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The rain had rolled in rather quickly, with lightning flashing throughout the thunderhead, but somehow never daring to strike the ground. With the risk of fire too great after such a long dry spell, the electricity was kept within the clouds even as Raiden stayed out in the storm.

The dark clouds were bringing dusk faster, but he didn't mind as he looked up at the sky, an unmasked expression of pleasure upon his face. He didn't quite stand in the water, instead, his toes hovering a few inches above the muddy ground below him, rain running off his impeccably white sandals.

The last betrayal of the thunder god's hand in the storm is the electricity that traces between the slats of his hat with as much frequency as the storm. In fact, it might be strangely synced with the flashes of light within the storm itself.

Anyone who approaches him won't have to worry about being shocked or struck by lightning. He's just reveling in his element, but not at risk to those around him. Feel free to interrupt his moment, he's in quite a good mood right now. Storms do that.
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[[ooc: Plot locked to River Song ([personal profile] professorsong) who is stuck in the turbolift with Fujin. Later, they will be rescued by Chris ([personal profile] student_lighter)]]

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Mortal memory was fallible. Kaylin knew this well, and often had to remind the immortals in her life of this. "Pretend I'm mortal, with the usual fallible human memory." was not an uncommon phrase in her life, especially when dealing with Dragons. Barrani tended not to expect anyone to do what they could, their arrogance wouldn't allow it. Dragons had their own arrogance but it was a different flavor.

But this meant that Kaylin's mind hadn't ticked over when she met Fujin the first time. Something had poked at her vaguely hearing Raiden describe him... but...

Mortal dreams were odd and rarely pleasant. But this one pulled on memory that she might have been eaten for forgetting. Had it been Fujin she saw then? In the dream it was, save one detail. The eyes. But eyes could change.

She was again on that tall ladder with the platform, leaning out over the rather large alter that happened to also be a mirror. Of sorts. The Arkon was beside her, but in the dream she could almost forget his presence. That was far harder in reality.

Looking down, she saw a man, though he wasn't human she couldn't at the time put her finger on what he was. At a glance he might almost be Barrani, but the bones were too heavy, but he was too slender to be a dragon. His hair was white, and she had only ever seen The Consort have hair other than black among the Barrani, but he was almost too perfect to be anything else. Her mind whirred between Barrani and dragon, and in the dream it resolved into Fujin.

He spoke. Twice, his voice sounded, nearly lost to the roaring behind it. He turned back, seeming to be looking directly at her.

"I will not make it," he said in a voice that rasped, possibly from screaming, it was deep. In her dream, it was Fujin's voice as it might be roughened. "Enkerrikas has gone ahead, leading what remains of our number. I am here, and I will face the Devourer. I will be lost in the void." His eyes flashed like new copper catching sunlight. "But I will hold him as I can," he said, clearly scared. "Send word. Our enemy is not dead, as we hoped, and the ways are now in peril."

He lifted both of his hands, palm up. It was clearly a gesture of some sort. There had been more but she woke then, the familiar knocking things down. She startled awake. She sat up, the dream spinning in her head. She swore darkly and pushed to her feet. She had to find Fujin. If this was the future, she needed to warn him. Then get her **** head examined. If this was his past, she wanted to know how the ****s he survived.

She pulled on her boots on, staked her hair and rushed out of the room. The familiar curled on her shoulders, going with her.

Round 5 // Gym - OTA

2016-Feb-24, Wednesday 08:31 am
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Raiden had divested himself of his tabard and armor for the afternoon. Walking through the halls in just his Gi and some blue, cloth wrappings on his arms and legs, he practically looks dressed down, even though that hat and hood stay firmly in place.

He'd scheduled some time at the gym today for himself and friends/acquaintances (who have all been sent a standing invitation), but he would not be opposed to any drop-ins who were curious as well. Those who walk in will find him doing any number of katas or movement exercises he's learned over his many long years.

