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If this is your first trip to Sickbay, you may be surprised to see that it's a fairly ordinary-looking hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly — even the more unusual aliens.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go. Lollipops are optional.

"All right, step on in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be afraid. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is, as always, OTA and open until the next one goes up for latecomers! For new characters: tagging isn't mandatory but IC going to sickbay is. If you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. There will be a post up in the OOC comm shortly with more details about Sickbay and which doctors are on deck this month, if you have any questions.]
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Erik Lehnsherr's arrival in this new place was somewhat less...undignified than his arrival at the Warehouse had been. No substance to make them docile, no prodding. So far, anyway. He was wearing clothing that he'd liberated in Univille. Proof, to him, that he'd come directly from there.

It was disorienting, though. One moment at the B&B, the next moment here. A public space of some sort. And nobody seemed to think it was too strange for a man to suddenly just...appear.

But Mystique. He frowned and turned, glancing around quickly to see if she'd been transported with him. His eyes caught the expansive windows. Oh. Another space ship. Great. She'd been taken away once on a space ship. And returned on one. Perhaps the pattern would, at least, hold. And if she didn't hate him when she arrived this time, that'd be even better.

If she arrived.

In the meantime, his first order of business was to find out where he was and what was going on here. A quick scan of the faces in the room - it looked like some sort of bar - revealed nobody familiar. He headed into the hallway.

[ooc: Feel free to catch Erik in the halls or doubling back to Ten Forward when he discovers some areas are off-limits.]

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