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Round 6 // Raindance - Locked+OTA

Locked to Kaylin and Fujin
With the work for the day completed, it was time to relieve the parched ground and refill the water basins at the colony. Thankfully, the Enterprise had a pair of rain gods to help fill the need and Raiden was rather willing on this occasion to oblige the local request for rain. That, and he was looking forward to another opportunity to spend some time with Fujin.

Incidentally, Kaylin had also come to his attention as a potentially helpful component of the storm, but he also saw it as an opportunity to indulge her apparent love of flight. Hopefully she wouldn't mind the soaking that would come along with the later half of this jaunt.

All the components were assembled, all that was needed now was to find their water source. Raiden gathered Kaylin and Fujin and, turning to his brother, he nodded.

"What direction will the winds best carry the storm today?" They might as well work with the natural direction of the planet's winds. It might go a little further to helping reboot the rain cycle locally.

The rain had rolled in rather quickly, with lightning flashing throughout the thunderhead, but somehow never daring to strike the ground. With the risk of fire too great after such a long dry spell, the electricity was kept within the clouds even as Raiden stayed out in the storm.

The dark clouds were bringing dusk faster, but he didn't mind as he looked up at the sky, an unmasked expression of pleasure upon his face. He didn't quite stand in the water, instead, his toes hovering a few inches above the muddy ground below him, rain running off his impeccably white sandals.

The last betrayal of the thunder god's hand in the storm is the electricity that traces between the slats of his hat with as much frequency as the storm. In fact, it might be strangely synced with the flashes of light within the storm itself.

Anyone who approaches him won't have to worry about being shocked or struck by lightning. He's just reveling in his element, but not at risk to those around him. Feel free to interrupt his moment, he's in quite a good mood right now. Storms do that.
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Like when he had visited Pacifica, the moment he was transported to this new planet - Fujin shot straight up into the air and disappeared as he physically merged with the winds and just coasted on the jet stream for a while. It gave him a chance to get acquainted to this new world, and get an idea on what they had to work with to help the locals.

Hours later, the wind god gathered himself once more and returned, appearing wind blown but happy much to the amazement of the locals as he flew from field to field to lend a hand.

Now he had met up with his brother and Kaylin, preparing to see what they could do with the weather so that the thirst of the dry soil could finally be quenched. A lot of hard work had been done to prepare the land for planting and for rain. The wind god was not only wind blown, but had smears of soil and dust here and there on his usual clothing, and his hands and feet. It was clear he had been involved hands on at some point.

He was sitting cross-legged - hovering in mid-air on a wind cushion as naturally as if sitting on a chair while puzzling over a device in his hands. It had been given to him by one of the botanists - and told him that it helped track the weather patterns globally among other things. Fujin didn't know the planet as well as he knew Earth so he didn't mind playing with it for a while. It clearly amused him. It was near the end of the day however, and would be the perfect time to build a gentle storm.

Fujin looked up at Raiden when his brother spoke, pondering a moment. "This planet is very similar to Earth actually. In terms of angle and rotation at least. Weather systems should work similarly here." He held up the device in his hand, poking it with a finger and causing a miniature 3D holographic display of the planet to hover above it. Though Fujin could find out a lot of the information it provided himself, he found it fascinating and perhaps convenient in a pinch when it came to topography.

"Our biggest concern is water source more than wind direction. Though I think a North Westerly direction is best for this part of the hemisphere."
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She stared at him floating as though air itself were a seat. She managed not to whimper, but it was a near thing. What must it be like? Her eyes drifted to the skies as she listened to them, rubbing at her arms idly. She had been hoping that maybe she'd just go flying with them, then would patrol while they did whatever they were going to do with magic.

Until Fujin mentioned the need for water, dashing her hopes. Uriel had called the Water in times of drought, long before times of war. And Raiden now knew she could. She ran her fingers over the gems of her bracer, and glared at Raiden. "You do know this isn't something I generally do, right?" she asked, glowering.