Since this is the gym, and not the holodeck, Raiden's invoking a no-magic/powers rule for anyone who joins him today. He'll be strictly following his own rule, unless someone blatantly breaks it. And since everyone who lives on the Enterprise is the honorable sort, this will never be a problem...right?

[Generic post is generic. Timeline with regards to the Pollen Plot is flexible after room assignments.]
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The ship is in a state of complete chaos, and Worf is furious. He believes he is furious, that is. For some reason he feels happy, but is doggedly ignoring that in favor of voicing his displeasure with Q at every available opportunity. There are more pressing matters to attend to right now than assigning quarters. He wonders if he can put someone in the brig for being too happy. That would make him happy. A thought strong enough it has him grinning toothily.

However, the medical team under command of Dr. Crusher has cleared a sizable number of new passengers for ship-wide access, and that is Worf's duty to see to assigning them quarters, and instructing them on the correct behavior and protocols needed for life aboard the Enterprise. Protocols like not weaving Dancer blossoms into his hair. }}}:(

Once the new arrivals have been given the basic tour of the Enterprise by an unusually chipper Chief O'Brien, they are gathered together in Ten Forward to await further instructions. Worf begins his prepared speech:

"The computer will instruct you on where all cleared-for-access decks are. You only have to ask where the area you are trying to get to is located, and it will give you clear directions. The computers are ... wonderful. Truly wonderful. Ahem. Do not visit any restricted areas. The bridge, engine rooms, transporter rooms, and all command centers are off-limits.

"With that in mind, there are a few rules you must obey before I give you your new assignments. One, do not discharge any weapon while on the Enterprise. Two, do not assault any other passenger aboard in any way; that includes injury, death, or violating their personal rights." He is thinking of Kylo Ren then, one headache he did not need. "Three, do not tamper with the operational procedures of the ship. Four, do not steal items or technology from the ship. Five, do not interrupt any official areas of the ship without proper authorization, and do not invade the privacy of other guest or crew quarters.

"Copies of the Prime Directive will be made available to all of you, and placed in each room. As you are not Starfleet officers, you are not obligated to abide by this rule; however, it is important you understand why we do.

"Now, the rooms," he rumbles, preparing to read off the list of quarters, their location, and the guests who will be sharing them. Something makes him pause. "Ah," he says, straightening his shoulders, but his face is devoid of humor when he announces: "Everyone is just so happy to have you here."

It is a truly terrifying sight to see a Klingon smile. "The rooms are:

Deck 7
Room # 0712
- Edward Tivrusky and River Song
Room # 0721 - Legacy and Derek Morgan
Room # 0748 - Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron **
Room # 0757 - Raiden and Fujin
Room # 0769 - Magneto and Trance Gemini

Deck 8, Family Suites
Room # 0102 - Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers
Room # 0103 - The Doctor (Ten) and Rose Tyler

Deck 9
Room # 0913 - Alex Rogan and Kurt Hummel
Room # 0914 - Ezri Dax and Martha Jones
Room # 0926 - Han Solo and Leia Organa
Room # 0934 - Luke Skywalker and Cash Gillingwater

"I will remain here to answer questions," Worf concludes. "And my team will be standing by to escort you where you need to be." Pause. "Please do not kiss us. It makes us uncomfortable." He is a Klingon, not a gossip.

The list is also displayed on a PADD, where people can refer to it if they need to.

** NOTE ON KYLO REN -- currently pending a brigging for violent behavior, which means he may be in the brig during this time. Left on the list for posterity until his sentence is officially worked out.

