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For all the people he encountered - the Jedi woman he killed, the others he tried to kill, the assassin droid that tried to kill him and the pair that finally got the better of him in that medbay - all he had now were three bland walls and an electrified barrier. The force was no clearer to him than it had been when he first found himself aboard the ship. Even his lightsaber was gone.

He tested every square inch of that room until his fists were bloody and his boots had split. He must have shocked himself a hundred times. But eventually, every tantrum must subside. And Kylo Ren did calm down.

Two weeks, someone in a yellow shirt said, followed by counseling sessions and close surveillance. Two long weeks.

Will anyone pay him a visit?
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It's hard for her to believe that Rory has been gone a whole year now. Her Raggedy Man has finally come, and she thought once that had happened Rory would be back, but no such luck yet. She's been keeping a close eye on her Doctor for fear he disappears on her, too.

On the contrary, more of him keep showing up.

Christmas set her in a mood. She wants to do something for the Doctors; a dinner party or fancy dress, maybe. He likes that. In all the time she's travelled in the TARDIS it's never felt lonely, but out here she misses her family and her husband, and the Doctor is all she really has. Even her daft flatmate has gone missing. Without her permission, to add insult.

So, it's distraction that puts her in Ten Forward tonight, for the most part. That and she's been down to the planet they're currently at, and seeing all the happy faces and peaceful couples set her in another mood. A mood to meddle. Annie's gone and gotten herself married, which means Amy is in the market for somebody new to give her the good gossip.

♥    Amy Pond's Blind Dating Service    ♥

She's got a sign on her table, and another two on the doors going in and out of the lounge with her table number written on it. Currently she's sitting with her legs crossed, doodling flowers and little tornadoes in the margins of her clipboard paper, waiting for her first unsuspecting victim client.

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Upon the Holodeck [Open]

2016-Jan-07, Thursday 08:22 pm
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She had been far away from people, as much as possible. She still felt only glimmerings of her dark power, which meant that for the first time since she was a girl, she was vulnerable. This had not sat well with her.

And...there were Jedi here. She had yet to encounter them, but she could feel them. Not even the usual way so much as...well. A sense beyond the Force, like feeling the ripples caused by the water when a weight was dropped into it. Subtle, barely noticeable unless you were paying attention. And she had no idea if they had their full access to the Force or not. And it terrified her that they might, and she did not.

So she had immersed herself in this place. She had worked hard, picking up the letters. They were nearly the same as her aurebesh, at least in numbers - and then she had turned to study. The computer had been helpful in this regard. Voice control was a marvelous thing to aid her. Then she had read everything. Every story, every history she could find. She read them over and over, trying to remember everything. There was too much for that, too much by far - but she tried regardless.

Then she had discovered the holodeck. Her training had begun in earnest, then. Without the Force, there was little or no point to using her lightsaber. A Jedi without the Force was clumsy with a saber, a danger to everything. So she began to train with blades. Swords of all varieties, polearms - and a lovely weapon she had discovered known as the naginata.

She was there in the holodeck now, stalking around a rack of various weapons. She stepped forward, selecting a heavy two-handed sword. Something about mercenaries from Germany, centuries before. But it had a reassuring weight. She took it, taking a few testing swings.

"Computer. Opponent appropriate for this weapons, heavy difficulty."

And as a Turkish Janissary appeared and charged, and as she turned to battle, she waited for what would come next.

Perhaps she is in your holodeck time. Perhaps the noise of what will be a brief battle will draw you nearer. But she is there, waiting for a challenge.

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