She hated magic. She really really hated magic. But.... Water... was Water. And this was why Water wanted to be called, why Water was the last element Uriel had called.
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Fujin touched the holo, causing the miniature planet to spin and even get bigger so that he could see an area in more detail. Detailed information was on a small screen on the device. Fascinating really...

He frowned in slight concern at Kaylin, not exactly sure what she was talking about. At Raiden's apologetic glance, he decided that he'd have to ask his brother about this later once they were alone in their quarters. He nodded at Raiden in return. They could manage. They always did.

"You are more than welcome to join us." Fujin stated, emphasizing Raiden's statement. From the moment he first met her, he knew she was a child of the sky and one of his kindred. Even though she wasn't of Earthrealm - he still felt like a guardian of sorts though technically he wasn't responsible for her. But most of all, she was a friend.

"As for the water source - it's just a matter of seeking out the closest one and making the weather system there...then I'll blow it this way. That will feed it and allow it to build even more." His tones were light - should be easy enough. Plus there was no doubt by the brightening of his eyes that he looked forward to it immensely.
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She took a deep breath, then sighed. "No, I'll help," she said. "These people need the help. But do not mistake it, I'm not a **** mage. I'm a Hawk. First. Foremost. Always." She still hesitated, then looked at both of them. "And this goes no further than us. Right? So far only Minoru and Beverly know anything and... neither of them know about this."

A lifetime of caution, of hiding the marks, her power, everything. But then there were the Norinaar, for whom her marks weren't a stigma or a sign of dark dark magic, but a hope. And Bellusdeuo's surprised outraged that the marks were not only hidden, but afforded her no respect, no accolades.

She realized she was still hesitating and ran her fingers over the bracer, over the gems, in an order she knew so well she would have fumbled if she had to speak it. Despite having no hinge, it opened. She shoved it in her pocket, not quite sure what would happen if she lost it here. Then, after another hesitation that she was irritated with herself over, she unbuttoned her sleeves and rolled them up, exposing her arms.

The marks on her arms were flat and a black that made any other black look grey and dull. They were words, an ancient language used to create life, to create whole words. The familiar on her shoulder leaned down, curiously. She grabbed it around the mouth. "Eat another mark, and I'll find something that can eat you," she snapped.

It made a disgruntled squawk as it pulled free of her and took to the air. She was wondering why the ****s she hadn't left it on the ship like she had last time. Oh. Right. It had decided. Little ****** brat.

She hesitated. Again. then glanced to Raiden. She took a deep breath and then closed her eyes, seeing the True Name of Water. She spoke in a way where speaking involved no sound and almost no motion of her lips. But it felt like speaking to Kaylin. Invoking a True Name usually did.

She put her hands out, and when she finally finished the word, the long and complicated word, her marks were glowing. The outside was still blacker than black, but the inside was a core of bright vibrant blue. There was a faint glow here and there where her clothing thinned, like at the nape of her neck, hinting that she had more marks than just the ones on her arms.

And as they glowed, hands appeared in her hands, as a young girl appeared before her. She looked like a young girl. A bit sallow, tired, drained, but a young girl. But every other sense would be screaming that this was Water. Elemental Water.

Kaylin opened her eyes, and scowled. "You look like *****"

The girl laughed, but it was a pained laugh. "This world is too empty. Have you called me, Uriel-kin, and Uriel once called me?" she asked.

"Ah... the way he did before the whole warrior leader thing."

She chuckled, and it was a slightly better sound, as she nodded. "I have always preferred to prolong and aid life, where I can. What Uriel wanted would have destroyed. His enemies. His people. Himself. You have never wished that. I will help." She took her hands free of Kaylin's, and bowed slightly to each of the boy's, making KAylin's eyes round in shock.
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"Yes of course." Fujin echoed, not sure why Kaylin seemed so averse to the distinction of being a mage verses a Hawk. Why not both? As an elemental he had never had reason to conceal his nature or even consider it. Why would he? He was the wind. Why hide it? It was a very part of his nature and who he was. It baffled him when others concealed their true natures.

