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Locked to Kaylin and Fujin )

The rain had rolled in rather quickly, with lightning flashing throughout the thunderhead, but somehow never daring to strike the ground. With the risk of fire too great after such a long dry spell, the electricity was kept within the clouds even as Raiden stayed out in the storm.

The dark clouds were bringing dusk faster, but he didn't mind as he looked up at the sky, an unmasked expression of pleasure upon his face. He didn't quite stand in the water, instead, his toes hovering a few inches above the muddy ground below him, rain running off his impeccably white sandals.

The last betrayal of the thunder god's hand in the storm is the electricity that traces between the slats of his hat with as much frequency as the storm. In fact, it might be strangely synced with the flashes of light within the storm itself.

Anyone who approaches him won't have to worry about being shocked or struck by lightning. He's just reveling in his element, but not at risk to those around him. Feel free to interrupt his moment, he's in quite a good mood right now. Storms do that.
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Inara had initially been uncertain about if she truly wanted a program designed around her home planet but in the end she had decided that it was something she needed. Even if it wasn't real, it would be nice to at least be surrounded by something that appeared familiar.

When she'd first stepped inside, her eyes had widened in wonder as her gaze took in the graceful buildings of her training house. The door had slid shut behind her and she'd turned and found herself gazing out at the majestic mountains that surrounded the Guild's buildings. It was a sight she hadn't thought she'd be able to see again when she'd left with Mal and yet, there she was.

For a moment she had to remind herself that it wasn't real. But soon enough she doesn't rightly care if it's real or not. It's comforting and though she feels the familiar twinge of homesickness, it's exactly what she's needed.

If one were to wonder in they might find Inara in the main temple, kneeling and offering prayers in front of the large white marble Buddha. They might also find her sitting, hands clasped loosely on her lap while she enjoys the view of the surrounding mountains. Either way, she actually looks at peace and even content for perhaps the first time since she's been on the ship.

Round 5 // Gym - OTA

2016-Feb-24, Wednesday 08:31 am
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Raiden had divested himself of his tabard and armor for the afternoon. Walking through the halls in just his Gi and some blue, cloth wrappings on his arms and legs, he practically looks dressed down, even though that hat and hood stay firmly in place.

He'd scheduled some time at the gym today for himself and friends/acquaintances (who have all been sent a standing invitation), but he would not be opposed to any drop-ins who were curious as well. Those who walk in will find him doing any number of katas or movement exercises he's learned over his many long years.

Since this is the gym, and not the holodeck, Raiden's invoking a no-magic/powers rule for anyone who joins him today. He'll be strictly following his own rule, unless someone blatantly breaks it. And since everyone who lives on the Enterprise is the honorable sort, this will never be a problem...right?

[Generic post is generic. Timeline with regards to the Pollen Plot is flexible after room assignments.]
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The ship is in a state of complete chaos, and Worf is furious. He believes he is furious, that is. For some reason he feels happy, but is doggedly ignoring that in favor of voicing his displeasure with Q at every available opportunity. There are more pressing matters to attend to right now than assigning quarters. He wonders if he can put someone in the brig for being too happy. That would make him happy. A thought strong enough it has him grinning toothily.

However, the medical team under command of Dr. Crusher has cleared a sizable number of new passengers for ship-wide access, and that is Worf's duty to see to assigning them quarters, and instructing them on the correct behavior and protocols needed for life aboard the Enterprise. Protocols like not weaving Dancer blossoms into his hair. }}}:(

Once the new arrivals have been given the basic tour of the Enterprise by an unusually chipper Chief O'Brien, they are gathered together in Ten Forward to await further instructions. Worf begins his prepared speech:

"The computer will instruct you on where all cleared-for-access decks are. You only have to ask where the area you are trying to get to is located, and it will give you clear directions. The computers are ... wonderful. Truly wonderful. Ahem. Do not visit any restricted areas. The bridge, engine rooms, transporter rooms, and all command centers are off-limits.

"With that in mind, there are a few rules you must obey before I give you your new assignments. One, do not discharge any weapon while on the Enterprise. Two, do not assault any other passenger aboard in any way; that includes injury, death, or violating their personal rights." He is thinking of Kylo Ren then, one headache he did not need. "Three, do not tamper with the operational procedures of the ship. Four, do not steal items or technology from the ship. Five, do not interrupt any official areas of the ship without proper authorization, and do not invade the privacy of other guest or crew quarters.

"Copies of the Prime Directive will be made available to all of you, and placed in each room. As you are not Starfleet officers, you are not obligated to abide by this rule; however, it is important you understand why we do.

"Now, the rooms," he rumbles, preparing to read off the list of quarters, their location, and the guests who will be sharing them. Something makes him pause. "Ah," he says, straightening his shoulders, but his face is devoid of humor when he announces: "Everyone is just so happy to have you here."

