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Name:Ten Forward: a Pan-Fandom RPG
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Ten Forward: a Pan-Galactic RPG set aboard the starship Enterprise.

  a p p s   a r e    c l o s e d  
  r e s e r v e s   a r e    c l o s e d  

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.*

It is the 24th century, and the Starfleet flagship
Enterprise-D has run afoul of the tricky "Q", an omnipotent being who delights in stirring up trouble. Suddenly, people from different times and places start showing up on the ship without warning. What is the meaning of this? How do they make it stop? And most importantly for some — how do they get back home?

What is Ten Forward? // Rules // FAQ // Applications
Taken Characters // Reserved Characters // Drops // Hiatus
OOC Community // Who's in Charge?

Ten Forward is a pan-fandom role playing game whose mission is to combine all the best features of journal-based RPG in a safe playing environment where all are welcome. Do you love plot-driven "jamjar" style games, but also like having the freedom of a "dressing room" to create your own stories? Have you ever wanted to jump into a game but felt lost in the crowd, or overwhelmed by all the game history and information? Ten Forward is a place to mingle, meet new people, and blow off some steam, all while the ship travels to new places where a variety of plot opportunities are open to you. You may start off stuck on a ship far from home, but ways of coming and going will always be made available. Most importantly, Ten Forward is a wank-free zone. Meet new people, broaden your gaming scope, and thread with everyone. Your friendly mods will be here to ensure everyone feels safe, welcomed, and appreciated.

Sound good? Great! Please be sure to read our FAQs, which should answer all your questions. For anything else, send an email to tenforwardmods (at) gmail (dot) com, and we'll be happy to help. Read on for a few friendly rules and links.

  1. Conduct:
    • Be nice. This cannot be stressed enough. Wank, trolling, flaming, name-calling, bashing, and so on are not allowed. Treat everyone as you'd want to be treated, and we'll all get along great. If you can't, the mods will take notice and won't hesitate to tap you on the shoulder.
    • Canon-puncturing is not allowed.
    • Adult or Triggery material (such as: sex, violence, etc.) must be behind a cut-tag, with a clearly written warning. If such material is not in the body of the main post, a warning must be applied to the text where the material is contained. For instance: when threading in the comments section, use the subject line to say, "Warning: violent content to follow." When linking to plot threads, add a footnote which says, "Link contains adult content which may be considered NSFW."
    • Use your common sense. Don't godmod other players, take over the ship, change any physical details of the ship, stage a coup, etc. If you're not sure about something, contact a mod. We're here to help.

  2. Who can Apply?
    • Ten Forward accepts characters from any established canon (book, movie, television series, video game, so on), as well as original characters (OCs) who may come from an original canon or established canon; however, the application process for OCs is slightly more detailed than it is for characters from an established canon. See the application section of our FAQ for more info.
    • Only one of each character can play in Ten Forward at any given time, though multiple personifications are allowed. For instance, Sherlock Holmes from Elementary and Sherlock Holmes from BBC's Sherlock can co-exist, but a pre-serum Steve Rogers cannot co-exist with a post-serum Steve Rogers. We allow some AUs, but they're subject to the OC app requirements. See the application section of our FAQ for more info.
    • We cannot accept apps for major world deities or real people, unless, and this is important, they are a fictionalized representation from an established canon. See the application section of our FAQ for more info.
    • All players are subject to an eight character limit, and activity checks will run once every six months. This is pretty relaxed compared to most games, so we encourage everybody to read the FAQ about character limits, ACs, how we handle hiatus, reserves, and so on.
    • If you or your character are under 18 years of age and are caught threading adult content, the moderators may be required to remove you from the game for legal reasons.
    • Apps open the first week of every month. You may apply for as many characters as you choose under the guidelines mentioned above. If you need to apply for a character outside of the regular app period, such as for an in-game plot, you may contact a mod and we'll see what we can do.
    • Got it? Great! Continue to the how to app page to get your application template, and read the extended rules and regulations for applying.

  3. Read the extended rules and the Frequently Asked Questions. No, really. The Star Trek universe is big and sprawling and allows for so many threading opportunities. We can't cover everything in a few bullet points. If you want to know what the ship is like, whether your character can get back home, what kinds of things they can do while aboard, what your options are as a player, etc. we cover it all there. And if we don't, then you can ask us your questions by contacting us using one of the means listed below.

  4. Join the OOC Community. Once you apply, join [community profile] ten_fwd_ooc. This is where we, the mods, will update you on what's happening in the game. It's also a great place to ask questions and meet other players.

  5. Contact the Mods...
    • before running any game plots.
    • to request a game plot, or to apply for an IC job or OOC responsibilities.
    • if you have any problems, or witness something that goes against our no wank policy.
    • if you have any questions. No, really. We're here to help!

Your Mods Are:
    Beth                  tenforward.beth (at) gmail (dot) com               / /      bmurg13 (aim)
    Emma               tenforward.emma (at) gmail (dot) com             / /      weevilqueen (plurk)
    Gabby               tenforward.gabby (at) gmail (dot) com            / /      gabbynormal (plurk)
    Jack                 tenforward.jack (at) gmail (dot) com                 / /      themightyspazz (aim)
    Leon                  blaze0010 (at) googlemail (dot) com               / /       youngflamelion (plurk, pp only)

We can also be reached through the mod journal [personal profile] ten_fwd_mods, by leaving a comment or PM, and by e-mail at tenforwardmods (at) gmail (dot) com. We respect your privacy and your comfort, and will be available to you through whichever medium you prefer. If you have a suggestion for the game, we also have a suggestions box open to the OOC community.

You can also contact our fantastic part-time mods for information about the game. Kippur helps with basic game updates as well as game plots; ModM handles our game ads, as well as the memes we run here at Ten Forward:
    Kippur           kippur.ten.forward (at) gmail (dot) com               / /       kippurbirdy (AIM)
    ModM            thats.just.a.lollipop.tree (at) gmail (dot) com      / /      firewants2bwater (AIM)

Welcome to Ten Forward!

*Please note that while some of us are big Star Trek fans, the Enterprise is just serving as a setting for an evolving pan-fandom RPG, which is not intended to be a perfect replica of the Star Trek universe in all its detail and minutiae. We may fudge things from time to time, or omit other things altogether. If you're looking for a hardcore Star Trek game, this isn't it.

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