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If Han Solo thought the trip to the holodeck would be uneventful, Q clearly had other plans. The cantina was filled with all the usual distractions - alcohol, women, gambling, an alien band playing dreadful lounge music... and one strange little boy that was, without a doubt, following him around.

"Dad! Dad, wait!"

He was a lanky thing, probably around age six or seven, with an unruly mop of dark hair and a nose that was too big for his face. He had Leia's determination and her pouty lips. He had someone else's quick fuse.

"Dad, I'm lost!" He cried again, tears brimming around his eyes. "I'm really really lost and I don't know what to do!"

Unbeknownst to Han, this illusion was about to turn his entire world around.

Never Better

2016-Mar-01, Tuesday 08:28 pm
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[Locked to Leia and Luke.... Cash later]

Han stumbled out of sickbay, several hours after stumbling in. The good thing was now that he could see again. He met a guy who told him where he was, but who the hell did this Q think he was anyway? He was Han Solo.

Han Solo no one kidnapped him without his permission. That was his job thank you very much. He made it into Ten Forward at least that looked somewhat familiar. It reminded him of the Cantina on Tatooine. He was at the bar waiting for a drink.

[Open, after he finds Luke and Leia]

Han felt a little more relieved as he roamed around the ship. He, at least, knew people here, and he could relax knowing the Kid and Princess were safe. He is just roaming, so feel free to run into him anywhere. He is a decent mood for a smuggler who can't smuggle. He has seen some pretty strange stuff in his day but all of this is giving him pause.

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