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Curveballs — of the metaphorical sort — have long been a part of Cash's life. During his work for the OSS, it was parts of his plans that hadn't gone accordingly. He'd learned to roll with the punches and to adapt those plans, one of the greatest lessons in his life. In the War, the curveballs had been different altogether: they were sights you couldn't unsee, sounds that never left you after you heard them, sights you had to work past. The same had been true for the town Cash had ended up in, the town in another universe, in varying forms of unpleasantness.

But this particular 'morning', when Cash wakes up, he receives a different kind of curveball altogether. After showering and eating, he sits down to give Squirrel a good backrub and then stiffens when he hears a familiar voice.

"And here I pegged you more as a dog man."

Blinking hard, Cash looks up to see August Gillingwater staring at him from the comm screen.

Closed to Luke. )

Though his relationship with his father has been on the mend for a few years, Cash doesn't know how to process suddenly getting to speak with him. Things seem fine back home. It should be a relief, but there's a little tug of feeling in Cash's stomach — discomfort, that he isn't around. It's not his fault and it hasn't been for a while, but he supposes a part of him is still finding it hard to settle on the Enterprise.

Instead, he settles for getting some off-ship time. Cash grew up on a large portion of land, where his father had grown corn and wheat. He'd helped with the crops every step of the way until things at home had gotten bad enough for him to run away, as a teenager. He can't claim to know about every plant, certainly, but he knows the basics. And working with dirt is a familiar, calming task. So he puts his skills to as much use as he can.

When the natives aren't looking, Cash also puts being a divinity to use. He has only raw healing energy, which works more effectively on humans, but it tends to have a positive effect on plants with prolonged exposure. He keeps his output slow and faint, focusing on the plants which aren't doing so well, and gently rubs his thumb against the leaves. Perhaps some of the plants will turn back toward health.

He's smiling as he works, keeping his feelings under wraps. Anyone who works near him gets a friendly nod at the very least. He doesn't bother to hide his magic from fellow inhabitants of the ship; he's sure they've seen stranger things, for the most part.
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More Father's Day Fallout )

Afterwards Ed had left the holodeck to lend a hand on greenhouse lighting planetside and making supply runs via her scooter. She needed to simply breath and fast, electronic work was the perfect cure since wires and gadgets made sense when not much else did (along with making supply runs). So feel free to poke the tech, ask for a tool, make her eat or simply check on her.
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Feeling like your life isn't falling apart anymore is great for one's well-being, Luke is finding. He has more energy and drive to do things he enjoys, and he's more curious about the things and people around him. The nightmares are still there, and the tiny shadow of fear hiding in the back of his mind that makes him jump at small things, but they're gradually fading.

He's found that most of all, having Cash back has helped more than anything, as well as being near his family.

Meditation helps too and Luke knows it's the Jedi way of doing things, but he generally hates sitting still for too long. He only allows so much sitting around in his daily routine before he needs to be out and about, doing something else.

The Enterprise is chock full of interesting things to do and explore, and while Luke is fascinated enough by the ship itself, he's decided that he wants to explore one feature in particular: the holodecks.

He's used them before on multiple occasions, but now he wants to try his hand at designing his own program. Just a simple one to start. The holodeck's database already has a space flight program. All he has to do is attempt to model a T-65 X-wing starfighter from memory. While he knows X-wings well, remembering every single detail will definitely be a challenge. If he only gets it mostly-right he'll be satisfied for the time being. Unless he can get a reference somewhere, it'll have to be a work in progress.

The door to the holodeck he's working on is wide open, and inside can be seen a simple hangar bay. Docked in the hangar is a long-nosed starfighter on its landing struts, double wings locked together and long, angular cockpit hatch open.

While it definitely resembles an X-wing, to anyone who's familiar with the ship, it's not quite right. Luke knows that, of course, and he can be found wandering in circles around the ship, giving a continuous stream of instructions to the computer.

"... bigger... bigger... uh, too big. Go back. Okay, stop! Right there. Perfect. And uh... this edge right here should be more angled. Just a little. Maybe by five degrees. Uhhh... try ten degrees."

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On Valentine's Day, one can enter a lounge on a spaceship docked outside a beautiful blue jewel of a planet (which can clearly be seen out the windows), and see that it's been made over with candles and linen tablecloths and red rose centrepieces. It's not anything as grand as Q would do. Amy is using the romance of the room: the windows looking out on Pacifica, soft lighting, and like last year she's even managed to find a trio to play music in one corner of the room: flute, cello, and violin.