It is a truly terrifying sight to see a Klingon smile. "The rooms are:

Deck 7
Room # 0712
- Edward Tivrusky and River Song
Room # 0721 - Legacy and Derek Morgan
Room # 0748 - Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron **
Room # 0757 - Raiden and Fujin
Room # 0769 - Magneto and Trance Gemini

Deck 8, Family Suites
Room # 0102 - Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers
Room # 0103 - The Doctor (Ten) and Rose Tyler

Deck 9
Room # 0913 - Alex Rogan and Kurt Hummel
Room # 0914 - Ezri Dax and Martha Jones
Room # 0926 - Han Solo and Leia Organa
Room # 0934 - Luke Skywalker and Cash Gillingwater

"I will remain here to answer questions," Worf concludes. "And my team will be standing by to escort you where you need to be." Pause. "Please do not kiss us. It makes us uncomfortable." He is a Klingon, not a gossip.

The list is also displayed on a PADD, where people can refer to it if they need to.

** NOTE ON KYLO REN -- currently pending a brigging for violent behavior, which means he may be in the brig during this time. Left on the list for posterity until his sentence is officially worked out.

[ooc: Open log for building CR with new roommates and meeting neighbors, "party post" style! Rooms are aligned the way they would be in a typical hotel: odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right (so 0711 and 0713 will be next door neighbors, while 0712 is directly across the hall). There is a post in the OOC comm where players can connect with questions and find more details about the rooms themselves, so check in over there. If you need to ask security questions, or need them to swing by another thread, just put "Security officer, please!" in the subject line of your tag, and the mods will send someone to you ASAP. ]

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2016-Feb-22, Monday 08:26 pm
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Typically Lorna is not a stealthy person. She has neon green hair and a penchant for wearing the same color in her clothing. None of that has changed, but today she's sneaking around a little bit, constantly on watch for people coming down the hallway. It's a residential hallway, but not the one where Lorna lives. Instead she's outside Magneto's door, her arms loaded with foil wrapped discs of latex in various lurid colors, ribbed and non ribbed styles, and glow in the dark treatments. She's even included some flavored prophylatics, because she's nothing if not a thoughtful, loving daughter.

Getting into his room should be a piece of cake. With a version of Rogue running around Lorna assumes it's only a matter of time before her father will need some kind of birth control. Plus it might make him annoyed in the meantime, so it's a double win.
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 {OOC: Just wanna thank [personal profile] forcefullyunstable (Kylo Ren) for being so helpful! Trance will be dead for like 15 minutes, until her sun heals her/reconnects with the Avatar. Feel free to happen upon her lifeless corpse!}

Trance's crumpled form lay in the middle of the hallway, her force lance a few inches from her. If she were conscious she would definitely not recommend you picking it up, the security charge would go off and electrocution wasn't fun. Harper had a tendency to increase the charge too, when he was bored. There was no saying if he had increased it before he left.

Trance's body had a slight hole in it. Lightstaber sized.  But what wasn't there was blood, or internal organs.  Of course this wasn't the first time she's died. Trance had died a lot. She'd been shot, impaled, hit in the head and electrocuted and now impaled by a lightstaber.  Thankfully it never stuck.
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[[ooc: Feel free to interact with Fujin anywhere in the locations listed in this post! (Though I know the one in the air is difficult for most characters, one can at least easily get his attention and he can come down) <3

Added note: The timing of this post, is roughly 3-4 days after Fujin's initial arrival. He spent most if not all of that time sound asleep as his body worked on healing itself. He was able to be cleared and leave sickbay once he woke up and got checked out. The day this log takes place is probably the day before the Enterprise leaves Pacifica (if I'm looking at the calendar right.)

I will most likely be tagging into the sickbay log when that comes up anyway so docs in sick bay can check up on him. :)]]

Trying to recover...honest! )
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[[ooc: If you are curious as to what happened to Fujin before his arrival on the Enterprise, feel free to read the thread here! There's a warning for good ol' Mortal Kombat violence.

For those of you wanting to thread with Fujin, an open for everyone log will be posted within the next day or so!]]

Sucks to be the janitor... )
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Trance was lying on the ground in the arboretum, letting her fingers dig in to the soil on either side of her, swirling in random patterns. She was paying particular attention to a plant she named Frances who needed a little TLC. It might need to be sacrificed, but she was sure others who worked here would have issue with that. The Avatar tried to spend her free time here. The Enterprise could simulate sunlight, but nothing was better than the real thing. Trance idly wondered if any of the botanists had caught on yet. She did after all have a startling effect on plants; they grew like crazy around her. Well, if they had, no one had called her out on it yet. And then there was her understanding with Captain Picard.

She let herself go a little, glowing lightly around the edges as Trance's real self slipped through the illusion that was her Avatar's body. Maybe it was a trick of the lights, the way the  rays from the Arboretum's light bulbs echoed off the plants. Right?

