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[Sickbay]: Round Five Scans and Vaccines

Sickbay is fairly ordinary for a ship's hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly. As a matter of fact, all personnel look harmless. Well, perhaps excluding the sun avatar, but Trance Gemini is as skilled as the Starfleet officers.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go! Lollipops are optional.

"All right, come in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be shy. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is as always OTA! For new characters, tagging isn't mandatory but going to sickbay ICly is. So if you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. For those who are tagging, we have Trance Gemini, Beverly Crusher, and Rory Williams, with Julian Bashir by request only (and possible appearances by Simon Tam). If you have a preference, please specify in the subject line of your tag who you would like. If you would like more details about sickbay, here's the wiki page. If you haven't made your intro yet, you can assume the doctors will want to see your character shortly after they arrive, and backtagging is love!]
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He's not rostered on, but Simon's stopped by again to check on some patients and to see if the staff need any help with the medical exams. As it turns out, there is a young woman waiting, while all the other medical staff are busy. So Simon picks up a tricorder and a hypospray and heads over to her.

He's dressed neatly, in shirt and waistcoat under the lab coat he's donned, and his manner is politely formal as he greets her.

"Good morning. My name's Doctor Tam. Please, come this way." He gestures towards one of the biobeds.
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Waistcoats. Taste of home, though Judith's okay having a break from home for the moment.

"Good morning, Dr. Tam," she says, heading to the gestured biobed. "Im Judith." A breath. "Judith Rassendyll." Here's hoping it's not so much of a taste of home that he recognizes it. Breaks are nice.
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"It's, uh, good to meet you, Judith."

Fortunately, despite the pause in his words, medical work is what Simon is best at, so meeting the Enterprise's new guests in order to give them a medical scan doesn't bring out too much of his inherent awkwardness in introductions. It helps that he's behind the professional, polite wall of the style of clothing that's habitual for him anywhere but where he is most comfortable.

He shows no sign of recognizing the name, but does check a list on the PADD next to the biobed, where the names of the patients they're to see are listed.

"All right," he says, with his best attempt at a cheerful smile, "do you have any questions before we begin?"
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"Just want to say you'll have to tell me where hands need to go and all. I'm not used to this level of technology."
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"It's all right. I ... think most of the patients we get here aren't."

Simon himself hadn't been when he'd arrived here, though his unfamiliarity was less with the level of technology than with its specifics, though the technology here in many ways is more advanced than in his own world and time despite this being a previous century.

Simon had overcome that difficulty by applying himself to extensive reading and familiarization through many hours here until he's as quietly confident with this equipment as he is with that in his infirmary on Serenity or the hospital in Capital City.

"Essentially, you just need to sit still for the scan. This tricorder will run a scan and the biobed will log your information into the computers in case we need to treat you in the future. And then I'll give you a vaccination, and that's it."