2016-Mar-27, Sunday

Father's Day [OTA]

2016-Mar-27, Sunday 07:50 pm
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Amy's relationship with her dad is - not terribly fraught but, to be honest, not the best. Her visit with him mixed praise with annoyed frustration; why hasn't she done as good as her brother Frank? Why isn't she as tough as her brother Mark? Not to mention the other seven of them, all of whom seem to be doing better and behaving in a more interesting manner than she.

Once he's gone and she's woken from the near-trance his presence had put her in, she's off to the gym. She can be found in sweats, trying to tough her way through a bunch of rapid push-ups on her weak arms.

For - just because her father mentioned it - she's totally going to break her brother's twelve-year-old school record for most push ups done in ten minutes.

Suck it, Tom.
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Locked to Kaylin and Fujin )

The rain had rolled in rather quickly, with lightning flashing throughout the thunderhead, but somehow never daring to strike the ground. With the risk of fire too great after such a long dry spell, the electricity was kept within the clouds even as Raiden stayed out in the storm.

The dark clouds were bringing dusk faster, but he didn't mind as he looked up at the sky, an unmasked expression of pleasure upon his face. He didn't quite stand in the water, instead, his toes hovering a few inches above the muddy ground below him, rain running off his impeccably white sandals.

The last betrayal of the thunder god's hand in the storm is the electricity that traces between the slats of his hat with as much frequency as the storm. In fact, it might be strangely synced with the flashes of light within the storm itself.

Anyone who approaches him won't have to worry about being shocked or struck by lightning. He's just reveling in his element, but not at risk to those around him. Feel free to interrupt his moment, he's in quite a good mood right now. Storms do that.

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