The revealed marks interested him, and he watched as they started to glow. What happened next caused him to freeze in visible shock. Water. An elemental. Not one of Earthrealm but a sister...maybe a cousin nonetheless. One that was alive and well. Fujin was on the reserved side when expressing emotion with mortals, but now - unfiltered amazement was on his features, mixed with so much more. Glowing eyes wide and mouth open slightly - emotions flickered both on the surface and churned beneath as he saw the girl. Both joy and heart wrenching grief was elicited within the wind god. Joy at seeing a kin alive - but sorrow for the kin that were gone.

Fujin didn't see the same reaction in Raiden and he nearly double taked. It was as if he knew. Of course it wasn't in him to dig into Kaylin's private business, so it was logical that his brother wouldn't tell him...but this...

The wind dissipated beneath the wind god, and his feet touched the ground as he too, bowed to both the elemental and Kaylin with hand over fist. He didn't bow deeper than Raiden, however he kept bent for longer as he struggled to control his emotions. When he straightened his expression was unguarded. He approached Water and went down on a knee to be more at eye level. His chest and throat constricted when he saw her condition - and the innocent agelessness of her face, and he held out a hand invitingly so she could touch it if she wished. He was clearly moved, and when he spoke - the only thing that betrayed the emotion was the slightly roughened tones.

"It is an honor to work with Water again." He said softly, his tones gentle. "I am Fujin, god of Wind from Earthrealm. Please, allow me to give of renew you for the task ahead." Separated from the Jinsei and his realm, this was no light offer. But he would do it. For Water. For one of his own.

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Kira taggin' the OTA

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Kira loved the rain. She was used to rains and humidity growing up in the swamps with the Podlings. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed something like a rain storm. The lightning was scary at first, but when she saw that it was contained within the clouds she simply relaxed and enjoyed the show.

The gelfling had been planetside helping the Botanists, and planting seedlings. She had been knee deep in soil and dirt and getting it all over her clothing and hair, but she was loving every minute. She was currently in just her skirts and tunic - arms spread as she ran through the fields bare foot. Relishing the feel of the mud between her toes as the ground soaked in the water. She saw Raiden hovering across the field and joyfully headed in his direction, not caring that she was drenched. Her wings glistened and caught the light as the water gathered on them.

"Raiden!" She called - practically skipping over, happy to see him.
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With him hovering like that, Kira drew up short - spotting the way the electricity seemed to spill from his eyes - flickering along the lines of his hat. Similar to how the lightning flickered in the clouds. She had been about to touch his leg, but wasn't sure if that was such a good idea considering the wet. The thunder god was both awe inspiring and maybe a little frightening. It was only the fact that he was a dear friend of hers that she wasn't outright nervous or afraid.

This was the first time she had seen him like this - dressed down but in his element. One with the storm. Definitely intimidating!

"Oh, I'm fine!" She realized Raiden had asked her a question and she shook herself from her momentary speechlessness. "It's been a while since I enjoyed a good rain. If this was more forested, it would remind me of home!" She smiled, though wistfully.
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Kira grinned as Raiden lowered down to the ground and knelt to be more at eye level. Sensing it was safe to do so, the gelfling moved forward to give him a hug in greeting, always so physically affectionate by nature. He looked so happy - and it also made her happy to see her friend so.

She giggled at the tingling sensation. It was like static and if it wasn't for the wet, she figured some of her hair would be sticking out.

"I like everything about it." She admitted. "I love the sound it makes and the fresh smell...and how it makes the land green. I find it comforting." She looked up at the flickering clouds. " and Fujin made all this?"
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Paul sniffed. Geosmium. The scent of rain. It had been...years? Yes, years now. So much moisture gathering in the air. It rolled over him and soon he was drenched to the bone.

He tried to imagine the reaction of the Fremen to this: Stilgar probably falling to his knees in quasi-religious amazement, Chani frantically trying to calculate how much could be saved and reclaimed.