Pacifica! OTA

2016-Feb-08, Monday 01:50 am
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[[ooc: I'm going to have something for both DJ and Kira in this log about their visit to the planet. The characters are not in the same area nor are they interacting. I just figured it was just as well to make a catch all log for them at the same time. Feel free to name the character you are responding to in the subject header! <3]]

DJ )


Kira )
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Minoru was planning on working out in the holodeck, but as soon as they announced the ship was docking on Pacifica, he was on his way out. From the cargo bay if it got him there faster! He needed to be on a planet to absorb natural energy and he badly needed to recharge that seal.

Option A:
Unlike the last place the Enterprise docked, which was filled with mountains and exciting terrain to traverse, this wasn't all that interesting. He didn't like water and he certainly didn't like lounging around. But if anyone's up for exploring, Minoru is always happy to tag along. Perhaps a trip to the Submersible Research Institute would put him face to face with some sea snakes.

Option B.
The beaches are a lot more secluded at night - perfect for an after-dinner run or sparring session in the sand. As long as no one gets hurt, they won't get in trouble, right? Right.

Option C.
Minoru promised a few sparring matches, at least one of which would necessitate the holodeck. With natural energy flowing through his chakra pathways and a steady supply of it available until the ship takes off, he can use all his power without holding back!

Round 3 // OTA

2016-Jan-28, Thursday 11:49 pm
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Raiden went conspicuously absent for three days, and then suddenly showed up again. No thanks to the Q, he spent that time in the brig for accidentally trespassing in Engineering. At the moment he's just trying to keep his already tall profile a bit lower, while he actually tries to abide by the rules. It's not that he didn't believe the Q, he just didn't trust them. Today finds him wandering a bit idly between Decks 10 and 17, as if he's not really certain what to do with down time.

Ten Forward )

Arboretum )
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If this is your first trip to Sickbay, you may be surprised to see that it's a fairly ordinary-looking hospital. There are no terrifying devices or humming machines you might see in a sci-fi thriller. The biobeds along the walls are equipped with biofunction monitors, but look fairly standard. Instead of silver trays filled with metal tools and sawblades, there are an array of small devices that look as harmless as cell phones. As for the staff, they're all well-groomed and friendly — even the more unusual aliens.

If you're new to the ship, no doubt you've been escorted here by the security team. Nothing to worry about, the doctors just want to make sure you aren't carrying any viruses or are vulnerable to terrible space disease. Once you've been checked over — a quick scan from a tricorder and any necessary vaccines — you'll be free to go. Lollipops are optional.

"All right, step on in," one of them calls out as you enter. "Don't be afraid. It's just a scan and a hypospray, nothing to worry about."

[ooc: Sickbay is, as always, OTA and open until the next one goes up for latecomers! For new characters: tagging isn't mandatory but IC going to sickbay is. If you'd prefer to skip threading with one of our doctors, you can handwave that your character got a clean bill of health and a shot and were sent on their merry way. There will be a post up in the OOC comm shortly with more details about Sickbay and which doctors are on deck this month, if you have any questions.]
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Raiden's wanderings had introduced him to many new and strange individuals, all of whom he had found interesting to interact with. At the time, however, he was reflecting on recent discussions regarding attempts to escape.

He never listens... )

Round 1 // Open

2016-Jan-17, Sunday 10:26 am
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There's a soft flash, not unlike the arrival of a Q that yields a new passenger who arrives on his knees. Clad in white, wearing a blue tabard and sedge hat, the relatively human-looking male calmly appraises the location where the Q have dropped him. Raiden's gently glowing, electric-blue eyes disappear below the brim of his hat as he stands with a sigh, ruminating on his predicament. The snare set for him has turned out to be more thorough than he'd realized: dropping him into a parallel universe which had so many different rules, even a different pantheon, and thoroughly separated him from the very life force of his own realm. He could barely feel the presence of the Jinsei from his own universe, and was fairly certain what he actually sensed was merely the part of his own essence that had been created from it.

"It feels as if the Chaos Realm had merged with that of Earthrealm." A quietly voiced observation he did not find particularly comforting, but worth saying even if it's only to himself in the end. The only certainty he had now, until he could find the next part of Kano's trap, was that he would be stuck here under the purview of the entity which had called itself the Q continuum.

The brim of the hat lifts again as he looks both ways down the hall. He can sense an unnatural movement about the floor, and is certain at least that it's a ship of some sort. Trying to still the swaying sensation under his feet, a hand reaches out and touches one of the black panels along the wall. His head tilts in mild curiosity when a light chime greets his touch, and he faintly senses the hum of electricity there.

"Most curious." He will have to ask about it at a later time. Until then, he's going to release his hand from the wall and start wandering the hallways in search of anyone who might be able to help him learn more about exactly where he's been left so that he can begin his search anew.

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