Walking in, there's a sign:

♥    BLIND DATING TONIGHT, 19:00*    ♥
Party to follow at 23:00*!

A ginger beauty in a red dress is standing by with a sheet of those name tags you stick on your shirt that say HELLO MY NAME IS ______ and a clipboard of seat assignments. Not all the tables are taken (the woman in charge, Guinan, insisted the room stay open for other patrons), so those meant for the blind dates have numbers tucked in the centrepieces. Amy's taken mostly tables around the outside of the room, where there is the best view of space and a little privacy.

Table 1 - Luna Lovegood & Noriko Ashida
Table 2 - Ed & Alex Rogan
Table 3 - Kale McCallum & The (10th) Doctor
Table 4 - Trever McCallum & Ishka
Table 5 - Olan'atar & T'Pol
Table 6 - General Chang & Aeryn Sun
Table 7 - Marion Scotts & Thor Odinson
Table 8 - The (12th) Doctor & Aidan Nichols
Table 9 - Islington & Merlin
Table 10 - Deanna Troi & DJ
Table 11 - Kristen Kringle & Booker DeWitt
Table 12 - Jacqueline "Jackal" Egret & Dimo
Table 13 - Bob Fraser & Cridhe
Table 14 - Grainne O'Brian & Harry Dresden
Table 15 - Thea Queen & Kitt

If your name is on her list, you'll get a name tag and a little card with your table number on it. "Here you go. The bar's open while you wait, I bribed Guinan t' have out the real stuff, so you can tell her I sent you. No gettin' carried away, though. And no funny business, you treat your date with respect or I'll have you by the ear before night's out. I'll be 'round if you need anything."

Once everyone's been checked off her list, she's going to settle at the bar and have a drink. Match-making's hard business, but each time she does it she gets a little sense of satisfaction. Once the dates are over for the evening, she's looking forward to kicking off her heels and turning this place into a dance party.

* That's 7PM and 11PM respectively!

> Going Stag top-level!
> Open Tables (OTA) top-level!
> Galentine's Day DANCE PARTY OTA top-level!
> The OOC Sign-Ups/Announcement
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It's hard for her to believe that Rory has been gone a whole year now. Her Raggedy Man has finally come, and she thought once that had happened Rory would be back, but no such luck yet. She's been keeping a close eye on her Doctor for fear he disappears on her, too.

On the contrary, more of him keep showing up.

Christmas set her in a mood. She wants to do something for the Doctors; a dinner party or fancy dress, maybe. He likes that. In all the time she's travelled in the TARDIS it's never felt lonely, but out here she misses her family and her husband, and the Doctor is all she really has. Even her daft flatmate has gone missing. Without her permission, to add insult.

So, it's distraction that puts her in Ten Forward tonight, for the most part. That and she's been down to the planet they're currently at, and seeing all the happy faces and peaceful couples set her in another mood. A mood to meddle. Annie's gone and gotten herself married, which means Amy is in the market for somebody new to give her the good gossip.

♥    Amy Pond's Blind Dating Service    ♥

She's got a sign on her table, and another two on the doors going in and out of the lounge with her table number written on it. Currently she's sitting with her legs crossed, doodling flowers and little tornadoes in the margins of her clipboard paper, waiting for her first unsuspecting victim client.

[OOC: ETA a top-level specifically for the IC sign-up sheet. If you want to establish IC your character signing up without threading with Amy you can post them in on this top-level, or leave it OTA so others can tag you with reactions, questions, comments, etc!]
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Much like it has for other weddings and parties, the lounge has been transformed. The tables have been rearranged to open up a dance-floor, and the decorations are done in turquoise and white, with nets draped over various corners and hanging down from the ceiling and gold and silver accents here and there. There are also touches of whimsy, like the lights shaped in the form of sails (or is it shark fins?) and the little shells and plaster starfish, crabs, dolphins scattered around the place. Maybe even the occasional tiny boat. Nobody who knows Panem could doubt which District the bridal pair come from.

Although District Four wedding traditions call for a small gathering of family and friends, Annie and Finnick have opened the party up to whomever wants to join in, no matter if they know them or not. Announcements have been made and posted, and once the guests have returned from the reception, the party is ready to start.