Paul had been away from rain for some time though. His throat spasmed, unable to handle the sudden, unexpected influx of water after so long adapted to the desert, and he clutched at it. He could barely spare any attention to notice that someone was apparently floating nearby, so preoccupied was he with using his Prana Bindu training to bring his body's reaction under control.
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There was a long moment, some little muscle spasms in his neck. Then everything suddenly returned to normal, his internal chemistry mastered again. Then he sniffed. Yes, the smell of ozone, coming right off him. Strange.

"I am. Sorry, I've been away from rain for some time. What just happened?"
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The light seems to flicker with his mood. The clothing is like a peasant's but not nearly worn or dirty enough. Is this what he normally wears or did he replicate it to blend in with the locals? Paul thought, studying him with his mentat training. He didn't exactly blend in that well either, but he wasn't particularly concerned with it, since the stillsuit could at least be of use to the locals.

"Something you did, then?"

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I was indecisive and finally I YOLO'ed oops

[personal profile] god_of_wind 2016-03-31 01:15 am (UTC)(link) the middle of the storm....

It had been a long but eventful day, but a productive one. Between himself, Raiden, Kaylin and Water they had brewed up quite a series of thunderheads which even now, still nourished and replenished the land. The rains continued north east - to refill the water sources of the farmlands in the mountains.

Despite it being now dusk and heading into night - Fujin was still out in the storm. Though joy was in his heart for creating such a wondrous thing with his brother and friends - there was a deep wellspring of grief too that had been brought up upon seeing the other elemental. It had caught him completely by surprise and it was only his duty as a wind god that had enabled him to function with any degree of normalcy.

But now he was alone - and his duties were completed for now. The deep emotions still lay, waiting.

It had been too long since the wind god had allowed himself to fully acknowledge and express them. Between his duties for Earthrealm, and looking after his only kin - there hadn't been time to allow himself to. Oh he did now and again, but those times were few. A god lived a very long time and took a longer time to forget. Fujin could never forget. Not his lost kin. He would always carry their memories in his soul.

Fujin was out in the middle of the heavy downpour, drenched to the bone as he looked upward to the roiling clouds that flickered and flashed with lightning. He hovered a few meters from the ground within a small cyclone of wind, away from all the work that had been done in the fields.

There, a wind god allowed himself to weep, hidden in the rain.
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Fujin suddenly realized he wasn't alone. Only one other could join him up here, and by the charge in the air he knew who it was. There was no mistaking his brother or that life force. Despite the rain there was no hiding what Fujin was doing out here by himself. He lessened the strength of the winds surrounding him and turned to glance at the thunder god, even now trying to control his emotions. But he couldn't.

He couldn't remember a recent time where he was caught like this. If Raiden had seen him right after the loss of their kin, he never said a word about it. At least this time around Fujin was a lot quieter and more subtle, instead of the howl of grief and rage and the lethal gales of the past.

He looked away, head lowered.
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When Raiden was close enough - the winds rose to surround them once more to their previously controlled fury, to allow the gods some privacy. They were tightly controlled enough that there was no damage to the environment around them. The wind god also made sure not to be close to where people were located.

He was too reluctant to look over at his brother, though his presence proved to be a comfort. It was also a little embarrassing to be seen this way. So emotionally vulnerable. He knew how much Raiden bore on his shoulders, and hated to add to that burden.

"It wasn't you." He said finally in a roughened whisper, heard easily despite the winds. "I would have found out eventually." He closed his eyes with the shaky huff of a sound. Wistful. That wry sad smile on his lips like when Water had held his face in her hands. "I know it wasn't Suijin..." He paused, voice had been a while since he had physically said the other god's name on his lips. "But seeing another elemental alive and caught me off guard." Now it was his turn to almost shamefully lower his head. It hadn't been like him to allow his heart to come before a god's duty like that.

Now that Water wasn't present - it simply reminded Fujin of that loneliness and aching void of him and his brother being the last of their kind. Now in this place - they had the added burden of being separated from the very life force of their home.

"Such joy...." Fujin whispered, still with that small bitter sweet smile. The expression a tremulous thing. "And such sorrow..."