of the tree and it too changed colours: becoming a firery red. She seems to draw something in the air and the sky becomes a burnt-orange colour and two orbs of sunlight appear.

Within a few minutes the entirity of the Enterprise gardens have transformed into a foreign landscape. Well, foreign to some. Anyone who has ever been to Gallifrey will recognise the environment quiet readily.

The Doctor smiles at her. "Not as good as what you can do on the Box, I can actually feel the heat from the suns there."

"Well, the mechanics are entirely different. Unfortunately, this is the equivalent of children's make-believe."

The Doctor catches a hint of defensiveness to her tone. "Oh! I hadn't meant... Cridhe, this is... More than I thought you'd be able to do."

She nods once, accepting his correction.

He grins as he looks around. "How long can you sustain it before you need a break?"

She shakes her head. "No idea."

"Of course. You wouldn't know yet. Well, don't over do it. Stop when you need to."

She held her hand out to him. "Come on."


"Well, it would be a waste if we didn't try to enjoy it. Let's lie in the grass."

The Doctor didn't need a second invitation. Both of them picked a spot and stretched out on their backs enjoying the environment for however long it lasted.

[OOC: if your character doesn't want to see the Gallifreyan landscape, that's fine! I have a ready-made explanation for why some people can see it and others can't. (Besides, might be kind of fun to come across two people spread out in the middle of the Enterprise Gardens as if they didn't have a care in the world XD)

If I didn't make it clear enough, Cridhe's speech/actions are in blue (because it's only right) and the Doctor's/narration are in black. Feel free to come and approach them at any point. I didn't set a timeline on this, so feel free to pick what's convenient for your character. I'm handwaving that they'll be doing this several times between now and Christmas.]
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Late last night, in Room #0914 )

When he works up the nerve to ask the computer the time, it responds with 4:45am. A little early for his routine morning workout, but after that dream he doesn't think he'll be getting any more sleep tonight. He dresses efficiently and is out of his room by 4:52am, heading straight for the gym. Today's workout will end up being more punishing than normal.

By the afternoon, he's a little more settled but still restless. Holodeck 5, the one closest to Ten Forward, happens to be free for once. He loads the usual program and steps inside, standing at the outskirts of the bleachers in Ebbets Field as the crowd goes wild. Eyes closed, he listens to the stamping of feet and the crack of wood sending the ball home, the tinny voice of the announcer calling the plays, and the cheers of everyone around him, until he feels like he can breathe again. "Computer? Can we get rid of the crowd?"

With a hum, the stadium empties in a second. Ebbets Field is quiet, chalk lines fresh and undisturbed. Steve smiles softly, and moves down the steps to get to the field, leaving his sweatshirt on the rails. It's been a while since the last time he played ball.

[ooc: Practice game! It's going up a tad late because my weekend exploded, sorry Ten Forward you're gonna get more Steve in a few days. It's terrible of me, I know. Steve's just tossing the ball around tonight, anyone is welcome to join in and practice with him and ICly get invited to play on Wednesday. Wednesday's post will be organized into teams. If you have any questionnns, hit me over here and I'll try to have the teams posted in the OOC comm by Tuesday evening! :D Oh, and if you want to catch Steve before he hits the field just for a chat, you're welcome to do so!]
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It is very probable as you went about your day on the Enterprise that you ran across a flier inviting you to a special event. It's not often Captain Picard indulges in such recreational activities, but a certain member of staff has been encouraging him to be less standoffish, and more welcoming to the displaced guests aboard his vessel. A Captain's duties are never complete.

Holodeck 2, located on Deck 11, opens up on a crisp fall evening in San Francisco, California, in the autumn of 1941...

You enter an office with Dixon Hill's name on the door. Inside, his lovely young secretary, Madeline, greets you with a smile and a smart city-girl accent.

"You must be one of Dix's new 'associates'," she singsongs. "Go on inside, Cutie. Dix is just playing with his cute young private dick."

She winks to bring the double entendre home, and gathers up her pocketbook. "Me? I've got a hot date with my fella, so you be sure Dix behaves himself. See you in the morning!"

As she scoots out, you head through the interior door with the frosted glass panel, straight into Dixon Hill's private office...