Everyone's welcome. There's drinks and a buffet full of snack food chosen by the bride. And the dance floor is well and truly open. So come in, find a chair, find some friends or make new ones, and enjoy yourself.

[ OOC: PARTY POST. Everyone is welcome! Come, mingle, eat, dance, drink, have FUN! Feel free to chat to the happy couple, but they're a tiny bit lost in each other at the moment, so make sure you specify if you want one of them and we'll send them to say hi!

There are designated sub-threads for mingling at the buffet and for dancing but feel free to start your own top-levels with other things too. ]
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After at least one round of getting lost Edward in back in the cargo hold with a backpack of tools in tow. Once she located her scooter she was hard at work dealing with the headlight that was damaged when she crashed into the lounge pillar. But as Ed worked she was also checking out the wheels nearby, one of them reminding her of the Bebop and of happier days. She was remembering for a few minutes but a smile quickly returned to her face.

"But the past is the past, have to embrace the now now!" she decided as she flipped on her flashlight to see just how badly the headlight was damaged. "Oh dear, that pillar took out at least a dozen wires!" not knowing anyone could hear her work or musing.

However the remains of the scooter's left bumper sat nearby since that was the other item on her repair list.
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If this is your first trip to Sickbay, you may be surprised to see that it's a fairly ordinary-looking hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly — even the more unusual aliens.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go. Lollipops are optional.

"All right, step on in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be afraid. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is, as always, OTA and open until the next one goes up for latecomers! For new characters: tagging isn't mandatory but IC going to sickbay is. If you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. There will be a post up in the OOC comm shortly with more details about Sickbay and which doctors are on deck this month, if you have any questions.]

Round 1 // Open

2016-Jan-17, Sunday 10:26 am
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There's a soft flash, not unlike the arrival of a Q that yields a new passenger who arrives on his knees. Clad in white, wearing a blue tabard and sedge hat, the relatively human-looking male calmly appraises the location where the Q have dropped him. Raiden's gently glowing, electric-blue eyes disappear below the brim of his hat as he stands with a sigh, ruminating on his predicament. The snare set for him has turned out to be more thorough than he'd realized: dropping him into a parallel universe which had so many different rules, even a different pantheon, and thoroughly separated him from the very life force of his own realm. He could barely feel the presence of the Jinsei from his own universe, and was fairly certain what he actually sensed was merely the part of his own essence that had been created from it.

"It feels as if the Chaos Realm had merged with that of Earthrealm." A quietly voiced observation he did not find particularly comforting, but worth saying even if it's only to himself in the end. The only certainty he had now, until he could find the next part of Kano's trap, was that he would be stuck here under the purview of the entity which had called itself the Q continuum.

The brim of the hat lifts again as he looks both ways down the hall. He can sense an unnatural movement about the floor, and is certain at least that it's a ship of some sort. Trying to still the swaying sensation under his feet, a hand reaches out and touches one of the black panels along the wall. His head tilts in mild curiosity when a light chime greets his touch, and he faintly senses the hum of electricity there.

"Most curious." He will have to ask about it at a later time. Until then, he's going to release his hand from the wall and start wandering the hallways in search of anyone who might be able to help him learn more about exactly where he's been left so that he can begin his search anew.
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The first sound was the traditional pop.

Then came the sound of a crash against a pillar in Ten Forward as a scooter hit head on.

Its driver looked to be a casually dressed (skinny jeans, tee, boots and a bomber jacket) young woman in her early 20s with a backpack full of computer gear and appears to be unharmed (outside of a few bruises and a mild concussion). But the scooter is in worse shape since a headlight has gone flying along with what looks to be the bumper. After hopping off the scooter long enough to quickly check the damage the woman known by her alter ego of Radical Edward spoke if only to herself.

"That was a nasty wrong turn! I know the Space Gate should not have backfired that much since its the one most Cowboys take as a shortcut." the woman spoke, especially since she had triggered that gate to close off since she was being chased by a bounty gone wrong. But when she realized this was not the arrival port on Ganymede (mostly since she was now in a bar and the star patterns did not add up to anything she knew) she knew something was amiss and it was not a simple backfired wrong turn at the Space Gate. She also had something else on her mind: finding the flying parts to her wheels.

"Anyone see a headlight or a bumper go flying by? Because Edward knows parts went flying but has to be sure what happened."

The Scooter )

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