[ooc: Open log for building CR with new roommates and meeting neighbors, "party post" style! Rooms are aligned the way they would be in a typical hotel: odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right (so 0711 and 0713 will be next door neighbors, while 0712 is directly across the hall). There is a post in the OOC comm where players can connect with questions and find more details about the rooms themselves, so check in over there. If you need to ask security questions, or need them to swing by another thread, just put "Security officer, please!" in the subject line of your tag, and the mods will send someone to you ASAP. ]
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Enterprise's Head Botanist Keiko's Log, stardate 46172.364: My time on Pacifica was quite rewarding, and with the permission of a number of the locals, I have several new samples to study going forward... )

"Keiko's log, Stardate 46172.799,

"I have been working with these samples for hours. I have replanted all of the whole plants and have had my assistants working on properly labeling them with the information I was provided. The cuttings have been arranged and labeled for study. My hope is that Dancer, at least, will prove a fitting candidate for replanting in the Arboretum, however the evasiveness of the locals is making me hesitant. The more I think about it, the odder they seem to have been acting about it.

"And they aren't the only ones. Maybe I'm just tired. I should be tired, but I don't seem to be. I feel fine; happy, in fact. But it does seem as though everyone else has had either a little too much to drink or a little too little sleep. I understand that we are all excited to have had the chance to visit the planet and to gather samples, and it is exciting work studying them, however...

"I will be contacting Doctor Crusher if things do not change. There had been an incident on board the ship on Stardate 41209.2 where a widespread infection caused crew members to act as though they were intoxicated. We are all now inoculated against that, though, so whatever is happening now, while similar, does not seem as drastic or as quick to build. I will be setting this file to auto-send to Doctor Crusher if I have not canceled the command by 0800 tomorrow. I do not feel as though I am infected, of course, or I would have quarantined myself and my staff. It is always possible that they simply imbibed too much while on leave. Normally I might have an issue with this, but we've all been dealing with a lot recently, and there was a wedding. So long as everyone is sober and accounted for tomorrow, I will let it go. I'm in too good a mood to be angry, anyway.

"I have been working with Beachrunner mostly, though the others have been focusing on Dancer. I want all eyes on that one to unravel the mystery as soon as possible. Miles came in about an hour ago, and was so taken with the beauty of it that, rather than asking me when I was returning for dinner, he took one of the blooms to put up in our quarters. I almost stopped him, but he seemed so happy, and it was one of the ones from the tourist market. If there is some reason they should not be spread about, it is probably too late already. And he thought I would like to have it there. I have a wonderful husband.

"The only issue we have discovered so far with Dancer that could account for anything is the scent. When kept in an enclosed space the scent grows quickly to an almost unbearable level. It is pleasant, but too much of even a good thing is still too much. One of the techs has opened the vents and rerouted the ventilation system to circulate the air. Miles said even the corridors smelled nice as he came in.

"I am going to work some more on Beachrunner tonight, before I look over the Dancer notes to prepare them for the report to Doctor Crusher tomorrow. You know... one of these blooms would look quite lovely in her hair. I wonder why I didn't think of that before.

"Computer, end log."

It has been one full solar day since Keiko's last log was made, and in that time things aboard the Enterprise have grown truly unusual. The ship is well out of Pacifica's range by now, returned to open space, but things are not back to normal.

News of the Botany Lab's breakdown has spread by this point, as any are invited to help manage the issue.

[OOC: Party Post! Come get your top-levels and scenarios below! This post signifies the end of our February plots with some cool-off time before March begins. Hit up the OOC comm if you have any questions.]
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[[ooc: Feel free to interact with Fujin anywhere in the locations listed in this post! (Though I know the one in the air is difficult for most characters, one can at least easily get his attention and he can come down) <3

Added note: The timing of this post, is roughly 3-4 days after Fujin's initial arrival. He spent most if not all of that time sound asleep as his body worked on healing itself. He was able to be cleared and leave sickbay once he woke up and got checked out. The day this log takes place is probably the day before the Enterprise leaves Pacifica (if I'm looking at the calendar right.)

I will most likely be tagging into the sickbay log when that comes up anyway so docs in sick bay can check up on him. :)]]

Trying to recover...honest! )
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[[ooc: If you are curious as to what happened to Fujin before his arrival on the Enterprise, feel free to read the thread here! There's a warning for good ol' Mortal Kombat violence.

For those of you wanting to thread with Fujin, an open for everyone log will be posted within the next day or so!]]

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