Talking shop

2015-Oct-14, Wednesday 10:38 am
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Who: Jackal and Trip
Where: Ten Forward
When: Day after the holodeck memorial party
Warnings: None expected

'Join the Space Force,' he said. 'It's the Will of Metatron,' he said. )

OTA: Ten Foward

2015-Sep-12, Saturday 07:47 pm
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She should be dead. She should be... but she wasn't. How could she possibly be alive? She took a deep breath, feeling easy breath enter her lungs for the first time in years. She could breathe easily, which was perhaps a surprise, though if she wasn't dead, perhaps it shouldn't have been. She looked all around her and then down at herself. She was... wearing the gown she had worn from when the Doctor had broken through the mirror and saved her from being beheaded.

She turned this way and that, feeling the familiar weight on her bones. She took a deep breath, relishing in the air feeling her lungs so deeply it ached. How was this possible? Was this the Doctor's doing? Could he do something that impossible? Was this heaven, perhaps? She pressed a hand to her hip, trying to keep calm. She didn't know where she was, certainly, but that didn't mean panicking would allow her to think any clearer.

The Doctor wasn't here, so then, this might not be his doing. This place lacked the beauty of the palace. Calm yourself, Reinette. She kept telling herself. As she looked around, well, to be honest, she had never seen something like this place before. As she gazed about, she noticed the vast windows gazing out into...

She picked up her skirts and hurried over to a window, gazing out. Stars? Beautiful and... and so much closer. Had the Doctor been able to keep his promise?

Oh, but how? So many questions and so little time... or perhaps now she had all the time in the world. Everything seemed so strange. A brief jolt of fear shot up her spine and wrapped around her brain. What if this was the ship of those monsters? Had they truly succeeded in getting her at last? If that were true, then she would have to be very careful and find some way back home, even if it meant her death on the slow path once more.

Perhaps that was the strangest part of all. She could still remember being so bone weary and exhausted, barely able to keep her eyes open. She remembered the king holding her hand, staying by her side as she could barely lift herself out of bed. So what was all this then? Where was the tiredness? Where was the exhaustion? She looked back out the window, alone in such a strange room. Reinette needed to think clearly, needed to understand just what was happening. She'd need to find someone to speak to and ask where she was, and for that matter, what year was it. Everything after that would take... time, would take planning. But she could do very little when everything was so unclear. Perhaps even his majesty was here?

She yearned for a friendly face, or at least, a helpful one.

At the sound of movement, she stood up and brushed the front of her gown. Carefully, she placed a calm, collected, and pleasant expression on her face, slipping the familiar mask on. As a courtier, it was easy enough to do, and frantic screaming and pleading was not at all going to endear her to whomever her captors might be. She glided over to the person and inclined her head.

"I beg your pardon," she started, not sure how she would be treated here. "But I am in need of assistance. I am afraid I am a bit unsure of my situation. If there is someone I should speak to, pray tell, instruct me towards their direction and I will handle things from there."
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It's hard for him not to have anything to do around here, as unused to being idle as he is. He's been all the places in the ship that guests are allowed to go, and he's even been able to sneak into a few where guests aren't allowed to go (luckily without getting caught). He's familiar enough with the holodeck now, and has his ship programmed in nicely. He can't spend all of his time in there though, and as close to the real thing as it is, he still knows in the back of his mind that it's not real.

The one thing that bothers him more than not having anything to do is not knowing where he is. 'On board the Enterprise, somewhere in space' is not a good enough answer for him. The way he usually can get his bearings is with a sextant and a map and compass and, at night, the stars. He only has one of those things, and he knows that these stars and constellations are ones he doesn't know, but he's curious anyway, and if he can only manage to make a star chart, at least he'd have something to do.

He miraculously finds a limited supply of paper and pens at one of the stalls in the concourse, and at another one, which prides itself on supplying what it calls 'ancient Earth artifacts,' he finds a sextant and compass which will work well enough for his purposes. Better than not having either, at least.

