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Planet fall!

Kevin had heard the call to go out for volunteers to go down to the planet and start working on helping them reap a crop that will actually let them survive.

Kevin misses gardening. He misses it so much that he'd jumped at the chance to come down here and put his back to work, helping out the planet.

He sticks his hoe into the ground and leans on it. Instead of worrying about it, he removes the clunky metal bracelet and slips off his two shirts, tying them around his waist. The bracelet goes back on and he feels it take over his powers.

With the bracelet, his powers completely don't work, instead of being hard to work. He doesn't care how clunky it is, it works and that's all that matters. He doesn't have to worry about accidentally hurting someone with it on. That's good.

He bends his back and settles back to work. He cannot believe how much he's missed this. He doesn't remove his gloves, protecting his hands from blisters, but it's nice to still be able to work.

Sweat slicks his back, and he keeps working along the row he'd been assigned to. This is actually fun for him. He starts humming "Sweet Home Alabama" to himself.
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In spite of Luna's magic it turns out she's actually a better researcher than planter. But she had been making trips planetside to run saplings and seeds (along with research notes) to people and decided to make a quick stop to check on Kevin. Her hair had been pulled into a ponytail but a few loose hairs escaped as her radishes seemed to bounce,"Fresh set of saplings everyone!" her accent sticking out like a sore thumb,"And need a quick round of water for that batch?" making the offer to use her magic to help things as she was able.
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With a graceful (in spite of her hand woes) flick of the wrist Luna casts a simple spell to send water to the row and saplings Kevin suggested. "Work in progress?" she offered,"Turns out I've got a lot of things to face down since turns out me and power outages don't exactly mix."
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Kurt had always been an independent sort of person. He enjoyed having his own car back home and going wherever he wanted for the most part. This was one of many reasons he was going stir crazy in the spaceship. It might feel like freedom to some, but not to him. It was cramped in comparison to New York and all the fun he had exploring the city. That would've been all the reason he needed to come and see what this new planet was all about. Hearing there was a legitimate way to help the people here was just a bonus!

He didn't like getting dirty or doing things that might stain his clothes. However, he was also not such a snob he couldn't roll up his sleeves and actually do some hard work for a worthy cause. In just a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, he let those in charge direct him to the where they could use an extra pair of hands. It was quite by accident, he came across Kevin. At first, he hesitated to approach the guy. The last time they'd talked, they hadn't parted on a high note. Sighing, he pushed that aside to ask what he needed to do to help.

As a side note, he tried and failed to ignore the fact this was the second time he'd caught Kevin bare chested and god.. he wasn't complaining about the view.

"Hey, Kevin," he called, coming closer. He had been given a pair of gloves and a shovel and hoe. He didn't know what he was supposed to do with either of those.
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Kurt watched Kevin work as he approached. The young man was attractive, there was no denying that. However, it wasn't something Kurt wanted to spend time thinking about. After Blaine, he doubted he would want any kind of relationship for a long while. In addition, he was a little unsure about their age difference. It wasn't that much, but he knew he had changed a lot in the two years that separated their ages. Still.. he hoped he could find some friends here before too long.

He smiled at the greeting. That had sounded much more positive than the last time they'd talked. "Yeah, I am," he answered and watched curiously as Kevin took his hoe. Taking the shovel, he looked at it with a slightly confused expression. He wrinkled his nose at the stink of dirt, but he tried not to let it show too much. "What do you want me to do?"