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Islington was struggling about with technology. But now that It has been here awhile and found some of the more junior crew members to be surprisingly helpful, It is starting to use some of it. It has not stretched out Its wings properly since he was dragged here and now that he understands how to select holodeck programs, It has decided such environments would be more conducive to his ability to fly than say the exercise rooms.

After exploring Its options, It decides on 'Fantasy' partly because It figures such an environment would provide the adequate space, but also because It is curious to learn what people in the Twenty-Fourth Century consider 'fantasy'. Once the program has loaded, It steps in. It takes off Its long garment which seems to be made of light and placed it near the Arch, so that it would know where to find it again. It was still in a pair of pants that looked more like swimming trunks, though they too seemed to be made of light.

Then It just absorbed the sun for awhile, before unfurling Its wings. Finally, It took off to fly around for a bit.

[OOC: Islington will be keeping an eye on where Its garment is, so if anyone wants to wander in, It will notice.]

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On Valentine's Day, one can enter a lounge on a spaceship docked outside a beautiful blue jewel of a planet (which can clearly be seen out the windows), and see that it's been made over with candles and linen tablecloths and red rose centrepieces. It's not anything as grand as Q would do. Amy is using the romance of the room: the windows looking out on Pacifica, soft lighting, and like last year she's even managed to find a trio to play music in one corner of the room: flute, cello, and violin.

Walking in, there's a sign:

♥    BLIND DATING TONIGHT, 19:00*    ♥
Party to follow at 23:00*!

A ginger beauty in a red dress is standing by with a sheet of those name tags you stick on your shirt that say HELLO MY NAME IS ______ and a clipboard of seat assignments. Not all the tables are taken (the woman in charge, Guinan, insisted the room stay open for other patrons), so those meant for the blind dates have numbers tucked in the centrepieces. Amy's taken mostly tables around the outside of the room, where there is the best view of space and a little privacy.

Table 1 - Luna Lovegood & Noriko Ashida
Table 2 - Ed & Alex Rogan
Table 3 - Kale McCallum & The (10th) Doctor
Table 4 - Trever McCallum & Ishka
Table 5 - Olan'atar & T'Pol
Table 6 - General Chang & Aeryn Sun
Table 7 - Marion Scotts & Thor Odinson
Table 8 - The (12th) Doctor & Aidan Nichols
Table 9 - Islington & Merlin
Table 10 - Deanna Troi & DJ
Table 11 - Kristen Kringle & Booker DeWitt
Table 12 - Jacqueline "Jackal" Egret & Dimo
Table 13 - Bob Fraser & Cridhe
Table 14 - Grainne O'Brian & Harry Dresden
Table 15 - Thea Queen & Kitt

If your name is on her list, you'll get a name tag and a little card with your table number on it. "Here you go. The bar's open while you wait, I bribed Guinan t' have out the real stuff, so you can tell her I sent you. No gettin' carried away, though. And no funny business, you treat your date with respect or I'll have you by the ear before night's out. I'll be 'round if you need anything."

Once everyone's been checked off her list, she's going to settle at the bar and have a drink. Match-making's hard business, but each time she does it she gets a little sense of satisfaction. Once the dates are over for the evening, she's looking forward to kicking off her heels and turning this place into a dance party.

* That's 7PM and 11PM respectively!

> Going Stag top-level!
> Open Tables (OTA) top-level!
> Galentine's Day DANCE PARTY OTA top-level!
> The OOC Sign-Ups/Announcement
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Sinthia rarely leaves the ship, honestly; she's lived most of her life indoors, and in cold climes, and beaches with bright sun and no walls are a little uncomfortably odd to her. It helps to know this about the girl, because she's currently standing in the sun with her (lightest) gray denim trousers rolled up to her calves, staring at the water lapping over her ankles as if she's incredibly suspicious of its motives.

When a wavelet laps a little too high and gets the roll of her jeans wet, she frowns expressively and simply lifts herself out of the water, although she's wobbly in the unfamiliar atmosphere. It will last, toes dripping excess drops into the ocean, until she's startled.

At which point you may have a wet eight-year-old on your hands. Good luck with that.

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2015-Dec-19, Saturday 01:20 am
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It felt like Henry had wandered the catacombs for weeks, though without daylight it was hard to tell. Managing to scrounge food and water from what little was available as well as taking in the vague sustenance he could conjure for him kept him alive. But he got very little sleep and his clothes were a mess.

When he finally found his way out, it was in a bright flash of light that caused him to screw up his eyes against it. He hadn't been in a place so bright in so long, it almost blinded him. His Keyblade had appeared automatically but upon not being attacked, he forced it back. At least he knew it was summon-able here.

Once his eyes had finally adjusted to the place he was now standing it, he looked around. He quickly realised he was not in Ruby City as he had been before finding himself in the catacombs. He'd been taken somewhere else again and he sighed deeply. As he turned, he found himself looking at a starry sky. No. Not a sky. He was looking at stars. He was in space.

Despite his dirty clothes being almost unrecognisable, he sat down on the bench by the window and looked out, wondering where he was now and if he'd ever get home. It was, of course, yet another adventure but he was once again without his family. He sighed again and spoke to no one in particular.

"Why me?"
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Islington is walking along the ship.  It is a steady pace.  But slow.  If people didn't know better, It would like like It was floating or gliding.  If you run, It will walk.  If you stop, It will continue Its pace.  Never changing, never pausing.  As if by walking, it can change something about this place.

It's garments seem to be made of light itself.  As It goes along, It is humming an ancient tune: The Lyke Wake Dirge (As sung by Benedict Cumberbatch)

And that's the interesting thing about this particular Angel: It seeks neither to offer help nor the counsel of others. It is simply walking.  Perhaps It is measuring the ship, perhaps It is weighing the integrity of the people gathered.  Whatever the reason, It continues on Its journey.  Simply walking....

cymatics [ota]

2015-Nov-23, Monday 09:20 pm
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A deep bucket of water with a flexible tube, and a tone generator; these are the things Noriko has, and a speaker set up on a table too. The power for the electronics she's got handled, and slowly she begins to tune the generator to a specific frequency, after getting the water running in a loop from the basin, through the tube, and back to the bucket.

It's pretty simple if you've ever managed a manual siphon, but the magic comes when she hits the right hertz measurement. Once the water stabilizes it's moving in a spiral with the sound, invisible itself but showing its influence on the water. Noriko sits back, smiling just barely as she watches the spiral move. Sure, it's a little jury-rigged, but the sound and sight of moving water has always been soothing to her, and she needs the decompression, and duct tape can be ignored. It might not be as nice as the shishi-odoshi Noriko used to have in her room at the school, but she's not at the school. C'est la vie.

She'll be cleaning her gauntlets while she's...working on the decompression.

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