So with these things in hand, he finds himself a spot in the arboretum, which provides the best view of the sky outside, and starts meticulously recording the patterns of the stars.
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At this point in his life and career, Jacob isn't bothered by too much. Alright so seeing Reach fall like it had and wondering where certain people were on the planet (and not worrying, she can take care of herself) had shaken him slightly but then the mission had become a priority. The Cole Protocol really, had become a priority and it had landed him in a system with some odd ring in it with a lone Spartan, probably the most advanced AI in the fleet, and a ship that was nearly (at least) half his age with the expectation of getting back to Earth at some point or at least saving humanity from a group of aliens hellbent on their destruction.

All in all it means he's used to the random, the unusual and just plain weird happening to him. His life hasn't been exactly dull but some things do just bother a man when he's uncertain about his chances of seeing home again in general, let alone being somewhere unexpected with the prospect of not seeing home or his daughter going from very, very slim to no chance at all.

Which really explains the rather sureness of his steps as he goes down the hall, he's just arrived yes but he knows ships, he'll find someone who can give him answers even if he has to go into places he probably shouldn't in order to get them, occasionally muttering things to himself as he goes that sound very similar to: "Where's the Covenant? If this is even remotely connected to that ring then they should be here too. For that matter where's Cortana?" Along with the words autumn, reach and spartan thrown into the odd sentence or two in his mutterings.

If you happen to be wearing an uniform, then expect to possibly be headed towards because clearly that means you're a better target then some civilian with the unfortunate luck of getting in his way.

[OOC: Jacob's just prowling the halls right now, likely to get into a little trouble mostly as he's looking for answers and probably heading towards places he shouldn't be. He's not going to physically harm anyone, that's not his style, he's more likely to try and intimidate them with his height and stern looks and then apologize. I'm playing him as having not been here before just to be easier on me and because of my fail last time.]

Garak Arrives - OTA

2015-Aug-26, Wednesday 05:03 pm
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He opened his eyes, slowly. Something in his head ached. This was not Cardassia. The first giveaway was the lack of ruined devastation. The second was the absence of misery and suffering. The third fact, and the one looming increasingly large in his mind, was that the architecture around him was wrong.

It was in neutral colours, inoffensive and undaring. Bland, in essence. In short, it was clearly a Federation vessel. He shook his head, sitting up. He felt the strap of a bag slip from his shoulders, and looked downwards, furrowing his brow. Well. At least some of his belongings had apparently made the trip with him. He flipped open the bag briefly.

Well. Useful tools at least. Oh, and I see my basic tailoring equipment, too, because somebody enjoys a good, ironic joke at my expense.

He stood, slowly, pushing his hair back into place, then leaning against the bulkhead for a moment as the dizziness passed.

Well. This was going to be interesting. In what way he did not know, but it would definitely be...interesting.

Slowly, regaining his balance with each step, Elim Garak set out.

Arrival | OTA

2015-Jul-15, Wednesday 08:58 pm
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Jackal was always a little reluctant at accepting even mandatory leave. Still, she knew the reasons for it, and could defend the policy as needed, whether she liked it or not, and as an officer she had an obligation to serve as a good example. Although the FMS Viking remained at its post in the Belt, high-speed transports ferried personnel and special-order supplies, and it was aboard such an interplanetary shuttle she was traveling back to Mars. The visit home would be trying, as usual, but seeing her militia unit again would be good, as well as her mother.

Resting her eyes momentarily, she didn't notice the bright light. Other changes, however, she noticed: the tone of the nearby conversations, in particular, and although it was subtle, something was definitely not quite right about the feel of the shuttle. Scowling, she opened her eyes again--then scowled more so, looking around. She was definitely not in the shuttle. She was still in her red-tone camouflage fatigues, with a holstered device (most likely some kind of pistol, at a glance) at her side, and a duffel bag rested at her feet.

She stood abruptly, wary, but of all the people in the room--judging by its size and the totally open view of starscape, most likely aboard a large ship--none showed any signs of hostility. In fact, most barely even showed much interest in her presence. Whether they were aware of the situation or not, though, it was unacceptable. Resting a hand on her sidearm, but not drawing it, she kept her eyes peeled for any sign of someone who might be in charge. No explicit threats--yet--but she couldn't make any assumptions under such circumstances.

"What the hell's going on, here?"

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